all you have to do is ask alright i can digg it - love your self alway a sick beat always good lyrics from common always good when your sage angry and sad but also real and only it could do a song this real awsome beat beat only best hip hop song 1997 big upps to all these heads chill but quick - zion i is up and down with the music chill grouch chill grouch - nice beat classic jmt del is sick digg it doom has tight beats always epic track fat beat first heard it at sjsu fucking sick intro gang star always rocks gangstar - havent heard until now - front it given sight to the blind - hell ya nic e mix good beat - vocals are kind of odd though good ledgends - comand it good song - painfull lyics hip hop - i dont usually do request numbers unless i have been asked to do so i am sick of sob stories i can dig it i like but i need to listen to more instrumental goodness intresting rap keep it to the sage kill er - puor my self a cup of ambishiion killer song kind rap krs1 is true no flipflop listen to the logic listen to this beat and the lyics might just get you love hiero - and all of the above love is gone forever love is music and everywhere in between love joshes music love lucy but get out girl love the beat and grouch is alway good mad beatz messing around with darkness most of this guys stuff sucks - but this aint that bad murs - fix the mistakes - takes so much strnght murs - little bit jadded by what i see nice album nice beat and overlay nice fing hook nice intro track nice rapp - josh always brings it nice s daily track nice segway no skin no dreams not crazy about the beat ok rap one of the best songs i have ever heard puts - fat beats and hard rapps quite nice rape the industry rediculous revenge is sweet running around for so long sage is the best at this shit segway sexy beat - love the deff short filler track sick ass beat - anti con rules sick instrumental - badazz sit back and get a taste soild sound of the sage sole is the shoes sole-goodbeat soud track for your life - low budget - nice rap soul full beat of sorts stimulating - sad but true lyrics strange but ok - not that original but worth a listen sweet flow - lol sweet intro sweet piano over lay that beat is totally chill the puddle - funny the windy city this album has good shit on it - this is some of it this is a pb house classic this is a pb house song - thanks dan this rap is fucking hard tight rap - nice background beat tip top sole u are unlimited - good muther fing stuff very pb house ish well done wiked you like food dont ya your the one who is losing