• Eric Dolphy

    Apr 10 2007, 3:20

    I really love Eric Dolphy, he's my second favorite jazz musician, next to Charles Mingus, just a notch above John Coltrane. All personal preferences here.

    But there is something that always been fascinating to me, that is the piece "Left Alone". Although it's not yet in my "most listened" to track, it will eventually be, as time goes by. Cause that's a key song I always come back to from Eric Dolphy... and the reason for this is the flute. I rarely heard a song where the use of the flute have been more touching and heart-wrecking then this tune.

    It's one of those songs I can listen to and understand perfectly what the interpret is expressing in music, of this deep sorrowful feeling of solitude, of this sad loneliness. I keep listening to this song, again and again, I'll even put it on repeat for an hour without getting tired. It put me in this perfect mood, in this place where I want to be, in this situation where I am. It's one of those handful of tracks that really can bring out a certain emotion, really perfect and precise, something beyond the reach of my description, it's absolute beauty. Depending which mood I'm in, it can bring me down to tears or make me realise what it is I was thinking, what it is I'm trying to understand, it clear up my mind and make me focus on what is really real, on those emotions I'm really putting down, in favor of this loneliness I occupy permanently, by choice, it really inspire me beyond almost all songs, it's really a gut feeling for me, I can really relate to the, call it vibe, of this song. The title expresses it all, you just got to picture how it feel to be "Left Alone" and the song goes without any doubt of fortuity, it's just plain expression of this feeling, of this misery that is also a happiness. Cause being left alone is not all but negative. Sometimes, we'd just rather be left alone, cause the conversation is vain and the true equilibrium is to find balance within this loneliness.

    So, after all this introduction, I must ask the question, who else would you say have made great use of the flute in jazz traditions? I don't know many who have used the flute as a lead in jazz. It's a wonderfully underused instrument in jazz. I'd just like to hear more great examples of flute players in the jazz repertoire if there is any really worthy other examples.
  • Japanese music

    Mar 10 2007, 7:28

    Anyone else like it?

    Especially of the rock, metal, electronic flavors.
  • I am pleased

    Mar 9 2007, 3:52

    I'd like to thank Gyron5 for telling me a bit more about this website. I always refused to join, cause it was too popular... and I figured it must be as retarded as MySpace or YouTube, two other websites I never visit.

    But I must say, I was wrong about this place. My only regret is not signing up earlier.