New albums added to my library as of 1/23/09


Gen 24 2009, 4:26

Entombed-Serpent Saints (2007 Threeman)
Merciless-The Awakening (1990 Deathlike Silence)
Merciless-Unbound (1994 No fashion)
Merciless-The Treasures Within (1992 Active)
Unanimated-Ancient God Of Evil (1995 No Fashion)
Unanimated-In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead (1993 No fashion)
Dusty Fingers-Vols. 1-15
Aura Noir-Black Thrash Attack (1996 Malicious)
Aura Noir-Deep Tracts of Hell (1998 Hammerheart)
Aura Noir-Dreams Like Deserts EP (1995 Hot)


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