Top 25 Charts - iTunes (6/28/06)


Giu 28 2006, 19:41

1. From Paris To Berlin (Radio Edit)(+1)

2. Erase/Rewind (-1)

3. Flaming Ice (+3)

4. Chocolate (-1)

5. Days~Aijou to Nichijou~ (-1)

6. Over (N/A)

7. Me Against The Music (-2)

8. Face to Face (+10)

9. Believer (New!)

10. L.O.V.E. (-2)

11. Peek-A-Boo (-1)

12. Not Gonna Get Us (New!)

13. First (-4)

14. Fire Soul Love (+5)

15. Sorry (-3)

16. La Soldier (+1)

17. Crash (-6)

18. Beautiful Stranger (William Orbit radio edit) (-4)

19. Red Blooded Women (+2)

20. If It's Alright (-7)

21. Get Together (New!)

22. Deliver Me (N/A)

23. All The Things She Said (New!)

24. These Boots Are Made for Walking (-4)

25. I Want You to Want Me (-10)

Songs that Left the Charts:

Something I Never Had (Last Week: 16)

Hips dont Lie (Last Week: 23)

Shadow (Last Week: 24)

Toxic (Last Week: 25)


  • Sakuyamon

    After Three Straight Weeks of being Queen of the Top 25. Paris to Berlin - Infernal beat Erase/Rewind - Cardigans by taking the #1 Spot! Infernal is nominated for Breakthrough artist! Face to Face by Siouxsie and the Banshees also reached the top 10 at 8. The hot new track of the week is Believer by Ikuo which set records by being the first track to ever premiere in the top 10 of the Chart. The single came out 1-2 days ago, and I got it today. I've been listening to it like crazy! Believer is from the New Digimon Savers Anime... Another artist premieres in the countdown, T.A.T.U! Both of there songs Not Gonna Get Us and All the Things She Said are newcomers to the charts. NGGU reached #12 two spots away from the top 10. While ATTSS premiered at the #23 spot. I just recently bought those songs too! ^_^; Also Madonna now has a third track on the countdown, Get Together premiered at #21. However while Madonna is gaining steam, another Pop star is loosing some. Lindsay Lohan is loosing some of her influence on the countdown, her song Something I Never Had fell after being sort of high at 16. While I Want You to Want Me fell 10 spots at 25, very close from disapearing as well. Her song First left the top 10 apearing at 13. LL went down a total of -21 spots. However her song Over is still at the Top 10...

    Giu 28 2006, 19:56
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