memories that haunt me


Feb 14 2011, 11:08

fashion feelings and sweetness in time have seriously changed my life.

fashion feelings played 40 times in a row in one night from 10 pm-6 am...him and i just lay there listening......talking about how we'd listen to this in SF as i danced on the bed with the candles...and then we went to SF in January.and i danced out the car window exploding into an orgasm over the golden gate bridge for us to stumble up the hotel stairs and for me to finally dance on a bed in SF to this song that he promised me I could back on October....and then I found Sweetness in time by them...and now i cry every time i hear it because i once had that sweetness in time...that someone who understood every fiber like this band understands every music note, every beat....this song invokes so many emotions i just can't help but weep for that man and the least fashion feelings makes me happy and brings back memories no one else could possibly ever have.....because when i say this was really was. no matter how it ended or what he one could ever take those 6 months of mainly bliss away... I'm sorry BTH...for how it ended...but it's not my fault. i will always cherish the memories and feelings...i will always consider you as someone who changed my life drastically, opened my mind...was my best friend...and an intimate encounter....i relish it so hard it hurts my bones... of course none of these memories could have been started without Cut Copys Hearts on fire when i first met him i'd blast it....and of course deftones, sextape which he made me watch over and over....and get shakey which we overplayed 25 times in one night as well as tiny dancer by dead mau5..... songs really have impacted my life...but not as much as it did when i was around him


Fashion Feelings

Sweetness in Time

Sex Tape


Get Shakey

Hearts On Fire

Midnight Oil

This Is Australia


Lake of Dreams

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Mirage remix)

After Dark

Tiny Dancer

Ghosts N Stuff

Head Will Roll

Your Hand in Mine

Casey's Song

Imagination (Kaskade Club Remix)

1973Stylo remix (Alex Metric )


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