March 5th - March12 - 2006


Mar 15 2006, 10:19

Top 10 of last week. Shall we get started

Unique Artists: 233
Total Tracks: 841
Total Plays: 1130

10 - Machine Head (21)
One of those random spurts of listening to all the CDs I have of a band.

9 - Rikets (22)
I finally got a hold of more then just one of their songs. So I have been enjoying their sound the past week.

8 - Lacuna Coil (23)
Lets just say I have been quite obsessed with their latest song, Our Truth. If the new CD coming out in April is just as good I may have a new favorite CD by them.

7 - Skinny Puppy (23)
Got semi re-adiccted to The Greater Wrong of The Right.

6 - Fear Factory (24)
It seems like always a weekly must.

5 - Static-X (27)
A great band when in the mood, I was definitely in the mood last week.

4 - Funker Vogt (38)
I have been going through some industrial withdrawls and Funker Vogt was nice to listen to again.

3 - Mindless Self Indulgence (41)
I don't really remeber listening to the last week but apparently I did.

2 - Project Pitchfork (86)
More of that fix.

1 - System of a Down (105)
No matter how much and try and not listen to them so much something just happens and they always end up in the list. Not that it is a bad thing.


  • poramentatoes

    Ah, I know the feeling about SOAD. I love their music but I skip past them when they come up on my playlist so the other bands can catch up. Yet they're still #1 on my overall chart. Annoying.

    Mar 16 2006, 23:01
  • Saddack

    Yeah they are #2 on my list.

    Mar 18 2006, 0:21
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