2pm 80s actually hated it at first addictive as fuck adulte et shekshy awesome awesomness b faces that are better than their title songs back when rnb was fun beautiful better than single version better than the original boom boom boom can i get another clap clap clap boybands with lickable members bring back stas plz kthx can't stop listening dance dancehall does he have any good song aside from that one eargasm epic eternal favorite everytime i hear this i end up dancing around excuse me while i play this a thousand more times excuse me while i replay this a thousand more times extremely addictive fantastic elastic favorite female vocalist female vocalists forever favorite forever replaying fucking amazing fucking perfect gets me emotional for some reasons go girls go go go go go good memories gothic metal guilty pleasure hello project hilarious lyrics hip-hop i could listen to this song forever i like this too much for no reason i like this way too much for no reason i listen to this way too much for no reason i loooooost my money i love this fucking song i love this so much i relate to these lyrics so much i totally write fics to this if i could fuck a song i would industrial metal j-rock japanese jpop k-pop k-pop ruined my life korean kpop let me marry his voice love love at first listen love at like 46th listen michael jackson much missing them so much na na na na na new wave nostalgia only song i seem to like from them perfection pop pretty much an anthem probably contains an addictive substance like crack probably my fav song from them remove the chorus and you have a good song replay mode rnb sassyyyy seen live sex tbqh sexay sexy should have been a single stuff i should be able to inject directly into my blood stuff that gets me drawing hard sucks that it had to be picked for such a movie sweet tune synthpop the lyrics though the possessive gf anthem their best song tbh this makes me happy for some reason this man is a genius this song is awesome your argument is invalid visual kei want to see live why do i like this will probably grow on me would have liked to see live