• last.fm is dying off?

    Apr 9 2013, 18:48

    I get the feeling that this place doesn't have the strength in community that it once had. That makes me sad; this was a great place to find new music and share my own. I know the layout became convoluted, but I'd still rather be here than jump on to Spotify or some thing. Up loading my label's music on here doesn't seem to make a difference any longer, so I think that I'll just stop. I still love scrobbling, and it's very useful to go over my records so that I can find music that I love but have forgotten about. If you're looking for me, come to http://shyftedminds.com and http://mindofshyft.wordpress.com
  • Shyftedminds.tk

    Giu 10 2010, 20:12

    My record label Shyfted Minds has a new home: http://shyftedminds.tk (and no, it's not dangerous or spammy)

    I will still be updating and using my Xanga has a news feed, but the news on the home page will be more to the point- and the point right now is that I have released a new gabber EP with K.H.D.! Head over there and get your cyber hands on it.

    Last.fm fixed their stupid mistake! Yay!
  • Last.fm user group and Facebook page to represent my works!

    Apr 19 2010, 18:37

    I have started the Shyfted Minds Last.fm group for the sake of my label, as well as a Facebook page. Every one who has enjoyed my work is welcome to join! Also, I have been trying to get back in to the habit of updating my Xanga because it's RSS feed is now hooked up to every where else that I am on the internet.

    -Oh. And what the hell is up with the new Last.fm changes? No more fully streamable tracks? Way to break your web site, Last.fm crew... and break one of my favorite promotional tools}:,<((
  • New gabber album up and running!

    Mar 7 2010, 3:54

    Mmhmm. It is called 'In Check'. Good stuff! I swears! Get it in high quality here:

    http://www.[spam] of the tracks of that '2010 Gabber Demo' are on here, so I deleted that from my Last.fm Shyft catalog- and those are by no means the best tracks on the release, I will have you know};<))
  • My Tahztey Greaggor EP is up!

    Feb 17 2010, 19:06

    This is probably my smallest release to date, but it certainly is of importance. The track Tahztey Greaggor had been up loaded before, but the Shyft remix is some thing very different- it is a happy hard core/free form hard core remix of Tahztey Greaggor, and possibly the composition of mine that I am the most proud of to date.

    I Demand Order combines my Red Ankh style practiced during the year two thousand six (the final masters of which are still not released) with my latest phase.

    Tahztey Greaggor EP! Check it out! And down load it in high quality at this address:

  • Two Shyft Demos of Recent Work.

    Gen 30 2010, 18:18

    Since I am taking a break from music for a while, I decided to up load some tracks from albums that I probably won't finish any time soon. The tracks, their selves, are complete.

    Late 2003 Remaster Demo: these are some finished remasters of some of my earliest albums. The first two tracks are dub step; the last two tracks are dark step.

    2010 Gabber Demo: the gabber tracks that I have finished here and there over the past year. They are actually some of my best hard core tracks.
  • The Bronze Double Album Is Finally Up On Last.fm.

    Gen 29 2010, 21:18

    All right! My label account has finally been unlocked, and after fighting with the music manager for over an hour I have successfully up loaded Bronze and Bronze Two to Last.fm.

    Again, these are progressive metal albums with, unlike previous Red Ankh releases up loaded to Last.fm, full vocals on almost every track.

    You can still get them in high quality for free (or donate what ever amount you wish) here:


    and here:

  • New Album and Newly Remastered Album

    Dic 27 2009, 17:12

    Bronze, Red Ankh's sixth album but first vocal filled album, has now been fully remastered and rearranged. Bronze Two, a brand new album, is also complete. Both represent the core style of Red Ankh, which is a sort of progressive metal with industrial and symphonic edges at times with scraps and patches of the old avant-garde still lingering about. For now, since I got curious about what might happen if I tried to up load remixes of original songs that do not belong to me to last.fm, these two full length albums (or double album, if you will) are only available at my bandcamp page, which bears higher quality tracks, any way. You can get them for free (or donate what ever amount you wish) here:


    and here:


    I think that for now I shall take a break from music, as I am exhausted from it (I have been working almost nonstop on my audio projects for almost a year). I will keep tinkering around with promoting the stuff, but hopefully will get back in to the swing of writing my novels as I start my new 'job'.
  • PRESENTING: Philopsycho Lawlawlawl.

    Ott 28 2009, 5:04

    Today I think that I finally finished the album for a project that I have kept under wraps for almost half a year. That project is Philopsycho Lawlawlawl, and its style is beyond me. The original idea was to make a sort of cross between System of a Down and Mindless Self Indulgence, but the vocals have taken off to a sort of Unexpect level. It has hard hitting metal elements. It has electronic dance elements. The songs are meant to be funny, scary, angry, and joyous- and some times at the same time. Some bits of lyric are meant to be taken seriously, but it is mostly too ridiculous for that. Please, have a listen!
  • Fourth Red Ankh Album Remastering Complete

    Set 16 2009, 23:00

    I just finished remastering This Is Our New Age, which is up loaded now. This album took a more traditional approach to metal and rock, but still has its moments of spice. The experiment wasn't in the mixing of genre elements as much this time, but in stead in guitar tones.

    The last three tracks feature full fledged vocal tracks, the first of which's lyrics being mostly gibberish (the original was the very first vocal recording that I ever did). The lyrics of the other two are about love interests from the stand point of a fictional character in my writing.

    I need a new microphone. I will most likely remaster this one again within a year of time.