Feb 8 2013, 3:31


    A - Side
    03 POLICE [LIVE]
    06 CBC FEUDS
    09 88

    B- Side
    07 VARIOUS

    Now I don’t actively listen to newer Fucked Up releases, though I still go out of my way to purchase them, in hopes they’re do a single that’s reminiscent of simpler times - and by that I mean their homage to The Undertones and power pop. Though Mike Haliechuk and Jonah Falco's other band SMARTBOYS are a homage to the Starjets another great First Wave Northern Ireland Punk band. So you're like me and you want something more like a 70s Irish influenced punk band check them out.

    I recognize what Mike Haliechuk does, but fear the machine that he has built, he’s the rat king. He’s the Swami Svengali of Fucked Up, the Greg Ginn of Black Flag, the Rza of Wu Tang, the Randy Fitzsimmons [I know he's fake] of The Hives, the Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) behind the curtain [Singin' in the Rain - kids], the Karl Rove of the Bush Administration, the propaganda war machine behind the… well you get the idea. And if you still haven’t guessed who David Eliade is – it’s (mostly) Haliechuk or whoever the band claims to have made a bold decision.

    One of the things I enjoy the most from Fucked Up is the misinformation or the suggestive deceptions, which is something Haliechuk has planned throughout the band’s entire career, though its slowed down a little – though an impressionable type or supposed music "journalist" who doesn't fact check, cos; “hey it’s the internet” Well it serves them right. Question art, its not the truth its only a 1/2 truth like everything else. [Enough diatribe]

    So I consider Hidden World to be one of my all time favorite albums, but felt less so about The Chemistry of Common, despite it being "everyone's favorite" [hyperbole], and giving them the world essentially. I tried to like it but it just wasn't happening. So I moved on - no biggy.
    Now David Comes To Life (the album not the song) should've been right in my wheelhouse; I thought it would continue the fictional David Eliade story, choosing suicide over life to avoid sin - great premises, very Divine Comedy, Dante's Inferno etc. Nope, they did rock opera about fictional a UK. It had one or two strong songs, but it failed to peak my interest past the initial concept of a new Fucked Up album. I was really hoping this would the next great album.
    I recommend you check out Sham 69's - That's Life if you want a narrative by a punk band.

    [Fucked up Presents:] David's Town Town - 11 Original Hits From Byrdesdale Spa, UK! i though was a much more successful batch of songs, than the actual supposed album it was tied to. So if you don't know what it is, its a fiction meta album to expand the fiction of the Byrdesdale. According to Haliechuk it was recorded with G-Beat over 6 months, randomly playing instrumentals for vocalists to perform on. Not a new thing but it works (kinda).

    Another thing Fucked Up related I'm working on is a mixtape on their other bands (well stuff I can get my hands on); SMARTBOYS, Yacht Club, Terminal State, Career Suicide, Bergenfield Four, Pink eyes, Marvelous Darlings, Young Governor The Smegheads, Surplus Sons, etc.
    Comment if you know anymore.

  • Mixtape Vol. VI Convoluted

    Mar 17 2010, 17:08

    Art is always convoluted, and if its personal stuff, which it almost always is, (let’s just say that it is) – then it’s really convoluted. It’s not like watching the entire season of a dodgy soap opera, because that stuff is really black & white and not particularly subjective, it’s fairly predictable – it is what it is.
    With “art” it’s a snippet of a much larger narrative. It becomes vague and interpretive to the audience. For its creators it’s a masterbatory and self serving exercise.
    But I’d prefer for an artist or band to write/make/create/draw/design things that are personal and find an audience by its own merits, rather than shitty formulatestuff that become just that – stuff; disposable stuff.
    Anyway, this comp is kinda of about that, but more so emo/post-hardcore bands that do write long winded convoluted songs, some are pretty easy to understand; others are like that snippet thing.

    A Side
    01 Knapsack – Balancing Act
    02 Cap'n Jazz – Little League
    03 Cursive – Dispenser
    04 Everyone Talked About You – Everyone Talked About You
    05 Lemuria – Pants
    06 The Promise Ring – Deep South
    07 Excuse 17 – Hope You Feel Bad
    08 Jimmy Eat World – Digits
    09 Pop Unknown – Head in the Sand
    10 The Weakerthans – Letter of Resignation
    11 Drum;Kan – I Know
    12 The Get-Up Kids – Coming Clean
    13 Superchunk – June Shows
    14 Kill Whitey – When You’re Not Here

    B Side
    01 Jawbreaker – I Want
    02 Discount – Clap & Cough
    03 Pink Razors – Geometric Park
    04 Samiam – Bad Day
    05 Coue Method –The Winners Are the Losers
    06 Avail – The Falls
    07 How Water Music – It’s Hard to Know
    08 Mid Youth Crisis – After You My Friend
    09 Pegboy – Through My Fingers
    10 Seaweed – Kid Candy
    11 Fireside – Interlace
    12 A Death In The Family – Falling Like the Plague
    13 Latterman – He’s a Good Sposato (I Love You Blue-Blue)
    14 Iron Chic - Time

    Download Tape
  • Mixtape Vol. VII – Not Quite Punk

    Feb 8 2010, 14:59

    Mixtape Vol. VII – Not Quite Punk

    It’s been a while since the last tape, but who’s counting?
    I like “punk music” (I think?) And so by default I should like some things that sound punk, but I don’t always. So here are some bands that I’ve always considered “punk” bands despite the fact that they don’t sound or look like the generic punk. I was tempted to chuck in stuff like Oingo Boingo, The Cramps, Communiqué even Cold Cave for some reason, stuff that have/has/had ties to punk but haven’t been co-oped and exist in their own right.
    But this tape came mainly from my favouritism for the Replacement’s sound and everything in-between.

    A Side
    01. The Replacements – Alex Chilton
    02. Guided by Voices – Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy
    03. Husker Du – Green Eyes
    04. The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
    05. The Lemonheads – Luka (Suzanne Vega cover)
    06. The Posies – What Little Remains
    07. Violent Femmes – Kiss Off
    08. The Gun Club – Black Train
    09. Minutemen – History Lesson - Part 2
    10. Scratch Acid – Eyeball
    11. The Mekons – Never Been In a Riot
    12. Avail – Kiss Off (live Violent Femmes cover)
    13. The Slushpuppies – Calender
    14. Superchunk – Package Thief
    15. Sebadoh – Rebound
    16. Quicksand – Blister
    17. Sugar – Helpless
    18. Mission of Burma – Academy Fight Song

    B Side
    01. Tom Gabel – Anna is a Stool Pigeon
    02. American Steel – Hurtlin’
    03. Cheap Girls – Her and Cigarettes
    04. The Good Life – Thirty-Year Evaluation
    05. The Hold Steady – Crucifixion Cruise
    06. The Thermals – Here’s Your Future
    07. The New Amsterdams – Intelligent Design
    08. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Livin with the Livin
    09. Smoking Popes – No More Smiles
    10. The Midwest Beat – Girl Gone West
    11. The Weakerthans – Wellington’s Wednesday
    12. Trouble Hubble – Floribraska
    13. Rival Schools – Hooligans for Life
    14. Les Savy Fav – Precision Auto (Superchunk cover)
    15. Ready the Jet – Killing Pace
    16. Teenage Cool Kids – Crowd Aggravation
    17. Pretty Little Girls Make Graves – If You Hate Your Friends...
    18. The Murder City Devils – I Want A Lot Now (So Come On)
    19. Superchunk – Blending In (Govt. Issue cover)

    Download Tape
  • Mixtape Vol. V - First Wave Northern Ireland Punk

    Mar 18 2009, 17:34


    “I think it’s really interesting, The Clash sings about civil war, and these kids were living it...” – Nathalian (Associate of Fucked Up) Talking about the Starjets from Belfast.

    “First Wave Northern Ireland Punk” – I’m not quite sure of any specifics or dates but the earliest year in this comp is 1975 and the latest is 1985. Many of these songs and artists are fairly obscure and totally underrated, others are just so-so (I culled some really dodgy ones like The Faders, Cramp, The Idiots, Terri & the Terrors (which features Bono, and I hate U2). When comparing F.W.N.I.P. to the bands and scenes in London, New York, LA, etc – Northern Ireland was just as active as they were. Sure there was only one decent punk label (Good Vibrations in Derry) but the bands that came out of that first wave scene proved that they were just as good, if not better (even bands from Dublin involved themselves with the Northern scene.) A lot of the early groups (although there weren’t many of them) focused their song writing on a-political subject matter, not all the bands were doing this but a large majority were. Fuelled by musical influences of mod, beat, psychedelic, glam, doo wop, rock and pop, all while civil war was raging on.

    “We lived and breathed what was going on in the early and mid 70s. All day we dealt with it, every single day of our lives. You could not walk to school in the mourning without getting stopped and searched and questioned. For us getting on stage at the Casbah on a Friday night and getting slightly bombed on three pints of beer – it was pure utter escapism. And our audience, i.e. our mates didn’t really need for us to get up in front of them on a Friday night and start lecturing em’ about what was politically, socially going on around them. For them it was the same thing – Three pints of Guinness and halleluiah, here comes Saturday morning.” – Feargal Sharkey (Undertones)

    My all time favourite Northern Ireland punk bands are Starjets and Rudi. Both from Belfast and both blurred the lines between powerpop, doo wop and punk rock. Both were prolific in their short careers and shortly forgotten. Which is a shame because they’re both really amazing.
    Starjets had multiple vocal harmonies, catchy melodic hooks, all in a razor sharp pop song. “The war is over. Black City is cut up – people are fed up – children are old – grown men cry. Zombies walkin’ around with lifeless eyes ...Nobody won – The War Is Over” Starjets – The War Is Over
    Rudi were worth at least a hundred Buzzcocks, they had dual vocalists, they had the simple short catchy songs, in layman’s terms, they’re like the Misfits and the Ramones but not – they were Rudi “The Band Time Forgot”. Which is now their official title actually – “The Band Time Forgot.” If you like end up enjoying Rudi be sure you checkout Shame Academy, featuring ex-members of Rudi and the Outcasts.
    My collection of Northern Ireland punk isn’t as big as I’d like it to be. So if any of you out there know any goodies let me know.
    (*not all bands featured on this comp are from the North)

    1.Stalag 17 (Belfast) – Party Talk
    2.The Tearjerkers (Belfast/Portadown) – Murder Mystery
    3.Rudi (Belfast) – Bewarewolf!
    4.Moondogs (Derry) – Babysnatcher
    5.Protex (Belfast) – Strange Obsessions
    6.The Radiators (Dublin*) – Million Dollar Hero
    7.The Undertones (Derry) – Jimmy Jimmy
    8.Peasants (?) – I Care for You
    9.P45 (Belfast) – Love Song
    10.Stiff Little Fingers (Belfast) – Barb Wire Love
    11.Ruefrex (Belfast) – Cross the Line
    12.Victim (Dublin*) – Junior Criminals
    13.Outcasts (Belfast) – Gangland Warfare
    14.Starjets (Belfast) – The War Is Over

    B Side
    1.Ruefrex (Belfast) – In the Traps
    2.Shame Academy (Belfast) – Big Time (Cover)
    3.Rudi(Belfast) – When I Was Dead
    4.Spies (Dublin*) – Thinking About the Sun
    5.Outcasts (Belfast) – Self Conscience over You
    6.Protex (Belfast) – Don’t Ring Me Up
    7.Starjets (Belfast) – Any Danger Love
    8.Moondogs (Derry) – Who’s Gonna Tell Mary
    9.The Undertones (Derry) – There Goes Norman
    10.Spiders (Dublin*) – Dancin’ in the Streets
    11.Shock Treatment (Belfast) – Belfast Telegraph
    12.Clive Culbertson (County Antrim) – Time to Kill
    13.Xdreamysts (Belfast) – Right Way Home
    14.Toxic Waste (Newtownards/Belfast) – Traditionally Yours
    15.Stiff Little Fingers (Belfast) – Wasted Life

    my "about me" section on last fm
  • Mixtape – IV – (C-90) Twee Tape

    Feb 12 2009, 18:34

    Here are some sugary treats
    [url=http://www.[spam nofollow=yes] HERE

    Sunny Day, they defined the twee sound for me – lofi pop.
    -Big Dolly Mixture fan, this may not be their best song but it’s the most twee sounding.
    -Heavenly (not the French power metal band), Hearts & Crosses – a fucked up song about date rape, listen to the lyrics and that upbeat keyboard, an awful contrast.

    SIDE A The Classics
    Another Sunny Day – Anorak City
    Golden Dawn – My Secret World
    The Wake – Angel Treads
    Shop Assistants – Road
    The Springfields – Are We Gonna Be Alright
    The Marine Girls – In Love
    St. Christopher– You Deserve More than a Maybe
    Black Tamborine – We Can’t Be Friends
    14 Iced Bears – Unhappy Days
    Vaselines– The Day I Was a Horse
    Slow Children – East Berlin
    Strawberry Story – I Still Want You
    Tiger Trap – You & Me
    CUB – New York City
    Go Sailor – Long Distance
    Henry’s Dress – Zero-Zero-Zero
    Heavenly - Hearts & Crosses

    -Yokoko is like the Witch in the Hansel and Gretel story, luring children with sweets. The only difference is they don’t eat you, they just leave you addicted and wanting for more. Damn you!
    -Marine Research, another one of Amelia Fletcher’s exploration in pop. Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research, Tender Trap, etc
    -Au Revoir Simone, Night Majestic is a song I can’t stop listening to, the lyrics are about a day at the races, but the keyboard/drum breakdown makes me want to mosh – and to a twee song no less. Reminds me of Jimmy Dewees from The Get Up Kids for some reason...
    -I really love Gwenno’s solo stuff, although there hasn’t been anything officially release for sale, I’ve collected the majority of demos and bits and pieces. Really simple lofi pop songs.

    SIDE B The Youngans
    Yokoko – Sally Doesn’t Care
    Anorak Girl– Peter & Katy
    Marine Research - Parallel Horizontal
    Those Dancing Days – I Know Where You Live
    Language of Flowers – If It's Not You
    Pony Up! – Matthew Modine
    Dressy Bessy – Just Once More
    Helen Love – Debbie Loves Joey
    Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To
    Lemuria – The Origamists Too
    Onion Flavoured Rings – Positively Treat Street
    The Incredible Moses Leroy - Fuzzy
    Tender Forever – Heartbroken-Forever
    Au Revoir Simone – Night Majestic
    Gwenno - I've been searching
  • Mixtape 3.5 - (Northern Soul) Leftovers

    Feb 11 2009, 4:00

    Beatle-ettes – I’m Only Seventeen (with Beatles medley)
    The Soda Pop Kids – Memory Lane
    Nobunny – Chuck Berry Holiday
    Lydia Marcelle – The Girl He Needs
    The Hot Toddies – HTML
    The LadyBugs – How Do You Do It (Beatles cover)
    Ramones – Baby I Love You (Ronnettes cover)
    All Girl Summer Fun Band – The Look of Love (Lesley Gore cover)
    Joan Jett – You Don’t Own Me (Lesley Gore cover)
    Sahara Hotnights – In Private (Dusty Springfield cover)
    The Jam – A Solid Bond in Your Heart
    Jerry Butler – Find Another Girl
    Moneybrother – I’m Losing
    The Diskettes – Mr Lee (Bobbettes cover)
    Nat Johnson - Teenager in love (Dion And The Belmonts cover)
    Monster – Mama Don’t Know

    Mixtape Vol. 4

    Another tape is coming out soon within the week. 90mins of twee and lofi pop, from first, second and third generation twee. From The Springfields (60s) - Another Sunny Day (80s-90s) - Vivian Girls (00+s)
  • Support the Underground - Sordid Zine Compilation No. 1

    Gen 22 2009, 4:42

    Free Sordid Compilation Download
    Now is the time to download!!
    Over 2 hours of very diverse underground music.

    Part A .zip link below. (127mb of 320kbps mp3 files, 16 tracks)

    Part B .zip link below. (127mb of 320kbps mp3 files, 17 tracks)

    Or just go to each comp and grab the tracks you want...

    Part A home page.

    Part B home page.

    Plus, of course, download Sordid Zine Issue 1 as a .pdf (over 100 pages of rants, interviews, and hopefully dark humour).

    Full track listings for the Issue 1 comps Part A & B
    Part A

    1. Harbringer by Strain 121

    2. Bufera Di Neve by OVO

    3. My Tits Are Full of Shit by Teen Arsonists 77

    4. Ikkunan Takana by Alymysto

    5. Saturday Night Virus by Virus (featuring Garm)

    6. Ha Ha, You're Fucking Dead by DMT

    7. What A Strange Supposition by My Awesome Mixtape

    8. Speed When The Meter Breaks by MXR

    9. Big Boy Pants by F.C.A.

    10. Missing In Action by Good For Nothing

    11. Imagination by Buttress O'Kneel

    12. Photographs from an Asylum by Krieg

    13. Everybodie is Walking Away From Me by LoFi Terrorist

    14. How Many by Tender Forever

    15. One Two Three GORE! by DMT

    16. Trianglesaurus by Skoll-Hops

    Part B

    1. Unload The White Load (live) by Hewhocorrupts

    2. Glass Fork (Harm) by Sissy Spacek

    3. Touch The Monster by Shift Decimal

    4. Azoth by Ouroboros

    5. Flag of Betrayal (Demo 08) by the Death Trip

    6. There Are Ghosts! by Double Handsome Dragons

    7. Jolly Fecal Execution Squad by DMT

    8. Horse 4eva by Toxic Lipstick

    9. Avaritia by Darkeion

    10. Burning The Believers by Lucas Darklord

    11. Anything She Can Do I Can Do Better by Anal Discharge

    12. Can An Animal Make Beautiful Music by Teen Arsonists 77

    13. Krvnici Krvi Jos Nisu Siti (live) by DAžD

    14. PS Let's Be Friends by The (Temperamental) Pocket

    15. Insect by Children Egoism

    16. Westboro Necrofisting Club by DMT

    17. Z Rollin by Matt, Dave and Lachlan's Critical Zombie Holocaust

    That's all for now.

    More as it comes to fist.

  • Mixtape Vol. III - Northern Soul

    Gen 21 2009, 3:25

    Here’s a tape that’s not powerpop. Featuring Motown, (Northen) Soul, 60s Girl Groups and Beat Music as well as other miscellaneous genres by modern groups influenced by them. (No Supremes or Diana Ross though, sorrey) I’m a big fan of the 60s divas – Lesley Gore, Helen Shapiro, Evie Sands and Ronnie Spector. I’ve picked more than a few songs written by Ellie Greenwich, it’s pretty hard to find a song that wasn’t written by her. The new stuff is pretty diverse some how Fucked Up do soul songs too... that gives you some idea of the influence.

    There was a ton of stuff from the modern era that I wanted to fit on the b-side but just couldn’t for the length of 45mins. Sahara Hotnights do a great cover of In Private (Dusty Springfield). Heaps of great modern soul beat bands like The Booze, Soda Pop Kids, Nobunny. Lots of covers from new and old groups. I’m going to have to post an outtakes of these songs so stay tuned for that one.

    -The Younghearts, I’m more of a fan of their early stuff than their stuff from the 70s.
    -I don’t think I would have to talk about Helen Shapiro because, well she’s pretty much the corner stone Northern Soul. I think she's a born again now.
    -Evie Sands, criminally ignored, but just about everyone who I play her stuff to instantly will ask “who’s this?” Glad she’s still making music too.
    -Irma Thomas, if I’m correct her official title is “Sweet Soul Queen of New Orleans”
    -The Velvelettes and The Marvalettes, hands down are my all time Motown records favourites
    -I synced up a dual stereo version of “What's a Girl Supposed to Do?”

    Try A Little Tenderness
    A – SIDE – “Hard Core”

    1. The Younghearts – A Little Togetherness
    2. The Breakaways – That’s How It Goes
    3. The Shangri-Las – Give Him a Great Big Kiss
    4. Helen Shapiro – You Won’t Come Home
    5. Evie Sands – I Can’t Let Go
    6. Luv'd Ones – Up Down Sue
    7. Lesley Gore – I’ll Be Standing By
    8. The Fascinations - Girls Are Out to Get You
    9. The Velvelettes – Lonely Lonely Girl Am I
    10. The Shirelles – Please Go Away
    11. The Exciters – He's Got the Power
    12. The Chiffons – I Have a Boyfriend
    13. April Young – I Have a Steady Boyfriend
    14. The Fi-Dels - Try and Little Harder
    15. Irma Thomas - Break-A-Way
    16. Lesley Gore/The Shangri-Las - What's A Girl Supposed To Do? (covers?)
    17. The Satisfactions - Daddy You Gotta Let Him In
    18. The Marvalettes – Danger & Heartbreak Dead Ahead
    19. The Flirtations - Nothing But a Heartache
    20. The Sweet - Broken Heartattack


    -You must hear the “A Little Togetherness” cover by Fucked Up. Pink Eye actually has vocal diversity, in a fucked up hardcore enthusiastic kind of way.
    -The Midwest Beat are my new “fave”. Can’t get enough of them.
    -How great is a song where the only lyric is "No" well Vivian Girls answer that question with "No, No, No,"
    -Dolly Mixture truly were the new original girl group of the 80s
    -I don’t know why I chucked on Ronnie Spector on the B-Side, but maybe cause its new material from 2006. Yes new material.

    B – Side – “Under the Influence”

    1. Fucked Up - A Little Togetherness (cover)
    2. The Midwest Beat - Get It Started
    3. The Carrots - Beverly
    4. The Pipettes - The Burning Ambition of Early Diuretics
    5. The Hollies – I Can’t Let Go (cover)
    6. James Hunter - Ain't Got Nowhere
    7. Lucky Soul - Add Your Light To Mine, Baby
    8. Raphael Saadiq – Staying In Love
    9. The Dansettes - Oh My!
    10. The Booze – Broken Hearted Man
    11. The Carrots – Break-A-Way (cover)
    12. Vivian Girls – No
    13. Dolly Mixture – Step Close Now
    14. The Shop Assistants – Train From Kansas City (cover)
    15. Miss Derringer – Black Tears
    16. Those Dancing Days – Run Run
    17. Gabriella Cilmi – Terrifying
    18. Ronnie Spector – All I want
  • Mixtape Vol. II - More Powerpop

    Dic 17 2008, 16:44

    Finally I've finished Vol. II, when it should've been out a month ago, anyway. Here it is...
    Lots more old classics and a whole bunch of modern ones. A lot more Swedish stuff for some reason.

    Some personal highlights:
    -Shrapnel – Combat Love is punk rock love.
    -The Outcasts another great band from the first wave of Northern Ireland punk. Criminally ignored.
    -The Exploding Hearts are phenomenal to say the least. One listen and you're hooked they're that good.
    -The Doits, Sweden's answer to old-school guitar pop with lots of catchy hooks.

    Download It Here!

    Hanx and Enjoy.



    1. Stiv Bators – Make Up Your Mind

    2. Nick Lowe - Mary Provost

    3. Shrapnel - Combat Love

    4. The Fans - Giving Me That Look In Your Eyes

    5. Running Dogs - Blue Boats

    6. Nikki & The Corvettes – Young & Crazy

    7. Traste & Superstararna - Alla Tankte Sa

    8. B Girls – Fun At the Beach

    9. Marine Girls – Tonight

    10. Pearl Harbor & the Explosions - You Got It (Release It)

    11. The Beat - Let Me Into Your Life

    12. The Records- Starry Eyes

    13. The Rubinoos - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

    14. The Outcasts - Love You For Never

    15. Cramp – She Doesn't Love Me

    16. Protex– A Place In Your Heart

    17. ABC – Pop I Radion

    18. The Innocents - Come Tonight


    1. The Exploding Hearts - I'm A Pretender

    2. Ready the Jet- Powerline City

    3. The Soviettes - 1 Is Number Two

    4. The Spits – Tuff News

    5. The Doits – Righteous In A Liars Mined

    6. The Lost Patrol Band – Doesn't Matter

    7. Knugen Faller - Jag Vill Inte Vara Med

    8. Pansy Division - Boyfriend Wanted

    9. Milestone- Thank You

    10. Psychotic Reaction - Too Late

    11. Cola Freaks- Gi Mig Piller

    12. Teenage Bottle Rocket – So Cool

    13. Clorox Girls - Flowers of Evil

    14. The Power-Chords – Unattached Strings

    15. Cut Off Your Hands - Blue on Blue

    16. The Briefs - Sally I Can't Go to the Beach

    17. The Dials – Bye Bye Bye Baby

    18. The Smugglers – Rosie

    19. Randy – Going Out With the Dead

    20. The Lillingtons – Robots In My Dreams
  • Mixtape Vol. I - Power Pop

    Dic 13 2008, 12:43

    Here's Vol. I of an ongoing mixtape series I'm making.
    If you like this one's for you - 90mins of music the A Side is full of the classic bands while the B Side contains the new bands under the influence of power pop. If I've missed anthing Vol. II is coming out soon.

    Download It Here!


    A Side
    1.Starjets – War Stories
    2.The Undertones – Family Entertainment
    3.The Only Ones/The Replacements – Another Girl Another Planet (plus live cover)
    4.The Jags – Back of My Hand
    5.The Shivvers – Teenline
    6.POINTED STICKS – Out of Luck
    7.Rudi – Crimson
    8.Another Sunny Day/Fucked Up – Anorak City (plus cover)
    9.The Shop Assistants/Fucked Up – I don’t want to be Friends with you (plus cover feat. Manno)
    10.Dolly Mixture/Fucked Up – Dream Come True (plus cover)
    11.Pezband – Baby, It's Cold Outside
    12.The Nerves – When You Find Out
    13.Girls At Our Best – Politics
    14.20/20 – Nuclear Boy
    15.Holly & The Italians – Tell That Girl To Shut Up
    16.The Posies – I May Hate You Sometimes

    B Side
    1.Guided by Voices - Game Of Pricks
    2.Young Governor – You’re So Sad
    3.The Midwest Beat – J Man's Blues
    4.The Booze - Heartache
    5.Strawberry Story - Pushbutton Head
    6.Teenage Cool Kids - Queer Salutations
    7.The Nagz - Don't Stand Me Up
    8.The Night Marchers – Dead Beat You
    9.The Get Up Kids/The Replacements – Beer for Breakfast (covered by GUK)
    10.Dangerloves – Everyday Song for Otis
    11.Electric Blue – Somebody’s Help
    12.Heavenly – P.U.N.K. Girl
    13.Poppets – Phone Call
    14.Caesars Palace – From The Bughouse
    15.Yokoko - Tim and Sue
    16.Superchunk - The Hot Break
    17.Tranzmitors – Teen Man
    18.Sahara Hotnights - Puppy