• Gig List (02.11.08)

    Nov 2 2008, 21:44

    Adam Green
    Adam Masterton
    All Time Low
    Ambrose Tomkins
    Beat Union
    Bodyrockers (...lol)
    Broadway Calls
    Bromhead's Jacket
    Buck 65 (4) (top 5 gigs!)
    C.R. Avery (2)
    Cobra Starship (4 - soon to be 5) (top 5 gigs!)
    Cosmo Jarvis (2 - and i hope never again)
    Damn Shames
    Dirty Pretty Things (2)
    Elvis Burglars
    Emily Haines
    Fall Out Boy (2)
    Golden Silvers
    Graham Coxon
    Gym Class Heroes (3)
    Help She Can't Swim
    Hot Hot Heat (3)
    Jesse Malin
    Joe Satriani
    Johnny Foreigner
    Jon And Ryan (this is NOT this band's name, oh man)
    JT Nero (2)
    Kila Kella (2)
    Kill The Arcade
    Kitty, Daisy And Lewis (A+ would see again!)
    Lavender Diamond
    Los Campesinos!
    Madina Lake
    Mayor McCa (A+ would see again!)
    Metro Station
    Misty's Big Adventure (2 - but neither of my choice. scariest band ever.)
    Mr Bennett (A+ would see again!)
    Oasis (top 5 gigs!)
    Panic At The Disco (3)
    Patrick Wolf (want to see again)
    Professor Green
    Public Enemy (top 5 gigs!)
    Robert Fripp
    Rooster (2) (want to see again stfu stfu stfu)
    Rufus Wainwright (2) (want to see again)
    Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (2 - soon to be 3) (top 5 gigs!)
    Scott Matthews
    Secret Machines
    Shiny Toy Guns (A+ would see again)
    Sky Larkin
    Spin Spin The Dogs
    Steve Vai
    Teddy Thompson
    Test Icicles(r.i.p.)
    The Academy Is... (2)
    The Audition
    The Broken Family Band
    The Calling
    The Coral
    The Decemberists (want to see again)
    The Departure
    The Fever
    The Fratellis (never again thanks)
    The Go!Team (A+ would dance again!)
    The Grates (saw them supporting ^^, most energetic gig ever)
    The Hellset Orchestra
    The Little Flames
    The Redwalls
    The Rumble Strips
    The Thirst
    The Zutons(2)
    Tilly And The Wall
    Tim Fite (A+ would see again!)
    We The Kings
    Willy Mason
    Young Love (2)

    Mmm not bad. B- could try harder. Tbh just waiting for JT and CR to come back.

    Oh and I counted nine more bands whom I can't remember the names of (although considering that I recognise about half the names above, this doesn't really matter)
  • Look up, look up! The stars!

    Feb 18 2007, 23:53

    Sat 17 Feb – Patrick Wolf

    Who is the one that leads me on through
    It's you
    Who puts me in the magic position, darling now
    You put me in the magic position
    To live, to learn, to love in the major key

    Patrick Wolf filled my evening with boundless love. I am light as a bird, spinning in circles in my mind, clasping my hands and laughing, laughing, and all because of this boy, this talented, beautiful boy.

    I don't even know what he played, I only recognised Tristan (Tristan). I didn't know the songs and it didn't matter, they were all charming and wonderful and oh, the violin. It made me want to start it up again.

    He lay on the floor and said 'I have to get from London to Cornwall in my mind', he bounded around the stage and span and posed and wow guys, please tell him and Rufus Wainwright are beffies already because that is a match made in heaven.

    He's beautiful, standing there in his wisp of a top, sitting down and turning his back to the audience while he combs his hair because it's a mess and 'it makes me sing better'. He learnt Augustine (Augustine) from his sound engineers and Nottingham was the first place he played on a tour. He said thank you after every song and broke my heart with his smile.

    We left the venue, floating, and just up the street people were coming out of a Fratellis gig. 'Let's laugh at them' said Hannah and I laughed and laughed, amused by everything and just happy. So happy.

    So, so happy.

    Oh gosh.