Mixtapes to Nobody in Particular


Giu 21 2007, 3:21

One of the things I enjoy more than anything is putting together a new playlist. I take it pretty seriously, because they're for the most important person in the world: myself. I don't give them to anyone else, and I don't hold up a boombox outside some poor girl's window hoping she's gonna give me a chance. Nope, these songs are for me.

A good list is not something I try to rush. The end result will be songs on said lists that I will end up skipping. It's hard to make a good one, even harder to make a great one. But the greatest thing of having these lists is that I can always look back on them and they'll tell me a lot about the mood I was in during that time period.

I just finished #34, and I think it's probably the last list for awhile that is going to be generally filled with good vibes. See, the lists tell stories. Starting with #29, I've been on a streak of overwhelming positivity. I'd been listening to music that was full of upbeat songs, party lyrics, etc.

Here's what #29 looked like:
Always Mine
Get Away
Come Save Us
I Was A Lover
Unmade Bed
Kill the Power
Phantom Limb
Beehiver II
Lord, Let Us Shine

With #29 you've got some poppier stuff like The Shins and some spacier feedback stuff like Serena Maneesh. Loud at times, heavy at times, atmospheric at times. I'd been listening to a lot of The Black Angels, The Dandy Warhols, Kings of Leon...for the most part just good, fun rock.

See, usually my lists are anywhere from 10-14 songs and tend to start off poppier and trend down toward melancholy. That way each list captures each end of the spectrum, as far as moods go.

But as fun as #29-#34 were, I have two lists (#13 and #14) that are probably filled with some of the most agonizingly depressing songs ever created. Songs like Have You Forgotten and Which Will are prevalent here, and with good reason. They're songs that make me reflect and think things over, which is probably my the worst thing I can do, because as a reflective person, it tends to put me in a mini rut. But maybe I enjoy those ruts. Sometimes, I think, it's ok to wallow. I'm good at it.

This past week, I've been doing a lot of reflecting, and I think my charts will show that. I've been listening to a lot of Owen (songs like Bad News) and the new Cinematic Orchestra (such as Child Song). Pearl Jam's Indifference has been getting a lot of plays, not only as my favorite Pearl Jam song ever, but as a song that holds a deep personal meaning to me. Also, About Today by The National pretty much sums up everything concisely right now...if only there were 13 other songs this perfect, I'd have one hell of a #35 to keep me company.

And so I ask you, what's on your current playlist? Happy, sad or otherwise. Let's hear it. Or not. It's really up to you.

Today you were far away
and I didn't ask you why
What could I say
I was far away
You just walked away
and I just watched you
What could I say


  • Mindrol

    Datsuns - In Love ARcade Fire - Wake Up The Cure - WHy Cant i b with you? The Cure - The Lovecats Gang of Four - Damaged Goods Green Day - Good Riddance RHCP - Road Trippin Shout Out Louds - Oh Sweetheart Toad the Wet Sprocket - All I Want Turin Brakes - {ainkiller I am Kloot - 86 TVs Lamb - Gabriel Muse - Falling Away with you * i m also slighytl drunk whoo hoo*

    Giu 25 2007, 15:46
  • Slaky311

    That's a hell of a list, all over the place. Makes me proud. Though I don't know if Good Riddance is perceived the same way where you are as it is here in the States. It's basically a campy, 8th grade graduation from Hell kind of song now.

    Giu 25 2007, 18:28
  • Mindrol

    yeah, pretty much the same over here! i stuck it in there because that song makes me relish the moment when i leave my job and give them the finger. in a lot of ways, it does feel like i would have graduated from several years of hell. wow, evidently i am full of vitriol.

    Giu 27 2007, 15:44
  • Slaky311

    That's a big list Sal, I like it. Fiery Crash has some ridiculously awesome lyrics. I'd like to think you got me into Andrew Bird, and for that I thank you. I've started to pull out of the old funk. Got a haircut and started bumping LCD Soundsystem.

    Giu 27 2007, 23:23
  • Slaky311

    It's still a good length (the hair)...I could have it back in no time. Just a little more manageable now.

    Giu 30 2007, 2:03
  • ItsManBearPig

    Not a big playlist person except for parties, but for the sake of participating I narrowed down some of my recent favorites from a list of about 50 or so down to 16. A good number of songs and length at 16 songs, 72 minutes. Here goes: Mew - Web The Appleseed Cast - Mile Marker Peter Bjorn and John - Up Against The Wall The Dears - Ticket to Immortality Mogwai - Acid Food Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In This Home on Ice Interpol - The New Rogue Wave - You Kings of Leon - Arizona The National - Guest Room Modest Mouse - Little Motel Dredg - Spitshine The Shins - Turn on Me The National - Apartment Story Silversun Pickups - Common Reactor Deep Dish - In Love With A Friend

    Giu 30 2007, 2:14
  • Slaky311

    Do it!

    Lug 2 2007, 15:26
  • fimble15

    I have nothing of value to add, but felt I should post anyway. I used to make them, mostly for rap. felt I was pretty good at it too. even gave them a name and series number. got all the way up to 10 or so. turned one out about every 6-8 months. thought about marketing and selling them. found out I had to get the rights from the artist. spent 3 days in jail. while in jail, rap and I grew apart. I started listening to more of the alt-rock umbrella, then indie. I soon discovered that I'd rather listen to an entire album than just one song. that's why I hate the radio now. While I'm listening to a song, I get used to hearing the next song on the album and get pissed off if its not played. So pissed, I hunt people down in my car the last one i made that wasn't rap...

    Lug 3 2007, 16:07
  • fimble15

    Filter - Take a Picture Toadies – Possum Kingdom The Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches Cracker – Get Off This Everclear – Santa Monica The Breeders – Cannonball Spacehog – In the Meantime Blind Melon – No Rain Cake – The Distance Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta Cowboy Mouth – Jenny Says Oleander – Why I'm Here Better Than Ezra – Good Trio – Da Da Da Geggy Tah – Whoever You Are The Flaming Lips – Brainville Eels – Mr. E's Beautiful Blues I threw these together in a playlist just over the weekend whilst I was drunk and hanging out with a college buddy who loved everclear at the time. hence, my last journal.

    Lug 3 2007, 16:11
  • fimble15

    I separated things for Ferg.

    Lug 3 2007, 16:13
  • fakehand

    I'm a major mixer myself. If I could major in the art of mixtaping(cds...) I would be a happy sonofabitch. Mostly I make mixes for other people and put a lot of weight on them. It can take me up to 9 months-a year to finish one because the only way I know it's good is if it stands the test of time. When I'm making playlists for myself, it's much more casual and spontaneous. Like iTunes' Party Shuffle is a satisfying way to make a quick mix for yourself, about 15 tracks. I enjoy making mixes for other people. It's probably the single most pure joy I can get. Here are two mixes I made that I submitted to ArtoftheMix.org: Why Does the Sun Shine?? Youth and Young Manhood

    Lug 29 2007, 21:11
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