• Random track related milestones (to 60k)

    Giu 1 2012, 15:12

    Here they are, I might remove them from about me to unlock more space:

    First track of the Year 2012: Alcest - Percées de Lumière
    800th Loved Track: Fear Factory - Supernova
    888th Loved Track: Portal - Omnipotent Crawling Chaos
    900th Loved Track: Celtic Cross - Darshannon
    1,000th Loved Track: Asura - Celestial Tendencies
    2,000th Loved Track: Shpongle - Botanical Dimensions
    2,000th Artist: Electric Light Orchestra
    3,000th Artist: Sunday Munich
    1000th Play: Syd Matters - Black & White Eyes
    10,000th Play: :Wumpscut: - Loyal to my Hate
    11,000th Play: Cornell Campbell - The Gorgan
    11,111th Play: Psyclon Nine - Visceral Holocaust
    12,000th Play: 1200 Micrograms - Ecstasy
    13,000th Play: Grave - Stained by Hate
    14,000th Play: Armour - Satan's Knights
    15,000th Play: Alcest - Percées de Lumière
    16,000th Play: The Agonist - Void of Sympathy
    17,000th Play: Triobelisk - Iridium Flare
    18,000th Play: The Herbaliser - Tea & Beer
    19,000th Play: Dargaard - Arcanum Mortis
    20,000th Play: Infected Mushroom - The Missed Symphony
    20,500th Play: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Natural Mystic
    21,000th Play: 3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time
    22,000th Play: Alcest - Circe Poisoning the Sea
    23,000th Play: Impending Doom - Love Has Risen
    24,000th Play: Riverside - Beyond the Eyelids
    25,000th Play: Shaolin Death Squad - Escaping the Absynthe
    26,000th Play: Celldweller - Switchback
    27,000th Play: Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
    28,000th Play: Foo Fighters - Best of You
    29,000th Play: Born of Osiris - Follow the Signs
    30,000th Play: Wynardtage - Fuck You - Perfect World
    31,000th Play: Altar of Plagues - The Weight of All
    32,000th Play: Cypress Hill - Pass the Dutch
    33,000th Play: Amia Venera Landscape - My Hands will Burn First
    34,000th Play: The Angelic Process - Million Year Summer
    35,000th Play: Katatonia - Nephilim
    36,000th Play: Stars of the Lid - Don't Bother They're Here
    37,000th Play: When Day Descends - A Fragile Disguise
    38,000th Play: Rotten Sound - Praise the Lord
    39,000th Play: This Morn' Omina - Ophiuchus
    40,000th Play: Atooishinjuu - Lepers and Swans
    41,000th Play: Spite Extreme Wing - Kosmokrator
    42,000th Play: Massive Attack - Cool Monsoon
    43,000th Play: Stars of the Lid - The Better Angels of Our Nation
    44,000th Play: Ozric Tentacles - Tight Spin
    44,444th Play: Agalloch - Black Lake Niðstång
    45,000th Play: Katatonia - The Northern Silence
    46,000th Play: Disfiguring The Goddess – Pacifism of Insignificancy
    47,000th Play: Nightrage - Solar Corona
    48,000th Play: The Ocean – The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots & Locusts
    49,000th Play: August Burns Red - Indonesia
    50,000th Play: Neon Synthesis - Visions from Above
    51,000th Play: From First to Last - Note to Self
    52,000th Play: God Is An Astronaut - Shores of Orion
    53,000th Play: The Ocean - The Melancholy Epidemic
    54,000th Play: The Angelic Process - The Resonance of Goodbye
    55,000th Play: Kingston Wall - Palékastro
    55,555th Play: Junius – Eidolon & Perispirit
    56,000th Play: Cult of Luna – Leave Me Here
    57,000th Play: Dance Gavin Dance – Carl Barker
    58,000th Play: The Blood of Heroes – Remain (Justin K. Broadrick remix)
    59,000th Play: Eluveitie – Helvetios
    60,000th Play: From First To Last – Emily
  • Announcement for Music reviews

    Mag 1 2012, 11:31

    From this day on, almost all my reviews are made @ RateYourMusic.com
    The reason for this is that I feel like this place is suitable for the reviews.
    No hard feelings. =)
  • 20 of My all Time favorite Albums. (part One)

    Apr 8 2012, 10:58

    Instead of writing AOTMs or pointless blogs I decided to make this pointless list to talk about my favorite albums!

    It's impossible to put these in different ranks, instead I will treat them as equals and list then here:

    Anthropocentric by The Ocean
    Lovely, atmospheric, progressive and so on, life changing musical experience.
    My favorite Metal album of all time, has pretty much all the aspects needed to be the best. I especially love the lyrics, that keep me interested from time to time.

    Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus
    Amazing "instrumental" hip-hop experience, fusing various sounds from glitch, world fusion, jazz, soul etc. This was my portal to the beat-world of hip-hop. There ain't words to describe this masterpiece, or I am just retarded, anyways perfect!

    Downtown Battle Mountain II by Dance Gavin Dance
    This was my gateway to loving all the other albums of this band, but this is easily their best. Cannot get enough of this album, it's my addiction, I listen to it almost every day. The vocalization and instrumentation is laid down perfectly.

    Heliocentric by The Ocean
    The elder sister of Antropocentric, a little bit more "avant-garde creative" and symphonically enhanced prog'n'roll. I didn't enjoy it as much as Anthropocentric, but it's so amazing that it can fit to this list. Compared to it's little brother it's much more whimsical. Really good.

    Muukalainen Puhuuby Oranssi Pazuzu
    The psych rock/black metal experience that just amazed me. This is that kinda stuff that goes from day to day never getting old. Catchy more "lighter" black metal side that is quirky but freaking amazing. Dark, psychedelic and jazzy.

    Los Angeles by Flying Lotus
    A really dope, but the most "conservative" album from all of his work.
    The beats have been honed to perfection, lovely experience. It feels more professionalized to one style than 1983 or Cosmogramma. Amazing production, masterpiece don't miss it!

    Souvenirs d'Un Autre Monde by Alcest
    The post-metal album that I hold near to my heart. This album was the thing that got me really into the "third wave of Black metal". Alcest was also my gateway to French music scene. This album is so beautiful that I could just start to cry. Excellent instrumentation, really a good way to escape the more harsher edge of Metal.

    Weighing Souls With Sand by The Angelic Process
    I never heard of this band before this album. When I listened to it for the first time I was instantly sucked into its dark and vast world. Atmosphere is crushingly bittersweet, marvelous and powerful. There is no other band that made me feel this way. This band grew recently a lot on my charts. There are times when I listen to this band, but recently I haven't been able to. This album is larger than life.

    Crack the Skye by Mastodon
    The best album from Mastodon, this was the album that got me really into this amazing Metal band. This album is one of my top metal albums, really good stuff. It's wild, interesting, powerful, abrasive, strong and skillful. I just want to jump everywhere from the amount of energy on this album, or headbang my hair out of my head.

    Écailles de Lune by Alcest
    The more harsher version of Souvenirs, a really well done album, beautiful, colorful album filled with ocean landscape in the moonlight.
    Cold but amazingly marvelous soundscape, shows the more Black metal side of Alcest, still keeping it's sophisticated grace.


    (If there are any typos, I won't be correcting 'em, making this was already too much of me...)

    Thanks :) -Alex
  • Album of the Month: Slave Ambient

    Feb 29 2012, 13:34

    This Month's album is Slave Ambient by The War on Drugs.

    The First Glance:

    Beautiful, abstract summer beach scene in the cover really seems like this album would be a mellow, psychedelic and lightly atmospheric.

    Deeper dive into the album:

    The main elements are mellow acoustic, psychedelic western ambient, singer-songwriter feeling, a strong indie atmosphere. Landscape is constantly sunny, people are happy or just stoned. All kinds of lovely bleeps and bloops come out with the instrumentation.
    Vocalist is singing about his story, difficulties of life are brought closely to my mind.
    Open ambience, voices echoing in the distance.
    Alternative and blues sounds can be picked from this album, it's not necessarily bad.
    Back to the soundscape, reminds me of a summer vacation, on a rocky sea beach.
    At the same time living on the beach, relaxing, also watching the beach getting more distant as I drive away from it, on the sunny rocky mountain roads. Seeing friends in the distance waving at me. Also sitting on a mountain, admiring the scene, like the Grand Canyon, an eagle/hawk flying in the distance and the sun is shining bright.

    The Plus

    + Strange, yet relaxing wonderful ambient
    + Album cover is really pretty!
    + Instrumentation is variegated
    + Great music for chilling during the summer
    + Cinematic experiences like ones from a possible music from the 80's

    The Minus

    - Singer doesn't have a lot of different tricks, or hooks, relies on just one kind of style.
    - Gets dull, if you cannot focus


    1."Best Night" 5:30
    2."Brothers" 4:28
    3."I Was There" 3:49
    4."Your Love Is Calling My Name" 6:01
    5."The Animator" 2:16
    6."Come to the City" 4:31
    7."Come for It" 0:27
    8."It's Your Destiny" 4:49
    9."City Reprise #12" 3:05
    10."Baby Missiles" 3:33
    11."Original Slave" 3:11
    12."Black Water Falls" 5:10

    Total length:

    Album genre(s): Folk rock, indie, shoegaze, psychedelic rock, Blues
    Year: 2011
    Label: Secretly Canadian


    The band:

    The War on Drugs
    Adam Granduciel - vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, synthesizers, samplers, harmonica (1, 3, 6 & 10), bass guitar (3), organ (5, 6 & 12)
    Robbie Bennett - piano (1, 2 and 8), acoustic guitar (2), synthesizer (12), tapes (4, 7), percussion (8)
    Dave Hartley - bass guitar (1, 2, 6, 8, 10 & 12), synthesizer (3), drums (6), twelve-string guitar (6), electric guitar (8, 10), electric autoharp (10)
    Kurt Vile - electric guitar (1 & 8)
    Mike Zanghi - drums (2, 6, 10 & 12), percussion (2, 6, 10 & 12), guitar (4), Mu-Tron Bi-Phase (10)
    Steven Urgo - drums (1)

    Additional Musicians:

    Jeff Ryan - drums (3)
    Chad Stockslager - upright piano (3)
    Jeff Zeigler - drum programming (4), harmonizers (4), patch bay (4)
    Michael Johnon - Eventide (4), Moogs (4), hamonizer settings (5), drums (6)

    Additional Personnel

    John Ashley - Engineer
    John Congleton - Engineer
    Paul Gold - Mastering
    Michael Johnson - Drums, Engineer, Eventide, Modular Moog, Treatments
    Brian McTear - Mixing
    Daniel Murphy - Design
    Kim Roney - Piano
    Jeff Ryan - Drums
    Chad Stockslager - Piano
    Jesse Trbovich - Saxophone
    Kurt Vile - Guitar (Electric)
    Mike Zanghi - Drums, Percussion
    Jeff Zeigler - Drum Programming, Engineer, Producer

    Country: U.S.
    Format: CD, Vinyl, Cass, 2xLP
    Final/Average Grade: 9+/8- (Impressive, yet meh...)

    Thank you for reading AOTM :) This was quite difficult to write, since I had so much different opinions of this album, but it's awesome, recommended! -Alex

    Check out:




  • Album of the Month: Tightly Unwound

    Gen 29 2012, 13:12

    This Month's album is Tightly Unwound by The Pineapple Thief.

    The First Glance:

    When I first found out about this album a few weeks later after it was released the cover was the thing that caught my attention and made me curious of what's inside of it.

    Deeper dive into the Album:

    The music is mostly covered in light acoustic guitars and soft vocals, with partly distorted guitars making it a little bit heavier. It reminds a lot of Porcupine Tree and Riverside, though it's not as heavy. It has also similarities with Nosound. Wonderful light and colorful atmosphere is brought to the listener with many shifting melodies and even obscure structures.
    Music has a sentimental feel and awakens distant memories from the past.
    The album grows even more after a good period of time. The album sounds like
    their debut in a good way, but in reality it's their second newest (for now).
    It is a gem from 2008. Bright jewel in the crown of Crossover-Prog.

    The Plus

    +Positive feel
    +Interesting indie -ish prog rock
    +Light yet doesn't sound commercial

    The Minus

    -The tracks don't get stuck in the head very often, so it's not very memorable.


    1. My Debt To You 5:21
    2. Shoot First 4:13
    3. Sinners 4:52
    4. The Sorry State 6:35
    5. Tightly Wound 4:11
    6. My Bleeding Hand 4:20
    7. Different World 10:44
    8. And So Say All Of You4:06
    9. Too Much To Lose 15:12

    Album genre(s): Progressive rock, acoustic rock, indie
    Year: 2008
    Label: Kscope

    Artwork By – James Stratton
    Mastered By – Audiomaster.co.uk
    Mixed By – Steve Kitch
    Photography – Marc van Beelen
    Written-by, Lyrics By, Engineer, Mixed By, Arranged By [Strings] – Bruce Soord

    Producer, Performer The Pineapple thief is:

    - Bruce Soord / vocals, guitar
    - Wayne Higgins / guitar
    - Steve Kitch / keyboards
    - Jon Sykes / bass
    - Keith Harrison / drums

    Country: UK
    Final/Average Grade: B½

    "You’re a beautiful soul in a beautiful world
    But a world we’ve left behind
    And I know its so right, and it hurts it so right
    It’ll hurt till the day we die...

    Thanks. Had some hard time picking up the album, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing this review! :3 -Alex


    ...We’re happier we don’t know what to do
    We calling to the voice, the one that’s new
    We’re all in a trance, we’re all in a trance
    We’re all in a trance...
  • Happy New Year 2012

    Dic 31 2011, 23:23


    I will remember year 2011 as a year of ideological and spiritual metamorphosis, lovely long summer, and musically underwhelming.
  • Christmas CD of the Year

    Dic 24 2011, 10:12

    Eight floating gems with touches of industrial noise and movie soundtrack atmospherics.

    Stars of the LidThe Ballasted Orchestra

    Track listing

    "Central Texas" – 3:43
    "Sun Drugs" – 12:20
    "Down II" – 1:22
    "Taphead" – 12.34
    "Fucked Up (3:57 A.M.)" – 8:32
    "Music For Twin Peaks Episode #30 Part I" – 8:01
    "Music For Twin Peaks Episode #30 Part II" – 13:32
    "The Artificial Pine Arch Song" – 18:00

  • Album of the Month: Anthropocentric

    Dic 20 2011, 17:12

    This Month's album is Anthropocentric by The Ocean.

    The First Glance:

    The beautiful album cover with all its' symmetric details would certainly get my attention in the record store! The cover tells a story, and it's nearly obvious, that it's
    a philosophical concept album.

    Deeper dive into the album:

    Heavy, atmospheric and technical guitars lure the listener into a gigantic wall of sound. Bursting without mercy out of the tissue of the space. Anthropocentric is like an audiobook describing this event, an ideological metamorphosis, it's intro to the very end, and aftermath. The album has many unexpected turns.

    The Plus

    + Concept album
    + Wonderful vocals
    + Powerful atmosphere
    + Thoughtful lyrics
    + Beautiful art

    The Minus

    - Some of the tracks feel like fillers, they are just made to hold up the atmosphere, as an intermission to the mind-blowing journey.


    1. Anthropocentric 09:24
    2. The Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazov Baseness 05:02
    3. She Was the Universe 05:39
    4. For He That Wavereth... 02:06
    5. The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots & Locusts 06:33
    6. The Grand Inquisitor III: A Tiny Grain of Faith 01:55
    7. Sewers of the Soul 03:44
    8. Wille Zum Untergang 06:02
    9. Heaven TV 05:03
    10. The Almightiness Contradiction 04:34
    11. The Grand Inquisitor IV: Exclusion From Redemption [ Limited Edition/Vinyl Bonus Track ]

    Album genre(s): Progressive/Atmospheric Sludge/Post-hardcore
    Year: 2010
    Label: Metal Blade Records

    Robin Staps- Guitars, Synthesizer
    Loïc Rossetti - Vocals
    Louis Jucker- Bass
    Luc Hess - Drums
    Jonathan Nido - Guitars

    Esther Monnat Cello - Track 10
    Céline Portat Viola - Track 10
    Estelle Beiner - Violin - Track 10
    Dalai Theofilopoulou- Cello - Track 10
    Mitch Hertz- Guitars (lead) - Track 7
    Sheila Aguinaldo- Vocals (female) - - Track 6

    Julien Fehlmann- Engineering, Mixing
    R. Staps- Producer
    Svante Forsbäck- Mastering
    Martin Kvamme -Artwork

    Country: Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Finland

    Final/Average: A (Amazing album, truly the top products of 2010!)

    They nailed thousands of non-believers to their crude symbol of love
    The myth that man is the crown of God's creation
    Breeds the excuse to deplete the Earth today
    The myth that man is the crown of God's creation
    Supports our present anthropocentric misconception...

    Thank you for reading this :3 -Alex
  • Best of 2011

    Dic 8 2011, 12:58

    Okay, I finally feel like doing this! There is a top #1 in all categories, and also honorable mentions.

    Oranssi Pazuzu - Kosmonument [ Album ]
    The Glitch Mob - We Can Make the World Stop [ EP ]
    Alcest - Autre Temps [ Single ]
    Agalloch - Whitedivisiongrey [ Compilation ]

    Honorable mentions:

    Agape (Lantlôs), Celestial Lineage (Wolves in the Throne Room), Wars of the Roses (Ulver), Isolation (ShamRain), Twentythree (Carbon Based Lifeforms), Spiritual State (Nujabes), Fallen Angels (Black Veil Brides), Nachtmystium / Murmur Split, Konstruktion (Nadja), Fool, Redeemer (Nadja), Bleeding the New Apocalypse (The Project Hate MCMXCIX), Deliver Us (In Flames), Apocalypse in Your Heart (TotalSelfHatred), Cursed (Rotten Sound),叫声 (己龍), Leveler (August Burns Red), Corrupt to the Core (Grendel), Collections 01 (Teebs), Creature Dreams (TOKiMONSTA), The Golden Age of Apocalypse (Thundercat), Paper Monkeys (Ozric Tentacles), Avenger (Hecq), Burn this World (The Browning), Dwellings (Cormorant) ... and many many more. :)
  • Album of the Month: Écailles De Lune

    Nov 20 2011, 18:47

    This Month's album is Écailles De Lune by Alcest.

    The First Glance:

    A fabulous album cover, with bright blue shades and enigmatic figures. For a more experienced eye can tell that it's the work of Fursy Teyssier. If you have already listened to some Alcest, you can expect a lot from this album.

    Deeper dive into the Album:

    Immersing into a vast blue sea and transcending over mortal boundaries, this album has truly given one a huge atmospheric journey through time and space. Blending Post-rock, Shoegaze and Black Metal together with progressive elements, Écailles de Lune is a gem.

    The Plus

    + French is an awesome language
    + Neige is a skilled musician, but let's not forget the others!
    + Beautiful art
    + Atmospheric

    The Minus

    - There could've been more tracks.


    1. Écailles de Lune (Part. 1) 09:52
    2. Écailles de Lune (Part. 2) 09:48
    3. Percées de Lumière 06:38
    4. Abysses 01:47
    5. Solar Song 05:24
    6. Sur l'Océan Couleur de Fer 08:18

    Album genre(s): Post-(Black) Metal, Atmospheric Metal
    Year: 2010
    Label: Prophecy Productions

    Neige - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer
    Winterhalter - Drums
    Fursy Teyssier - Everything on "Abysses", Cover art
    Andy Julia - Photography, Alternative cover art

    Final/Average Grade: A (Left me with craving for moar :3)

    Thank you dear reader, I feel like I should review only new albums, but nah... I want to review ones that are important to me, so you wont see any grades lower than B-... hopefully! -Alex