Missouri is for losers


Gen 22 2007, 11:32

We had a major ice storm a little over a week ago and lost power for a few days. That wasn’t too bad (ever played drinking games by candle light? XD), but internet was out until earlier today (9 days). Rather boring, let me tell you -_-.

I don’t know if my tracks will scrobble or not =/. Obviously some already have, but I had a ton more than that. Does the cache reset once the computer restarts? =/

There’s supposed to be another ice storm on the way, so if I go missing again, that’s probably why XD. Good to be back – again.


  • Elimination

    As far as I know, the cache doesn't reset if the computer restarts... my computer was lagging and freezing on a regular basis before I got myself some software last week, and that forced me to restart it pretty often. Then my tracks wouldn't scrobble when I was using a proxy or they just wouldn't scrobble for a few hours for no reason, but after restarting the computer, they'd usually scrobble. I was wondering what happened to you. I'm glad to see you're alright. =) I found the links my friend gave me to those The Gathering albums. How To Measure A Planet? Nighttime Birds Still looking for [i]Almost A Dance[/i], sorry. =/ Can't say I've been trapped in an ice storm before, but I've been stuck in the snow for a day before... it sucks. =P You should come to Mexico... we've got sunshine and a perpetual warm weather. =D

    Gen 22 2007, 18:44
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