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  • WagsLP

    Hammer is one of the bests in doing scary movies. <3

    14 Ott 22:47 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    I saw him once in the streets of a city called Belo Horizonte, which is the capital of my state, there was a lot of girls asking to take a picture with him and he was in some weird photoshoot sesion in a shopping mall xD I think Russian is such a strange language and they all seem to be rude people, is just an impression, I know, but I can't take that off my mind! And I wouldn't like to live there too cause the GLBTT rights there don't even exist!! I like Yeasayer's music but not much to proclaim myself a fan xD Where did you met them? In a concert? How was that? :D

    12 Ott 23:37 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    like a tv serie called "Scandal", have you ever heard about? Is GREAT! That you played piano? No way.. .I'd remember that forever :) That's so cool, I always imagine that I'm a greatest artist and I make a huuuge worldwide sucess! It would be great if I played at school but here we didn't had that... only at high school but the whole thing was a failure LOL You know there's some youtube lessons, right? And those music classes are full of shit for me. My brother is a great guitar player and he never had an only class cause the school of music of my city never aplied him to their course! And plus: he played on a band when he was younger xD It was so bad ass... I think you should tape me a video of you playing this anthem hahahah Of course I know Senna's accident and he's an idol here in Brasil and his death is remember till today, but last year there was a brazilian racer who suffured an accident I was refering to him! Felipe Massa was kinda cutie, not that much anymore!! +

    12 Ott 23:34 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    Maroon 5 is just another cheap band with cheap music... they never were a rock band and I don't know why people keep insisting in that! The audience they won with The Voice is ridiculous!!!! I think I'm okay! haha I like my kinda-blond hair xD I don't hate Slipknot! I just think his post was very funny cause Slipknot fans usually hate everyone who's not in the "metal" classification! That's scary! But I don't think of killing, I think about "hurting almost deadly" but not killing xD I need to see lot of their pain first HAHAHA I think that too, you know? I think I'm a very good empath and that's one of big things to be a psychologist, right? In fact, every education system is shitty! Cause when is free they put a fucking hard exam that only the rich ones who had an amazing education all of their lifes can enter to it! That's not fair. And people in small city can't have expectations of life at all, only by moving, which is very hard when you have to do all on your own! Hmmm, sounds +

    12 Ott 23:26 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    I think Jennifer Lawrance is just okay, she's terrible beautiful!!! That's for sure, but as an actress she never called so much my attention! :/ But I do like her, I don't like her playing Mystique but I think that I'm already used to it!! You should see "Days of Future Past" is a great movie :D I don't dislike Gaga that much, it just annoys me that some people gives her a credit that she definitely don't deserve it! And you know the difference between a good pop song and just a trashy/cheap pop song? That happens with Jazz too! She and Tony picked some very well known songs with a predictable production, just cause is easy and every one nowadays will think is the best thing ever. Like I said before, they just do an easy-listening thing that everyone already did it and everyone will like it. I can imagine a lot of pop singers doing a "jazz album" xD Bout Justin: just a former Nsync with a superficial straight hair! hahaha :x

    12 Ott 23:11 Rispondi
  • WagsLP

    My favorite is The Exorcist, I love the first version of Frankenstein, but also like the version from Hammer Films, because I love Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, I also like Pet Sematary, Poltergeist, The Omen, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, etc.

    11 Ott 21:07 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    I didn't know you know how to play guitar AND piano??? Totally news for me! You should focus more, maybe? If you like to play won't be hard work for you, but just a labour of love, hm? You're welcomeeee and nonsense!! You should make a playlist for these rock singers you always liten xD That's terrible! Who is this racer? A brazilian racer suffered an accident and was very bad too! I know what you feel, is like I hope that won't happen something with Madonna cause I care for her and I need a good album before she pass away xD I hope he'll get fine, you know that he's probably in a safety place, right? People wouldn't put him in a risk area! And speaking about that, there's something going on in your country? Is sided with Russia right? Hopefully is not happening nothing!

    11 Ott 7:07 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    to that... and there's the ones who say that these murders don't have feeling at all, but what could explain the fact they're aiming at just one type of victim? HAHAHAHA soooorry, I think I misunderstood you! Well, maybe when you have the money or the points for it, you should do psychology... I said to my mom once that I'd like to study that.. and she basically said that people who studs that are all full of problems and they're trying to fix their own, but they can't so they try to shit on other's people life HAHAHAHHA I was DEAD that day xD She probably must hate some random psychologist, what do you think of that? In some kind of way I think it's true. I know that feeling, is like I'd like to do anything but 'business management', but unfortunately is what I can do right now. Lately I've been thinking a lot bout trying to do gastronomy and open my own healthy and cruelty-free company, but I don't even know where I can study that :( What is about this Rockie Blue? Is it good?

    11 Ott 6:59 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    And I forgot to mention: Maroon 5? WTF? Oh! So I've been being emo for my entire life and I just know about it now xD That's a rational explanation for the word. I think metalheads and rock fans are just as lame as fans of popular music, right? I mean, if isn't rock or metal (but not of any kind, just the band they like) is lame for them... My brother just posted on his facebook account a picture of a band member of Slipknot with saying "good music isn't just the one you listen to", which I think was very funny cause he's a total musical immature and only his songs are good songs LOL HAHAHAH that's weird! I think these people who focus only in one general type of victim have deep isues in their lifes, like a guy some time ago who was arrested for killing women of the age of 19-25 cause none of them wanted to go out with him, and he said they were all bitches who just want to go out with hot guys xD (true, but don't need killing right? xD) so... rejection, fear... lot of things can +

    11 Ott 6:51 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    That's what I told you... we're fine now, but there's times that he can be a pain in the ass!!! This expression remind me of the latest movie of X-Men: Days of Future Past, did you watched it? Do you like X-Men? HAHAHAHA I'm ugly too and I got nothing to show it too xD hahaha but I had it 2 times, I think it was just for ~pressure~? I mean, everyone got it so I have to got it too (maybe)... Lady Gaga is full of shit for me. She picks up a lot of references that she doesn't even know what mean (a guy who worked with her said that she didn't know who was Bette Davis when she quote her) and she mixed everything together and release as she was the first to do that, as she was a genius, and all of her fans buy that. Some other artists I think they're just too overrated! Like Justin Timberlake LMAO. Yes, and the artists who supports this super valuation of youth are killing their own career cause 5 years from now they'll be just ~old~ and others will come to fill their places.

    11 Ott 6:42 Rispondi
  • WagsLP

    Yeah, I like quite a lot, I prefr the olders too. They're so scary. What are your favorites?

    11 Ott 4:06 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    Heyyy, just made you a playlist, hopes you'll like something!/playlist/Playlist+For+Rose/99684537 hear when you're longing for something new or just in the mood for! Then let me know :p ('re always free to make new ones for me xD)

    3 Ott 4:36 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    No! But I'd love to try the piano, keyboards and etc.. I used to watch those crazy instruments videos on youtube, 4 or 5 years ago, but I just don't watch them anymore! xD What about you? Have you been working on that? :)

    3 Ott 4:26 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    Yeah, there's rice milk, peanuts milk and etc... it's easy, just need a little of patience! Isn't bout being happy, is just beeing free of this sort of guilty I used to have! I think the amount of 'just one person' counts a lot, but to happen one needs start thinking that way! Lately I'm not looking, you know? I had this exam week that killed me, and right on the other week (this one) I had a home-works week, just terrible and I'm dying #reallyyy! How is that crazy stuff you mentioned? I think you should start another uni course maybe? Like for something you always wanted to do? (if you're capable to afford it, of course), cause you're doing nothing, so, doing this, won't be bad at all! I'm normal, usually-sad-mood-normal! HAHAH xD Look at diss: you sooo need to see this season xD Seems great xD

    3 Ott 4:25 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    "I think everyone should wear the colors and style that represent their personality and soul." YES! Yes, you're right! I don't know the very definition for "emo", but I read once that are people who are the kindest, and believe in a kinder world (?), they just use words of love and caring, etc... that's right? You don't wear only black! I know for the pics you sent me xD "bloody red" almost a serial killer xDD Well, I love all colours, and depends on the day and how I am and then I pick the one who will dress me better, but all of my clothes are green, blue, red, white (sometimes black) and purple sometimes! THAT'S NOT THE POINT, lots of people post selfies of their 17yo, 18yo and think they're flawless (which they're actually are), that just don't happen with meeeeeee :(

    3 Ott 4:18 Rispondi
  • marcelocic

    Well, me and my brothers used to fight a lot, I think there's a time for this to happen hahaha and then the time goes away and is all fine again! You can talk to me first and then see if I'll get bored or no... xD Maybe I like of what you have to say so we can fanboing/fangirling together :D HAHAHA ok, you really dislike instagram xD Yeah, I think a lot of people just ignores the rest of the world and say "my artist is the best one", and they believe they only listen to great music, that their taste is the best and only that... they don't search or at least respect at any point. And isn't just fans, the artist holds a very important place when it goes to musical culture! Lately (popular) idols are very lame and full of shit! That is "ageism" or the prejudice against advanced age people, like when someone says Madonna can't sing that or wear this but JUST BECAUSE "she is old"! Terrible! People should be just people and care only bout their self personality, that doesn't change with age!

    3 Ott 4:14 Rispondi
  • dunklekaiserin

    I can relate....when my life is not boring it makes me scream lol, but I have a bit of a sore throat, but i'm getting better. Hope you enjoy the music :).

    1 Ott 18:08 Rispondi
  • rehevans

    Can u believe that I forgot my password? KKK I only recovered today. Well, my bday was yerterday, 29 september :) And... Yeah, I hate pretty much everything about brazilian music hahahahahha but, really... Claudia Leitte is teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerible... But we have good singers... I just dont know her names HAHAHAHAH How're doing, sweetie?

    30 Set 23:56 Rispondi
  • WagsLP

    Thank you! I like a lot of Joy Division, because of a friend that I met here on, they're awesome! I like the scary ones, like American Horror Story and Penny Dreadful, I also like comedies and action. What about you? P.S.: I loved your avatar too. Lykke <3

    30 Set 17:56 Rispondi
  • WagsLP

    Ohh, sorry honey. I didn't saw. I was watching a lot of TV series this weekend. And sleeping. HAHA

    29 Set 17:47 Rispondi
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