Electric Empire's concert review - May 16th, 2012


Mag 17 2012, 9:17

Last night, Australian neo soul band Electric Empire played in Paris (at La Bellevilloise venue) for the 2nd time (they had played at Le Trianon venue on May 8th) and their performance was outstanding!

The opening band was New Zealand's rock band Six60. I had never heard of them before, as I'm not into rock music, but some people told me that they were very successful over there.

Six60 played for an hour, giving us the best of them. The frontman introduced his band to us, and asked if there were people from other countries. Many people raised their hands and said where they were from: New Zealand, Australia, and a couple of Canadian girls. Yes, many nationalities in a same place. Really fun.

Electric Empire started the show minutes after Six60 finished theirs. And they started with a song called "It Ain't Easy". They played nonstop, no breaks or anything. They continued with a song of the album called Brother. One of my favorite songs. The whole crowd sang with them, and as soon as they finished, they said they were going to play a new song of theirs, "Takin' It High". I liked it, although I found it more rock than soul, but I think the instruments gave it another sound, that's why it sounded less soul.

Then, they played Everything I Am & Always, which are 2 songs of the album. When they finished, Aaron (who plays the keyboard) did some talk box. Every word that came out of his mouth sounded like it was autotuned. It was really funny. We all liked it and cheered.

Dennis (guitarist) and Jason (drummer) spoke a lot. Dennis tried to speak some words in French, which he did well.

Just after this little break, they kept on playing Baby Your Lovin' and we all sang along with them. That song is the big hit of the album. We also sang when they played Yes I Will, Love and Have You Around. They thanked us and left after this after this song, and when they heard us call them for an encore, they came back, played Just Wanna Give It and made us sing as well. At the end of the concert, we all applauded for their amazing performance.

After their show, they got off the stage and talked with some people. We all thanked them once again for the music they make and they thanked us back. I got to talk with all the members of the group and they told me they would be back in October for another show.

Electric Empire live is really dope. Their sound is the same than on the album, and I recommend you listen to it if you like soul music. Very relaxing and modern.

Thank you for reading :-)


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