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  • kuillliuan

    off schedule.

    4 Set 2013 Rispondi
  • kuillliuan

    ah a dutchman, you look very organized.

    1 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • MadAzAHatter

    the association with the Raven video is very understandable..… i must say that even though the animated short deals with an older brother and sister i believe that even i am currently a bit more trigger happy in the tears department due to it being the one year anniversary of my own mother's passing… i'm afraid that death and feelings of loss have been on my mind far much more than normal as of late…. this track by Steven emphasizes these feelings...… and now i want to send you congratulations of your graduation of the Graphic Design Course and congrats are also on order for your entering into the Art Academy…… i looked at your work on the link you give here and you are truly a very gifted young man James, very gifted indeed…. as before with my old ToyZ account, if you ever have anything you'd like to share with me in the music department, please don't hesitate to shoot a recommendation my way ^_*

    24 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • MadAzAHatter

    aaahhhh James!!... yes! yes!!... when i found out that Steven had brought Alan Parsons into service i was ecstatic and the anticipation of this new release was unbearable!... i wrote a rather lengthy deceleration of my love for the album here... a total of 3 shouts!!... sending you there might be cheating but that's a lot to rewrite again!! haha.... have you seen the vid for the title track??... being an animator and loving Steven's work the way i do, i found it to be one very moving piece... excellent! excellent! excellent!!.... i'm hoping to go to see Steven this May but it remains to be seen... so exciting for you to see Parsons!!.... his Tales of Mystery is still one of my favorites from my college years.... this must be your last year of college isn't it??... that is, if you're not done already... i so hope you're doing well James

    22 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • MadAzAHatter

    James!!.... sorry for disappearing but i see your still alive and scrobbling here on so what do you think of Steven's new work??? ..... i see The Raven got 13 scrobbles in one week... it's one of my favorite tracks also which goes to prove out our Super compatibility!! haha!... hope all is well with you ^_*

    21 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • unmold

    FREE Download and listen our fist singol from the EP ''Dawn of Chaos'' ENJOY :D and this our facebook profile

    5 Gen 2013 Rispondi
  • Amorphead

    Thanks for the friendship :) Check These Out: & ...Best Regards!

    26 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    grace for drowning tour coming here in april :) I'm gonna see both opeth and steven wilson that month, not bad, huh?! xD

    24 Feb 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    How was dream theater? Did you really went? My drumming teacher said that when he saw then Labrie completely fucked up the show xD

    3 Feb 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    What worries me more on this situation are the families. They say they do that to protect the "foundations" of the family. Then again see what happens when they have a gay son or daughter, it's so rare the cases where they actually change their views, most of them just crush the kid until they completely destroy their ACTUAL family over the one they believe is the "right" one. And they manage to blame the poor fella for it. For fuck's sake, are these people even sane? I always feel like there's a stone over my chest when I hear another story of a suicide over a scenario like this. ~~~~~~ Ok, I guess I did enough on that rambling xD, I'll take a look at that movie you said, oh and can you recommend me some good movies? I see you and David are truly lovers of the art xD my dad only get those stupid movies full of shooting and cars exploding ¬_¬

    26 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    And don't even get me started on hell, that's just ridiculous. If there really is a god, he wouldn't call himself all loving much less all forgiving if he really had something such as hell for those who wouldn't do as he says, instead he would make it clear from the start that he is wrathful and intolerant (wich would make him no different than any stupid human leader full of power, he isn't superior to anyone, it's just that the poorer can't really face him). ~~~~~ If there really is something beyond this life I don't think it's written on any of our religious books, people from the past had as much acces to what is beyond than we do now, you can't really know until you die ;) so why put so much credit over their tales and folklores? No one is more important than anyone, no mather what they do, say or think, we just have our lives and that's it.

    26 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    And I see your point there, another thing that bugs me a lot is their concept of "perfection", I dunno, they say god is perfect and nothing else can attain this "quality", I really don't know how the fuck I never questioned that while I was still in church, take a look at god's actions at the old testament, in what is described there he is completely full of human emotions, he loves, he hates, rewards and enrages himself, like any stupid human would do, there's nothing there that transcends us, yet they put him like something that is all above human and can't be understood by us. ~~~~ MY ASS! To me the very notion of perfect inside such concept is absurd, there just can't be such a thing, they just set ideals for righteousness over tribal like thinking, and each individual forms their own idea of "perfect" over how they would punish those who don't fit inside those ideals. Hard to believe such a thing still satnds strong to this day.

    26 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    I actually think the "~~~~" idea is great and I have adopted it for myself ever since I started talking to David :) and yai! I'm having opeth here in april! Did we already talk about their live shows earlier? My head is so blurred right now >-< it's so fucking hard to remenber what I talked to wich person o-O

    26 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    Did I just went too far over a matter you're not very willing to discuss? '-' We could just turn to something else if you say so :) cheers man \o/

    24 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    It's cool man xD, no need to call yourself an ass because of it ~~ also, forgot to tell you that you looked awesome in that concert (should I call it a concert?), love how the lights were used on that stage, and the drawings look really good. :)

    17 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    Sad to hear your weekend went all to shit :/ ~~ and I already hate having to work in saturday mornings. ._.

    12 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    Just got back, hope I didn't scare the shit out of you with all that text, how was your christmas? I'm short haired now :( will have to take a new picture sometime. hope you have a great year :)

    3 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    With all that wall of text I sent you I forgot to tell you what my next weeks are gonna be like. Sorry from pasting this from another friend's shoutbox, but I really can't type this much during work, it will get me in trouble D; ~~~~~ here goes ~~~~~~ "I'm telling this to everyone right now, my parents are forcing me to cut my hair today :( say they don't want me working with it this long. 4 years down the drain ¬_¬ maybe I'll change my profile picture, it will be depressing to look at my long haired self every time I use this site. After this I'm spending the next two weeks at a seaside town near são paulo, only things I'm looking forward there are biking and having a cigar with a friend I have there (not the smartest of combinations I guess xD) I have no internet there, so I disappear for a little while. So, next weeks are gonna be somewhat boring." ~~~~ Are you having any better luck than me with your holidays???

    16 Dic 2011 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And with the douchebag thing (did you notice how much I love to put “thing” on things? xD) I’m really starting to believe some girls actually LIKE that kind of assholes ¬_¬

    14 Dic 2011 Rispondi
  • Rikardo90

    Ok enough with that matter xD ~~ I know that the self steern thing is full of ups and downs, but it really gets you worried when you’re stuck with that ever since you’re 16, and almost no progress has been made. About the driving thing, it’s been something I live with almost every day, I should’ve been driving around with no trouble by now, yet I’m still full of stupid mistakes and I have a really slow reaction time. The drumming thing is not only a creative dip, I have problems memorizing patterns and stuff ever since I started playing, I can’t get very far without looking at some stupid sheet, and also, poor motor skills have been taking their toll on me, although it’s far from being any serious disorder, I haven’t had the best motor coordination ever since I’m a little kid. Those things kinda put you down when you really wish to be better at things and it takes so much time and effort to make very little progress ._.

    14 Dic 2011 Rispondi
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20 year old freelance pixel artist and graphic design student.

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