• Yes - Close To The Edge

    Set 8 2013, 20:00

    Close to the Edge

    Want to feel like your feet float and you are transported to fantastic places? No need to go and buy a balloon in your nearest store, just go with the acute and charismatic voice of Jon Anderson, ethereal and magical sounds from the guitar of Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman's keyboards, directly from another planet.
    Only three songs, but what a songs!! Structural changes, beautiful melodies, a chorus that close to perfection and so characteristic of the group, that and much more is what you'll find during the approximately 40 minutes it takes this record. One of the biggest progressive rock classics of all time:

    1.Close to the Edge - 18:41
    -The Solid Time of Change
    -Total Mass Retain
    -I Get Up I Get Down
    -Seasons of Man
    2.And You and I - 10:08
    -Cord of Life
    -The Preacher the Teacher
    3.Siberian Khatru - 8:55