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Brano Durata
1 The Band of the Life GuardsFanfare Emblazoned Loved track 0:55
2 London Army Band & ChoirGod Save The Queen Loved track 2:10
3 Coldstream GuardsArromanches Loved track 3:32
4 Coldstream GuardsOld Coldstream Marches Loved track 5:33
5 Band of the Coldstream GuardsVerdi Airs/La Preda E L’onor Loved track 2:36
6 The Band Of Her Majesty's Royal MarinesThe Great Gate of Kiev Loved track 5:34
7 The Scots GuardsFlowers Of The Forest Loved track 2:23
8 The Band of the Life GuardsMoorside March Loved track 4:19
9 Royal Electrical & Mechanical EngineersThe Dutchess of Kent Loved track 2:08
10 Franz Joseph HaydnSymphony 103 In Eb 'drum Roll'/Allegro Con Spirito Loved track 5:33
11 Luigi BoccheriniMinuetto Loved track 4:55
12 Johann PachelbelCanon in D major Loved track 7:43
13 Franz Joseph HaydnAllegro Loved track 3:32
14 The Band Of The Grenadier GuardsThe British Grenadiers Loved track 0:37
15 The Band of the Life GuardsCrown Imperial Loved track 8:17
16 The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines, Flag Officer PlymouthThe New Colonial Loved track 3:33
17 The Regimental Band, Pipes and Drums Of The Royal Scots Dragoon GuardsFlower Of Scotland Loved track 3:38
18 The Band Of The Grenadier GuardsNorfolk Rhapsody Loved track 11:48
19 1st Battalion Welsh GuardsMen of Harlech / Scipio / Garb of Auld Gaul / Figaro Loved track 3:18
20 Georg Friedrich HändelHallelujah Loved track 3:40
21 Henry PurcellTrumpet Tune Loved track 0:42
22 Georg Friedrich HändelSarabande Loved track 3:04
23 The Band Of The Grenadier GuardsRed Men's March Loved track 1:58
24 The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines, Flag Officer PlymouthFantasia On British Sea Songs Loved track 17:15
25 The Band of the Life GuardsRoyal Windsor Loved track 5:00
26 The Band of the Irish GuardsAuld Lang Syne and Last Post Loved track 3:53
27 Household DivisionThe National Anthem Loved track 1:17
28 London Army Band & ChoirRule Britannia Loved track 2:45
29 The Band of the Irish GuardsUlster Defence Regiment March Loved track 1:25
30 London Army Band & ChoirFanfare - Prince of Wales Loved track 1:39
31 Household DivisionTrumpet Prelude From Te Deum Loved track 1:27
32 The Band Of The Grenadier GuardsGlorious Victory Loved track 3:03
33 The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines, Flag Officer PlymouthWashington Greys Loved track 4:35
34 The Band of The Adjutant General's CorpsAdjutant General Corps Quick March: 'Pride of Lions' Loved track 1:34
35 The Band Of The Welsh GuardsElizabethan Serenade Loved track 3:29
36 The Band Of The Grenadier GuardsWhen The Guards are on Parade Loved track 2:23
37 The Band Of The Grenadier GuardsBritish Grenadiers (Quick March) Loved track 0:33
38 No 7 Company Coldstream GuardsMarch Past of the Mounted Troops: Royal Artillery Slow March Loved track 1:24
39 Royal Highland FusiliersBays of Harris Loved track 2:58
40 The Band Of The Brigade Of GurkhasCorps of Army Music Loved track 1:20
41 The Band Of Her Majesty's Royal MarinesNavy Day Loved track 2:52
42 The Central Band Of The Royal Air ForceLand Of Hope And Glory Loved track 1:31
43 Royal Tank RegimentFear Naught Loved track 3:20
44 Royal Corps of SignalsH.R.H. the Princess Royal Loved track 1:24
45 The Band Of The Royal HussarsGod Bless The Prince Of Wales Loved track 0:59
46 Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth BandSing Loved track 4:01


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