Did you know .... TIERSEN PLAYS POST-ROCK? (concert review)


Mar 19 2007, 21:56

Oh yes, that's right. Yesterday I was on Yann Tiersen marvelous concert at Wrocław Music Theater "Capitol". I watched the shock on girls sweet faces that expected Amelie-like soft piano and violin, while the music played was a breathtaking composition of different Tiersen's themes sewed together just to form something like , that was with no doubt and mostly :) Let me just mention playing guitar using drill or guitar-loudspeaker coupling :)

Since today, people not tagging Tiersen as are by law punished to death sentence.

Very work, eclectic synthesis of multiple genres played with strong commitment. Poor you all narrow-minded disgusted Amelie-only fans. Too bad you didn't notice the amount of Yann's genius that exploded yesterdays evening ;)

someone gave me:


  • Salvator

    yes, so sad you couldn't be with us, he will certainly be in Poland next year or two, however please don't cry cause he sounded mostly like on tour :) btw. I never thought about you as rock ignorant! :)

    Mar 19 2007, 22:34
  • Salvator

    hey, and how was it? :) I liked especially those 65dos-like pieces :>

    Mar 24 2007, 23:12
  • Salvator

    no a czy ja straszę? xD Ja tylko opisalem co widziałem ;P Co prawda te filmiki kiepskiej jakosci i nie da się zobaczyć ogólnego zamysłu koncertu (są dość selektywne), ale i tak można usłyszeć to i owo :) Cieszę się że lubisz post-rock :P Ja bym z chęcią kupił dvd z tego koncertu i pooglądał/posłuchał tego na spokojnie w domu :)

    Mar 25 2007, 14:10
  • wakamolemonster

    Well, last march he was here on Mexico. Actually I DID expected a very post-rockery sound because I've heard the 'On Tour' CD before the concert. I thought it was pretty cool. Although I still love the violin and the acordeon. I think Marc playing the guitar with the drill was awesome and Tiersen breaking the strings of the violin bow was fantastic. I really liked this 'new' experimental performance. Western from Le Retrouvilles was one of my fave pieces, still with an electric guitar and the other instruments had me very satisfied. I think he tried this new style to tell people 'hey! I can actually be versatile and not to be always labeled as 'the guy who made amelie's soundtrack'. It's a way to tell people he's more than that and he is.

    Apr 22 2007, 17:54
  • devinette

    Salvator, slusznie prawisz w calej rozciaglosci!! :-)) (ja to widzialam w Warszawie)

    Mag 3 2007, 14:57
  • bolophojep

    I couldn't get over how 'kinda normal/middle aged trying to be young' he looked. I had a totally different image of him in my head, which i can't seem to now recall. I thought the postrock was alright, but i do love a strong melody at times..

    Mag 26 2007, 1:27
  • linken_brust

    It's not Progressive... this kind of music use to be... well... boring sometimes (repeat: sometimes). I have all Tiersen's albums tagged as Folk, but On Tour may be Post-rock. And, yeah! I love post-rock! Check my videos of the concert in Zacatecas an D.F., Mexico: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5xuU8Z_L5w http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=788zqPvO-PE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw80zz0GEAM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5CIqqiGeEY

    Lug 10 2007, 20:08
  • necz0r

    I think this is great. This guy obviously feels in his natural habitat when he's able to experiment and switch between different 'sound tools' (instruments). I'm not sure if 'progressive' or 'post rock' is the correct definition of Yann's new music, though, just like I wasn't convinced his 'usual' stuff could be accurately specified with an existing genre.

    Set 16 2007, 19:16
  • earthroom

    I love Yann of all times~ I see different Yann but finally they are the same. these make me excited and this maybe just the reason I love him. Brilliant Yann!~ greetings from China :)

    Feb 13 2008, 6:15
  • earthroom

    and Fantastic~!

    Feb 13 2008, 6:16
  • xcris89

    I liked the black session too xD And also... let me see... le phare

    Nov 10 2008, 0:15
  • natalie0790

    Yes yes yes. It irritates me when people are singleminded about the Amelie OST. It is brilliant though, but he experiments wonderfully and to see that live would have been magnetic. I am so profoundly jealous.

    Dic 15 2008, 14:44
  • cutecyte


    Gen 7 2009, 17:17
  • brownstar

    I wish I had known before I went. I expected to hear some Amelie and expected the vibe of a performance by Beirut. Instead we got this indulgent crap. @ Natalie, why would it irritate you that people want to hear the songs they fell in love with. That shouldn't be too much to ask.

    Apr 20 2009, 21:26
  • senseofsound

    Because he is a musician, he does the music and you listen, if you don't like it, the more progressive a musician can be musically i always find the better, the more they do the more i may like, sometimes i don't, bob dylan has taken all the songs people fell in love with and turned them into blues arrangements but still sells out shows, for some one to just churn out the same songs they have been for years the same notes the same feel for me has less meaning than some one who turns around and gives you something you never expected, i saw him last Thursday, if i did not know what he was going to play i would have been shocked yess, but as to not respect it, is another matter, but maybe thats just because of my preference of an artist and as one, if you dont like what he is playing, perhaps just wait until he may play it again? you are subject to his artistic view so people may as well widen it along with him..

    Mag 19 2009, 1:05
  • robetar

    Yeah, I saw him yesterday. It was utterly beautiful, though I liked the not-so-guitar-highlighted song a bit more.

    Ago 15 2009, 12:27
  • mis_sus

    There is no difference how or where he puts his musical feeling - acoustic, instrumental, postrock, classic... it still has this Yanntiersening-feeling anyway :) and sounds great. I love postrock as much as classical music, so - feeling is the answer, I guess.

    Feb 20 2010, 1:02
  • Purpurata

    i like both parts of Tiersen personality... (:

    Dic 3 2010, 20:50
  • daisybenshoff

    I just saw him perform last night, front center stage....and oh my God, it was one of the most beautiful concerts I've been to hands down. There was so much emotion in his performance. Very experimental, takes you through a mental loop.

    Feb 15 2011, 0:02
  • Petula07

    I have never cared what genre Yann is and it seems it's the right way how to accept all his music :) I really understand that he has to be tired by the stick label "The man who composed soundtrack for Amelie."

    Apr 21 2011, 16:16
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