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Ago 30 2010, 14:32

how do i make the most of as a user?

woooooah, music music music. i scrobble as much and as often as i can from my "home library" (i.e. wmp, itunes, foobar, vlc, amarok, etc). this helps to build a database of music to build recommendations off of but its also a major convenience for me because i have more music than what can be stored in a single mp3 device. so, i would have to lug around a pc/external drive in order to hear the music from my own personal collection. what does for me is it collects them all and then all i need to do is "listen to my library" for an excellent variety of musics from my personal favourites. this is great for the 8+ hours per day i am at the office if i want to listen to "random radio" and especially when used in combination with sir tburny's application. the ability to combine stations of friends, neighbors, tags, etc is just a masterful way to discover new songs and mix in your favourites at the same time.
* loved tracks station removed by per 17 Nov 2010 update.

i use the libraries of friends/neighbors/peers/etc to discover new music as well as the recommendations service (which currently, could use some fine tuning and/or a bit more control from the end user - me and you) and the new direct recommendations. using my friends libraries to discover new songs has led to some really awesome musical discoveries - so i try not to limit my friends to just those who are compatible musically. i find no matter what the compatibility level is, i can discover something new and interesting in anyone's library. =)
* newly added features include "direct recommendations explorer" and new station "mix radio" (you can listen to other user's mix radios as well).

i see a lot about personal tag radio here on and how many users utilize this feature as subscribers -but i have yet to make the most of this feature. i will start getting some "skiyetags" assembled in the future and let you all know how tag-radio works out for me. ;)
* personal tag radio removed by per 17 Nov 2010 update.

i also have firefox's "" addon installed for convenience purposes, but i dont use this app nearly as often as the others.

also, i have recently started joining in the group community of artists and listeners alike here on, and felt it necessary to mention this particular group as well before the closing of my journal statement. central point - where artists and listeners meet is a great place to discover new tunes...and i am sure there are many more groups as well, but i just started getting into them.



  • Floydfreakinfan

    All excellent reasons to use this site, love it!

    Ago 31 2010, 0:07
  • CrybKeeper

    Wow! You covered the complete spectrum here Skiye and so glad to see you mention 'Central Point'! Great journal!

    Set 11 2010, 10:17
  • ugril

    I love this!

    Set 12 2010, 8:00
  • johnTMcNeill

    As a subscriber you can play other people's playlists- which can be quite a treat if they have some good ones. I have over 100 that are quite excellent! heehee I also have just discovered the added convenience of playing my tags- like "guitar bud" which is mellow guitar- mostly electric. At least the tags are can add most of them rather quickly.

    Set 22 2010, 8:02
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