My Top 30 Tracks


Giu 1 2008, 10:07

My favourite tracks EVER!!!! (In order from best to not as good but still in Top 50).

1. Drive by Incubus: Best song made in the history of music.
2. The Banishment by Prong: Also awesome.
3. Analog by Strung Out: Weird but VERY good.
4. Trigger by In Flames: Better than any 2 In Flames songs.
5. Feel Good Hit of the Summer by QOTSA: This track makes it in 5th because of the lyrics. If you haven't heard this, take a listen and you'll see what I mean.
6.Bleak by Opeth: The masters of their genre, Opeth's best song in my opinion.
7. Welcome Home by Co&Ca: Awesome guitar riff, definitely their best song.
8. Devil in Jersey City by Co&Ca: Hee hee Shabutie!
9. When The Sun Sleeps by Underoath: Underoath's best song, nuff said.
10. Lord Hypnos by In Flames: Also an awesome In Flames song.
11. Vinum Sabbathi by Electric Wizard: Definitely Electric Wizard best song.
12. Seer by Witch: Gotta listen to this people!!
13. Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin: Gotta be my favourite from Led Zeppelin.
14. Ghost of Perdition by Opeth: Awesomely balanced between growling and singing. Gotta hear this live.
15. Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother: I knew I couldn't possibly get through a Top 20 thing without some Wolfmother!
16. Come as You Are by Nirvana: These guys are a perfect example of how 3 people can be utterly freakin' AWESOME!!!
17. In Bloom by Nirvana: Nirvana twice in a row!!!
18. Captor Of Sin (Slayer Cover): by ATG: Awesome cover of Slayer's "Captor Of Sin".
19. Bleed by Meshuggah: MESHUGGAH! I love that word! MESHUGGAH!!!
20. Pet by A Perfect Circle: Definitely APC's best song.
21. December Flower by In Flames: Finally, a song with good lyrics! And nice solo, too.
22. The Lotus Eater by Opeth: Probably the best song off the new album.
23. Photograph by Nickelback: Yes, I like Nickelback. Oooh, not so much of a death metal fan now am I?
24. Elevation by U2: Best song by U2!!
25. Mysterious Ways by U2: Or maybe this is, I can't decide.
26. Downfall: by TRUSTCompany: Awesome song, but the rest of their songs aren't too good.
27. Come Clarity by In Flames: This is off their worst album but a pretty good song.
28. Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial) by Co&Ca: Awesome solo and nice lyrics on this one.
29. Beautiful Day by U2: Also an awesome song by U2.
30. The Victim by Dead Poetic: Please don't have a hissy fit at me 'cos I like Dead Poetic. GET OVER IT.

Finally, I'm done. (Collapses on floor).


  • -Lateralus-

    wheres tool in this list?

    Giu 3 2008, 10:36
  • Rowan5215

    Sorry mate, I should have slid "Pushit" and "Third Eye" in there somewhere, sholdn't I?

    Giu 4 2008, 7:58
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