Insult your Top 15.


Mar 14 2008, 16:06

I'm bored, so here we go.

The only thing I really hate about you is your fanbase.

2. Panic at the Disco
Okay. So I haven't even heard your new album, but from the samples I can't tell that I'm not going to like it at all. I didn't want you to stay a whiny teen-emo-band (because, seriously, some of your lyrics were plain annoying), but I don't like where you're going. I'm not gonna say sell outs or shit like that, I just don't like it musically. So far. We'll see.

3. The Used
I love you guys, your music, your shows. A lot of your music makes me happy and sad and just... feel. There's honestly nothing bad I can say about you.

4. My Chemical Romance
Your show last year was the most boring show I've ever attended, honestly. And I have to admit that show kind of spoiled me your music for some time. There were a few months I just couldn't remember why I loved you so much; whenever I listened to your music, it didn't touch me.
I'm glad this is over and I'm back to loving your music, honestly. But I'm not sure if I want to see you live again.

5. The Rocket Summer
Some of your lyrics are downright corny, especially those on Calendar Days. I still don't like 99% of that album, but other than that, I can honestly admit I like you even though your stuff can be so kitschy; it's so honest and just doesn't fail to make me smile. I can't really dislike you just 'cause a lot of your lyrics are kitsch, honestly.

6. The Academy Is...
Hm. I don't know. The first time I got to know your music, I thought you sucked; the second time I was hooked, and I still am; I like your music. I really do. Anyway, I haven't been listening to you very long, but as far as I can tell: William, your voice can seriously piss me off. I like you anyway.

7. Mayday Parade
About your music? I can't say anything bad, seriously, I love it to no end.
But! Derek, your definition of emo sucks. It's emotional hardcore and that's all. Go listen to some Rites of Spring or whatever, but don't mistake stupid pop-punk for emo. That is all.

8. Cobra Starship
I can't really take you seriously. Your... "ballads" don't touch me at all, and I just can't take the songs seriously. Mostly because of Gabe, I think, and the general dorky behavior of you guys.

9. This Providence
Same here, haven't known you for long, but I really like your music. So yes, it's not groundbreaking and cutting-edge, but I can relate to your music anyway. And A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing? Awesome.
But seriously, there's one thing that makes me want to punch all of you in the face, but especially Dan. The Road To Jericho Is Lined With Starving People? What the hell was that for? This is disgustingly christian and politically correct and w/e. I just ignore it because of your awesomeness.

10. Escape the Fate
Hm. I'm not sure if I should get started on this.
I guess all I have to say is: Ronnie Radke, you effing dumbass. It's too late for you to get a grip, and so you probably have ruined this band for me because I really, really loved your voice, asshole.

11. 30 Seconds to Mars
You've become so politically correct, Mr. Leto.
Let me get this straight: I love 30STM not because of you, Mr. Leto, but I used to like your lyrics. But seriously, the video for A Beautiful Lie? Not cool.
Come to think of it, I liked you better when you weren't that huge.

12. Fall Out Boy
Ok, I'm keeping this short: You're not a great band, definitely not. The only album I like is From Under the Cork Tree, 'cause your first one is shitty and average and your third one is over-produced and simply sucks. And Pete? I don't like your lyrics, seriously. I don't think your lyrics are genius just because you manage to make one title 230598 words long.
What makes your second album nice is simply Patrick Stump. And the catchiness.

13. kannivalism
You're never going to be my favorite band. I like your music, it's fun and catchy, but you know - variety is a good thing. Please have more of it.

14. Dúné
No way, there's nothing bad I can say about you. All the three times I saw you live you've been awesome, your shows rock, your music is good.
The only thing I don't like so much? The fangirls, probably.

15. Metro Station
You're a guilty pleasure, I admit. Trace Cyrus? C'mon, I can't take you seriously. Your lyrics are shitty and immature. But oh, the catchiness.


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