How I discovered my top artists


Ott 9 2008, 8:24

Found this while reading various artists' journals. I'll tell you how I discovered each of my top artists.

01. Girls Aloud
I actually first heard about them in Smash Hits magazine. They had a picture of them and I thought 'they look like huge bitches' xD I was SO wrong. After that, I got curious and decided to download a couple of songs by them. The rest is history!

02. Blue
I'm sure I heard them on the radio. I used to listen to the radio A LOT back then, and they probably played them and said they were a boyband. I love boybands, so I was sold xD

03. Sugababes
I think I heard them on the radio too. I hated Overload tthough, so I ignored them. When Freak Like Me came out though, I loved it and became a fan. Hehe and I love Overload now btw.

04. Five
I don't remember o_O It was a long time ago! I probably saw their video on TV or something. I do remember my Mum seeing the Slam Dunk Da Funk video and thinking they were American xD She was pleasantly surprised to find they were British!

05. Atomic Kitten
Another radio one, I think. I think See Ya was the first song I ever heard by them.

06. Spice Girls
I honestly don't remember. But I do remember my Grandma giving me their Spice album on tape for my 9th birthday and starting off my love for music. Thanks Grandma!

07. Liberty X
I'm fairly certain I saw them on TOTP xD I saw them perform Just A Little and really liked it, so I rung up my favourite radio station and requested it. The DJ told me I was the first person ever to request them. It was pretty cool.

08. Britney Spears
I heard her on the radio, I'm pretty sure.

09. Duncan James
Well, he was in Blue and the moment he announced he was releasing a solo single, I knew I'd love it xD

10. Rihanna
I saw the video to Pon De Replay on C4 and HATED it. I still hate that song to this day, but thankfully SOS and Unfaithful came out and made me a fan of Rihanna.

11. Najoua Belyzel
A guy joined my regular forum GA101 and posted for a bit. We got to talking on MSN and he asked if he could send a song by her to me. I agreed and he sent it. She's been one of the BEST music reccomendations I've ever had, EVER.

12. Velvet Empire
My friend Celeste recommended them cos she lives in Canada and they were a Canadian Popstars band. I love Popstars bands so she thought I'd like them xD

13. Clea
They were girls who didn't make it into Girls Aloud, so I was intrigued to hear what their music would be like.

14. Ayumi Hamasaki/artist]
I was reading random articles on Wikipedia and came across an article on J-pop singers because I was considering sampling some. Ayu was one of the singers listed and when I read that she was one of Asia's most popular singers, I had to hear her.

Jessica Simpson
I honestly have no idea how I got into Jessica. I probably heard her on the radio, but I'm coming up with a blank here...

16. Christina Aguilera
I heard her on the radio, I'm pretty sure. I liked her for a little bit, then started hating her for some unexplainable reason. I didn't get back into her until she released Dirrty.

17. Crowded House
I heard Don't Dream It's Over on TV numerous times and realised that I liked it so I tracked it down and now it's my all time favourite songs :D

18. Point Break
My friend Vicki recommended them to me cos she knew I liked boybands xD

19. t.A.T.u.
I heard them on the radio, I'm 100% certain.

20. Lee Ryan
Another ex Blue member that I followed onto his solo career.

21. Sarah Connor
I heard her on the radio and had absolutely no idea who the hell she was because I missed them introducing her song xD Finally found out who she was and went on a mission to get her music.

22. Tila Tequila
My friend Chris was a fan of hers and he uploaded her EP to my forum and I downloaded it purely cos it had a cool cover xD I discovered the music itself was awesome and now I'm a HUGE fan of hers.

23. Nylon
They supported Girls Aloud on their 2006 tour and they sing in Icelandic. I thought that was pretty cool so I downloaded some of their music xD

24. Rachel Stevens
I followed onto her as a solo artist from S Club 7.

25. Rooster
Hahah, omg, I actually first heard about them in a fanfic I read on the Blue message board! They were the other band in the fic alongside Blue, and I decided I had to hear some of their music.

26. The 411
I saw their video on TV. It had them dressed up in burlesque outfits and I thought that was pretty awesome xD

27. Girl Thing
I honestly have no idea. I think I read about them in a magazine.

28. Aly & AJ
People on my forum kept rambling on about how great they are (I originally dismissed them as Disney crap), and I decided I had to see if they were right or not xD

29. Scene 23
Another recommendation from Celeste, who seems to like failed Popstars bands just as much as me LOL.

30. Emma Bunton
I followed onto her as a solo artist from the Spice Girls.

31. Mandy Moore
I probably heard her on the radio.

32. Vanessa Hudgens
I thought she was just a crappy High School Musical chick, but then I saw the video to Come Back To Me on TV and liked it. I bought her album after only hearing that one song and LOVED it.

33. Dream
Heard them on the radio, most probably. Most of the artists I listened to in the early bit of the 00's I heard on the radio.

34. Samantha Mumba
Yep, another radio artist.

35. Precious
They were Jenny from Atomic Kitten's old band, so I decided to check them out.

36. B*Witched
Yet another radio artist. Damn the radio used to play good music.

37. Martika
Eminem sampled her on his song Like Toy Soldiers and I loved her bit more then his so I downloaded the original.

38. Danity Kane
I hated Show Stopper when I first heard it on TV, so I dismissed them. My curiousity got the better of me when their second album came out, so I downloaded it. Now I ADORE them.

39. S Club 7
Heard 'em on the radio.

40. The Pussycat Dolls
I actually heard them for the first time at my 7th form ball xD They played Don't Cha and everybody was dancing to it. I hadn't heard it before so I asked my friend who they were.

41. Holly Valance
Radio, I guess?

42. Abs
Yet another solo artist I followed on from a band, this time, Five.

43. All Saints
I don't remember, it was a looooong time ago. I don't think I listened to the radio back then... ye gods how did I discover them...?

44. Justin Timberlake
Well, I knew about N SYNC and I just liked his solo music lol.

45. Jamelia
I heard Superstar somewhere, I think on the internet and liked it.

46. Monrose
I saw listed on a music blog and thought they sounded interesting cos they were yet another Popstars band. I LOVE THEM now <3.

47. Natasha Bedingfield
I liked her brother Daniel and decided to check her out when she debuted.

48. S.O.A.P.
I heard them on the radio years ago and liked their crazy songs.

49. The Sims
Well I played The Sims and heard the music xD

50. Shakira
I heard her on the radio, but I hated Whenever Wherever. Underneath My Clothes made a fan.


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