NRM1 - Of Course Those Sneaky Buggers From DMB Would Get a Hat Trick


Apr 14 2006, 5:23

So here’s how this works. I add the first songs that come to mind to a weekly (we’ll see if I keep up with it) compilation. These are not random selections. They’re just whimsical. If, for whatever reason, a song comes into my head, it’s on the mix. Sometimes it might be totally, insanely random, (you wait until you see Yanni with Dark Tranquility), or perhaps my semiconscious decisions will carry a certain sort of theme. Each week could be different. I sorta like the idea, because it's not my absolute favorite stuff, just stuff that for whatever reason is on my mind. Making this compells me to listen to some music that I might not have resolved myself to give the fair listen it deserves had I not thought this up. It might also be a good way to get myself back into some music I've sort of let lay in the corner for a while. AT the same time, there'll always be a few favorites thrown in. No idea if the community will get anything from this, but I like excuses to post. Here goes.

Nada Random Mix Vol. 1
1.Lifehouse Everything
2.A Perfect Circle Judith
3.Five for Fighting The Devil in the Wishing Well
4.Breaking Benjamin Next To Nothing
5.The Who Bargain
6.Bob Marley Exodus
7.Dave Matthews Band Hello Again
8.Ben Folds Five Cigarette
9.Alien Ant Farm Wish
10.AFI Paper Airplanes, Makeshift Wings
11.Howard Shore Into The West (performed by Annie Lennox)
12.Nickelback Yanking Out My Heart
13.Dave Matthews Band Rapunzel
14.Dave matthews Band] All Along The Watchtower
15.Neal Morse Solid as the Sun

Obviously DMB's on my mind, since he got three as opposed to everyone else's one. Sorry, folks, but that's not that unusual. As you can see, I'm not feeling prog tonight. It was the thought that the list was devoid of prog that turned my mind to Neal Morse and his inclusion on the tail end. Anyway. Maybe I'll do this next week. I wish I'd have put some jazz in somehwere, now that I think about it. But now that's what I like about this mix. No undoing of anything.


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