• Remember the summer in Abaddon

    Lug 26 2010, 20:33

    Fri 23 Jul – Pinback

    Overall, I'd say it was a decent show, but I feel like I may just be getting too old for all ages shows these days. The kids, too fucked up and there more for the social gathering than to actually see a band perform was quite annoying...But let's get to band itself.

    Their set was very solid, playing material from each album as well as some things off EPs, including 'I'm a Pretty Lady" from the AotS's bonus disc. I believe they opened with a new song and threw another new tune in the middle of the set as well. Both, awesome.

    It was pretty funny to see Rob lose his composure over some random crowd surfers during 'Loro'. I'm pretty sure Pinback isn't used to folks crowd surfing at their shows, perhaps this is what you get at a "free" show.

    The three songs they performed that really stuck out to me were "Walters", "Boo", and their closing tune "AFK".

    Can't wait to see these guys again.
  • Dandys Rule? OK?

    Ott 6 2008, 1:33

    Fri 3 Oct – The Dandy Warhols, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Upsidedown

    I'm normally not a big fan of the more bigger venues, but I've got to say I really do like the Wiltern, aside from the raping I received on the cost of beer.

    The Upsidedown I thought played really well. I've heard of the band, but never heard anything they've done prior to this show. They seem like a pretty solid act, my only complaint was that the guitarist who really shined was in the far right side of the stage almost in the dark. I would have preferred to see him more center stage, whoever he is, he's an awesome guitarist. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this band.

    It was kind of funny seeing how most the crowd reacted towards A Place To Bury Strangers. I guarntee most did not know what to expect. It was my first time seeing them and I wondered how they were going to do live, their album is great and I've read that they normally play their shows loud, but after seeing My Bloody Valentine the night before, I can say they weren't that loud. The crowd didn't seem to react that well to them, afterall they were here to see the Dandys perform poppy songs, nothing of which APTBS were offering. I'll see these guys again for sure.

    Then came the Dandys, I've been a huge fan of them ever since "...Come Down" came out, but I never got a chance to see them live. I thought that their last two albums weren't that great compaired to their older stuff, in my opinion it seemed as if Courtney was attempting to write more longer complex songs, or just trying to attempt to be more like Anton of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. I loved the fact that how each member of the Dandys were at the front of the stage, including Fathead, the drummer. For their first song they played something off of "Dandys Rule, OK!" and I chuckled over the fact that it seemed like a good chunk of the crowd had no idea what the song was, they then followed it by "We Used To Be Friends" which got the crowd going. I enjoyed Courtney's remark after the song...as they continued playing I began to feel a bit bored. Perhaps it was just the fact that it was a larger venue but for some reason, that night the Dandys weren't just doing anything for me. They played a few songs that I really wanted to hear and seemed to mix their set of old and new songs very well. But after awhile I just decided I had enough, and I left early.

    Now, I'd go see them again if they come near San Diego and play a smaller venue, but I don't think I'll see them again if it's one of the larger venues.
  • You Made Me Realize....

    Ott 6 2008, 1:12

    Thu 2 Oct – My Bloody Valentine

    First off, I've got to say that I never thought I'd actually be seeing My Bloody Valentine play....and having said that...

    Spectrum, I thought was pretty good. A solid performance. I've been a fan of the Spacemen 3 for awhile and really never followed what happened to the band after they disbanded, so it was cool to see them.

    Now, the second band. To some degree I felt sorry for, it almost seemed like they did not need to be on this bill. Perhaps in a different setting I would have enjoyed them, the vocalist had a decent voice, but at the time it reminded me of a wanna-be Mazzy Star. Gamma something? I don't even remember what their name was.

    Then there was My Bloody Valentine. I really don't know what to say, except for that I was in awe the entire time. There were a few songs they didn't play that I wanted to hear, but overall the did an excellent job with the setlist. While MBV were playing there was another show going on, this bald guy in front of me was dancing throwing up snake-like arms as if he was on some excellent substances. He was entertaining for the folks around me.

    The closing song, was just complete and utter insanity. The people that I know that has seen them on tour described them as a wall of sound. I've been a fan of noise-peices bands do from time to time, but I've never seen anything like what MBV did. I swear they went on doing noise during the middle of "You Made Me Realize" for what seemed to be atleast 20 minutes. It felt like being trapped underneath a rocket..it was insane, it was awesome. Looking at the crowd you could see how most looked like they were in a deep trance....

    So amazing....

    Oh and on a sidenote, I did see Peter of the Dandy Warhols at this show.
  • Ehhh...

    Giu 24 2008, 7:16

    Fri 20 Jun – Death Cab for Cutie, Rogue Wave

    Disappointment is the first thing to comes to mind. It wasn't that it was a bad show, by any means. I arrived in the middle of Rogue Wave's set, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to see their entire set. What I did see, was decent. The performance was almost exactly as if I were listening to one of their albums, save "Lake Michigan". I did enjoy how the band all played percussion during the intro. The crowd itself didn't seem all that into Rogue Wave, which I thought was a shame.

    Then came Death Cab. I've been a fan of their music since '02 and I never had the chance to see them live. I've listened to a few bootlegs of their live sets, so I knew to some degree what I was going to hear. Their standard song, with little to no "jamming" of a song. Perhaps a clever cover or two. I have heard them do live covers of 'Free Fallin' and 'Lovesong' which I thought were nicely done...

    What I got was a nice mix of their new tunes and old ones, that was about it. The music was nice, but I was almost left wanting to more, not like a crazed fan, but just thinking, "That was it?"

    The venue itself, well, I didn't really care for. I'm not too big for outside concerts....