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06.12.2007 Destination Anywhere+The Bandgeek Mafia+Slapstickers, Vortex, Siegen
25.01.2008 Destination Anywhere+2 Times Wasted+Heritage+Cocoon+Highfly, Wällerfestival, Altenkirchen
09.02.2008 Destination Anywhere+Subliminal Love Affair+Delivering Cry+Joseph the Evil+Burning the Evidence, Explorer Bandcontest, Stadthalle Bad Marienberg
11.04.2008 Destination Anywhere+Lyron (haben da tatsächlich gespielt und ich hab die ignoriert weil sie mir damals egal waren-.-)+Make up your Mind+Crushead, Jesus Rock Night, Burbach
22.05.2008 Destination Anywhere, Release Party, Vortex, Siegen
02.08.2008 Destination Anywhere+Stereoview+Subliminal Love Affair+Tiny-Y-Son+Embraced by Hatred, Liverock open Air, Alsdorf
27.09.2008 Destination Anywhere+Five!Fast!!Hits!!!, T-Mobile Local Support, Emmering/München
24.10.2008 Destination Anywhere+Room Next Door+Nero Project, Rocktoberfest, Bluebox, Siegen
08.11.2008 Destination Anywhere, Abschiedsgig Simon & Phillip, Stairway, Wallmenroth
06.12.2008 The Bandgeek Mafia, Stairway, Wallmenroth
20.05.2009 Destination Anywhere, EP Release Party, Vortex, Siegen
25.09.2009 Destination Anywhere+Lucy in the Sky+Elevation, Freusburg
03.10.2009 Stereoview+Jim Twenty+Sevenlast+Spontan+Campaign like Clockwork, Feel the Pressure Warm-Up Show, Stairway, Wallmenroth
31.10.2009 Sondaschule+The Bandgeek Mafia+Play the Gallery+The Fallthrough, Feel the Pressure, Stadthalle, Betzdorf
06.12.2009 Destination Anywhere+Panik+Jaques She Rock, Underground, Köln
26.12.2009 Destination Anywhere+Stereoview+Something for Heroes, Feel the Pressure Christmas Rock, Act, Betzdorf-Dauersberg
23.01.2010 Stereoview+Heritage+Write Off+Driven+Exc3ed+Pleits, SPH Bandcontest, Höhr-Grenzhausen
13.03.2010 The Bandgeek Mafia+Stereoview+Five Days and Farewell+Sevenlast+The Dukes+One Last Hero, Feel the Pressure Warm-Up Show, Act, Betzdorf-Dauersberg
26.03.2010 Destination Anywhere+Stereoview, Abifeten, Katzwinkel
10.04.2010 Destination Anywhere+2 Times Wasted+The Bandgeek Mafia+Delivering Cry+Tiny-Y-Son+Replicio+Hordak, SPH Indoor Festival, Stadthalle, Montabaur
30.04.2010 Destination Anywhere+5Bugs+VMZT+Six Reasons to Kill+Black Jackets, Liverock vol.13, Bürgerhaus, Weroth
15.05.2010 Stereoview+Room Next Door, Bebop, Sassenroth/Herdorf
22.05.2010 Destination Anywhere+Stereoview+Jim Twenty+Suddenfall+Emil Bulls+Itchy Poopzkid+TOS, Feel the Pressure, Act, Betzdorf-Dauersberg
04.06.2010 Destination Anywhere+Five Days and Farewell, Rock im Daadetal, Biersdorf
18.06.2010 Stereoview 11:00 Uhr Morgens, Realschule Betzdorf
03.07.2010 Sondaschule, Rheinkultur, Bonn
10.07.2010 Stereoview+Empty Skies+Mind Plague, Stairway Wallmenroth
13.07.2010 Destination Anywhere, Siegen-Weidenau
14.08.2010 2 Times Wasted+Streetlight Manifesto+ Raised Fist+VMZT+TheReaction+This is a Standoff+7 Seconds, Tells Bells, Villmar
21.08.2010 Destination Anywhere Release Party, Vortex, Siegen
28.08.2010 Stereoview + Five Days and Farewell+End of Green Mudersbach
04.09.2010 Destination Anywhere+Callejon+Frau Doktor, Pell Mell, Obererbach
18.09.2010 Destination Anywhere + Revolverheld+ Emil Bulls, NRW Tag Siegen
23.09.2010 Destination Anywhere, Freudenberg
23.10.2010 Destination Anywhere+Zico+The Fiesta, Berchtesgaden
20.11.2010 Stereoview + TOS + Benzin, Stairway, Walmmenroth
11.12.2010 Vanilla Sky + Five Days and Farewell+The Convois+Roads Collide, Stairway, Wallmenroth
29.12.2010 Stereoview + Five Days and Farewell+The Sweepers, Stairway, Wallmenroth
21.11.2011 Five Days and Farewell+Echoes From Yesterday+Used to Remind+Second Letter escape, SPH Contest, Stairway, Wallmenroth
28.01.2011 Stereoview+Broken Blaze, Casablanca, Siegen-Weidenau
12.02.2011 Destination Anywhere, 2 Times wasted, Erin, Prison Mind, His Statue Falls, Dreams, Koblenz
24.02.2011 All Time Low, Young Guns. Crown Jewel Defense, Köln
05.03.2011 Five Days and Farewell, Phoebe, Bluebox Siegen
12.03.2011 Five Days and Farewell+Echoes From Yesterday+ At Eaze+Conversation Zero+Broken Secret+ Fell Asleep, Stairway, Wallmenroth
19.03.2011 Five Days and Farewell, Cadie, Freudenberg
23.03.2011 Stereoview, Freiherr vom Stein Gymnasium, Betzdorf
23.03.2011 Rise Against, Coliseum Köln
29.03.2011 Silverstein, There For Tomorrow, While She Sleeps,Köln
01.04.2011 (Destination Anywhere, Bandprobe, Wallmenroth)
01.04.2011 Jim twenty+Stereoview, Köln
02.04.2011 Destination Anywhere+Stereoview+Awaiting Crunch+Fabulous Gym Shoes. Stairway
09.04.2011 Bakkushan, Awaiting Crunch, Wirges
16.04.2011 Five Days and Farewell, At Eaze, Cold Water Effect, Pik Seven, Second Renaissance SPH Bandcontest Halbfinale, Höhr-Grenzhausen
06.05.2011 Jim Twenty+ 2 Times Wasted, Sevenlast, Eskimo Callboy, 3 Tage Tap, Sevenlast, Whizzkit Stairway Wallmenroth
13.05.2011 Five Days and Farewell, Wexelstrom, Famous for a Cutie, Naked in a Panthouse, Kaocide SPH Finale Montabaur
14.05.2011 Destination Anywhere, 2 Times Wasted, Awaiting Crunch, Emma6, BLAM, Six Reasons To Kill, The Eternal Story, Prison Mind, Die Resonanz, 3 Tage Tap Montabaur
20.05.2011 Vanilla Sky, Talco, The Grandtry Bürgerhaus Weroth
21.05.2011 Five Days and Farewell, Stereoview, Open Air, SIegen Eiserfeld
26.05.2011 Five Days and Farewell, SIegen-Weidenau
27.05.2011 Destination Anywhere, 4Lyn, The Grandtry, Cafe Hahn Koblenz
08.06.2011 Destination Anywhere, Uni Siegen
24.06.2011 Destination Anywhere, Bad Laasphe
02.07.2011 All Time Low, Goodbye Fairbanks Dortmund
29.-30.07.2011 Destination Anywhere, Vanilla Sky, Jim Twenty, His Statue Falls. Soundattack Limburg
06.08.2011 Destination Anywhere, Brachbach
13.08.2011 Rise Against, Antilectual, Templton Park ,Düsseldorf
19.08.2011 Destination Anywhere, Itchy Poopzkid, Good Charlotte, Prinz Pi, BoySetsFire, Spack, Wirges
26.08.2011 Destination Anywhere, Discore, Vortex Siegen-Weidenau
03-09.2011 Destination Anywhere, Sondaschule, Six Reasons To Kill, Born From Pain Pell Mell, Obererbach
11.09.2011 Simple Plan, Sons of Midnight, Batschkapp Frankfurt
17.09.2011 The Fabulous Gym Shoes, Stereoview, Jephza, For Heads Down, Stairway Wallmenroth
07/08-.10.2011 Bakkushan. Eskimo Callboy, Jupiter Jones, Ohrbooten, Jaja The Cat, TOS, Fabulous Gym Shoes, Stereoview, Jephza, Awaiting Crunch, Five Days and Farewell, Kentron, Waikiki Doctors, Drumsformers Feel The Pressure Kulturwerk Wissen
26.11.2011 The Bandgeek Mafia, Blue Box SIegen
10.12.2011 Five Days and Farewell Releaseparty, Vortex SIegen
06.01.2012 Five Days and Farewell Acousticshow, New Orleans, Siegen
10.03.2012 FABULOUSGYMSHOES, The Waikiki Doctors, Gebhardshain
16.03.2012 The Black Pony, Kentron, Betzdorf
23.03.2012 Simple Plan, We The Kings, Köln
29.03.2012 Destination Anywhere, Stereoview, FabulousGymShoes, Funpark, Rosenheim
09.06.2012 Destination Anywhere, Stereoview, Meyer Siegen
25.06.2012 Blink-182, All American Rejects, Royal Republic, Essen
31.08.2012 Emil Bulls, Eskimo Callboy, Five Days and Farewell, Pell-Mell, Obererbach
24.11.2012 Five Days and Farewel,Kentron, Breathless I Am, Schachbrett, Fireburst, Rockforum Betzdorf
02.03.2013 Destination Anywhere, Schachbrett, Taktlos, Vortex, Siegen
13.04.2013 Silverstein, Funeral For A Friend, The Tidal, Sleep, Live Music Hall, Köln
09.05.2013 Destination Anywhere, Crayfish, Nummer Fünf, Vortex, Siegen
15.06.2013 Destination Anywhere, Uni, Siegen
06.07.2013 Schachbrett, Taktlos, Fun-Park, Westerwälder Hof, Gebhardshain
04.10.2013 Destination Anywhere, Siegen
08.11.2013 Schachbrett, Rantanplan, UPSURGE, SevenMilesAhead, Siegen
11.11.2013 Bruno Mars, Mayer Hawthorne, Düsseldorf
23.11.2013 Stereoview, Startblock, For Heads Down, Knallheinz, SixLessOne, Want It, Rockforum Betzdorf
13.12.2013 Silverstein, Palisades, Dream On, Dreamer!, Essigfabrik, Köln
20.12.2013 Schachbrett, Startblock, Herdorf
03.01.2014 The Bandgeek Mafia, Schachbrett, Taktlos, Vortex Siegen-Weidenau
01.02.2014 Destination Anywhere, Stereoview, Nummer Fünf, Vortex, Siegen-Weidenau
06.03.2014 All Time Low, Blitz Kids, Live Music Hall, Köln
17.05.2014 Destination Anywhere, Betzdorf
28.06.2014 Destination Anywhere, Rantanplan, Five Days and Farewell, Martin Jondo, Siegen
19.07.2014 Schachbrett, The Headliners, Herdorf
20.07.2014 Blitz Kids, Köln
01.08.2014 Destination Anywhere, Elkenroth
19.08.2014 Blink-182, Zebrahead, Dortmund
06.11.2014 Linkin Park, Of Mice & Men, Köln


06.12.2014 Schachbrett, Herdorf
15.03.2015 All Time Low, Köln
20.03.2015 All Time Low, London
22.03.2015 Yellowcard, Less Than Jake, Köln
10.04.2015 Silverstein, Köln

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