al-qaeda metal almost as good as nickelback anthem arabic disco dance rock awesome title bad-ass covers badassery bass that makes your brain waves dance like thom yorke baybuh beautiful bel-fuckin-lamy better than original better than radiohead bricks were shat british is better chad kroeger would be proud chill out criminally underrated cry baby cry cures cancer dat riff tho dead cats having sex demons and wolverines dreamy driving with the windows down on a breezy night dusk eargasm eargasm at 0:00 emotionally devastating epic feel alone feel-good tracks fred durst makes love to this gangsta nsbm genius gigantic eargasm great lyrics guest vocalist: satan haunting heavenly vocals i came i could listen to this song forever i had to change my pants after this song if sex could sing indescribably beautiful kickass outro kills me a little every time i hear it lights off eyes closed thinking about nothing like at first listen love at first listen make gilmour proud makes me glad to be alive melancholic mellow memoria: spring 2014 mightier than the dick of thor mikael has small penis music for hunting vampires music to headbang to must be played loudly my funeral song neon lights night night driving noel god gallagher nostalgic not a known giver of fucks o god goh gogd god oh god god oh god one solo can kill a man orgasmic violin please shut the fuck up and listen probably the reason i am going to buy a 20 inch monitor psychedelic relaxing repeatrepeatrepeat shomal single that makes me suffer every time snowy night so beautiful that i want to puke rainbow and unicorns solitude songs that changed my life songs that make me shiver songs to play when you hate everyone songs you must sing along with space story of my life the edgenius the last song to play before shooting yourself to play at my funeral tracks with titles that attracts you more than the song itself tunnel of no light underrated want to have sex with it want to see live waste of valuable human sperm weird shit when you are pissed off where is my bong why i prefer music to sex would gladly go to bed with