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Ago 29 2008, 4:49

As many of you might already know, Blondie is my favorite band of all-time, and I think Debbie Harry is the coolest, sexiest female to ever walk the earth. So I've decided to compile a list of my 50 favorite Blondie songs, in order of preference. You'll notice that I didn't shy away from including a lot of their hits on my list (*cough* Call Me *cough*), because I love all of their stuff pretty much equally, although I do have a preference for songs from the first wave of their existence (1976-1982). I haven't ever really written about music before, so I thought I would give it a shot. However, because I'm a lazy fuck, I decided to explain only the first five:

1. Call Me - For me, this track is the definition of sex. I'm gayer than Paul Lynde (okay, I am exaggerating -- not many people are gayer than Paul Lynde), but when Debbie pleads for me to cover her with kisses, baby, I am completely willing to do so. Or maybe I just want to fuck Richard Gere (circa 1980, of course).

2. War Child - The most underrated Blondie track from their most underrated album, 1982's The Hunter. The album version is just fine, but I prefer the extended 12" version included as a bonus track on the 2001 remastered edition, because it really shows off Clem Burke's mad drumming.

3. Atomic - The lyrics are simple, but the rhythms are infectious and insanely danceable. Why this song was not a hit in the U.S. (yet it reached #1 in the U.K.) is beyond comprehension. Still, it is one of their best loved songs and there's a reason for that: It is fucking brilliant. Nothing more can really be said about it.

4. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game - This cover of The Marvelettes' wonderful 1967 single is one of their very best. Debbie's vocals are silky smooth, and in many ways this is an improvement on the original. Unfortunately, it is one of their more obscure tracks, probably due to the failure of the album on which it is included, The Hunter. I think if this had been released as a single instead of Island of Lost Souls, it would have been a success.

5. Detroit 442 - Perhaps Blondie's greatest punk number. This song makes me want to jump up and scream for joy... and never visit Detroit. Ever.

...and the rest:

6. In the Flesh
7. Eat to the Beat
8. Hanging on the Telephone
9. Rapture
10. X Offender
11. Rip Her to Shreds
12. Just Go Away
13. Susie and Jeffrey
14. Man Overboard
15. Die Young Stay Pretty
16. Orchid Club
17. Out in The Streets (demo)
18. Denis
19. Sunday Girl
20. I Know But I Don't Know
21. Good Boys
22. Danceway
23. Follow Me
24. Union City Blue
25. Fade Away And Radiate
26. The Hardest Part
27. Dreaming
28. Kidnapper
29. One Way or Another
30. Do the Dark
31. Live It Up
32. Double Take
33. Shayla
34. For Your Eyes Only
35. Picture This
36. Angels On The Balcony
37. Slow Motion
38. Heroes (live)
39. Maria
40. English Boys
41. Faces
42. Undone
43. Look Good in Blue
44. Boom Boom In The Zoom Zoom Room
45. Heart of Glass
46. I Didn't Have the Nerve to Say No
47. (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
48. Nothing Is Real But The Girl
49. Rules For Living
50. The Tide Is High


  • DarkGerudo

    nice list :) I would have included some more current songs like "Divine", "Golden Rod" and "Diamond Bridge" :) it's great that "Detroit 442" is in the top5!

    Ago 5 2009, 15:44
  • RyanPC

    Divine is a good one! I always used to skip it when I listened to No Exit, but I really got into it after I did this list. Now it would probably be in my Top 50. :)

    Ago 5 2009, 15:59
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