Feb 26 2012, 22:07

when i first noticed you i was in awe with how such radiant energy exuded from a calm woman
I've only once experienced such a person once before in my life and ever since.....we've stopped speaking
so it's fulfilling to have seen another woman of that magnitude, if even from afar
anyways...when i first noticed your face i saw a gorgeous capture of what life could give
and at the same time this stunning image seemed to have a distaste
it didn't even seem as though you knew what the trouble was
maybe it was just in the day
and the taste of the coffee being served in the morning
anyone could get pissed over that
that'd ruin the most happily ignorant bastard's attitude
"but then again", i thought, "maybe when the sky was placing the skin over her ghost he was off measurement"
so now when i catch a glimpse of your gorgeous face in such a dissatisfied thought it urges me to find your hand somewhere in the world to grab and hold
urges to find relation between your eyes and mine and just say, "i'm sorry life doesn't always feel too right"
"im going through the same discomfort"
your soul will peel through existence's emotions and become free once again
it's only a matter of time


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