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Hell Is For HeroesYou Drove Me To It 2 Ott 2012
Hell Is For HeroesYou Drove Me To It 2 Ott 2012
Girl TalkOh No 2 Ott 2012
Girl TalkOh No 2 Ott 2012
Girl TalkOh No 2 Ott 2012
Girl TalkOh No 2 Ott 2012
Girl TalkOh No 2 Ott 2012
Girl TalkOh No 2 Ott 2012
Girl TalkOh No 2 Ott 2012
Girl TalkOh No 2 Ott 2012
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  • shanink

    Hello from the USA :)

    7 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • kymellis

    For some reason I am looking at my compatibility with my friends. We have SUPER compatibility, that means we are practically lezzing off. Or something. Or does it just mean we have good taste? I can't be sure.

    3 Mar 2010 Rispondi
  • cdgrocott

    Your taste in music Rocks! Which has nothing to do with it being so similar to mine of course... ;o)

    9 Nov 2009 Rispondi
  • geachie

    Sufjan Stevens, John Mayer, Ray LaMontagne. Wonderful trio!

    3 Set 2009 Rispondi
  • vrikis

    woo i totally love your music :]

    13 Giu 2009 Rispondi
  • _DanniBoi

    Hey Ash - Incase you were wondering who the new user (danielvanc) that tried adding you was, it's me. I'm using my new account from now on. Just so you know :)

    14 Mag 2009 Rispondi
  • kristosbaby

    you played Flobotsssss! you coming to the Gig??

    23 Gen 2009 Rispondi
  • Scryypy

    CD Shopping would be cool, although the logistics of it (Glasgow/Liverpool wise) could prove to be a problem :/

    14 Gen 2009 Rispondi
  • brentoage

    happy holidays ashley!

    20 Dic 2008 Rispondi
  • brentoage

    Hey Ashley. I'm a friend of Matt Brett's from Ontario and I thought I'd say "hey!" because it seems that we share a similar love for a certain John Mayer.

    3 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • Pos3idon


    8 Set 2008 Rispondi
  • trovster

    Hey, saw you on Matt Bretts site. Nice website yourself, and awesome playlist too!

    31 Ago 2008 Rispondi
  • cavalera11

    hello :D

    22 Ago 2008 Rispondi
  • fooyonghwee

    Our music compatibility is "VERY HIGH!" =)

    25 Lug 2008 Rispondi
  • Scryypy

    Haha, I know what you mean about the "cool" albums. If you look at my overall top artists, Yellowcard, Saves the Day, Richard Cheese and Ash should all be demoted several places due to shuffling. Also The Beatles should be promoted several places... just because...

    24 Lug 2008 Rispondi
  • Scryypy

    Hm... Good question. My Yellowcard playcount is severely over-inflated because at one point I used to play all my music on shuffle, and had a load of Yellowcard music that I didn't actually like. I've cut it down to just "Ocean Avenue" and "Lights and Sounds" since then so I guess those albums are what I'd recommend. I don't actually like Yellowcard *that* much really :/ What Paramore would you recommend? I've heard some of their stuff but I've never really decided on whether or not I like it.

    24 Lug 2008 Rispondi
  • DudleySaunders

    Hey there - I see you are a big fan of Ryan Adams and Sufjan Stevens. I think you might enjoy my music as well. If you don't mind, I would love to hear what you think of my music. Here are a couple songs: The Undoing (Everyday) and Love Song For Jeffrey Dahmer (full tracks are available at my page: Dudley Saunders) Thanks!

    11 Lug 2008 Rispondi
  • Chew15

    Cool thanks for that!

    16 Giu 2008 Rispondi
  • Chew15 lol

    16 Giu 2008 Rispondi
  • Chew15

    Cant find anything! It went to my hotmail?

    16 Giu 2008 Rispondi
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