02/10/06 - 10 Songs for the Week Rise Again!!


Ott 1 2006, 21:40

After a... month... long hiatus, nearly, I have a new list! Actually, I had one the other week, but then my computer melted and I lost it. It was quite similar to this one, I think, although some things have changed...

As Ugly as I Seem
Shade of Blue
All Down the Line
A Certain Romance
Made of Stone
Game On
Stop Breathin'

So... so much of this week owes to my sister, I think, since she introduced me to a whole heap of these groups... Arctic Monkeys, Dandys, Stone Roses, Pavement, all came from her originally. She also was the one that made me start listening to Exile on Main St all the time...

Tom Petty was from dad, though.

And Muse... well, I blame Katey for that. Or possibly just Liam and Gianni. And normally Hysteria wouldn't have actually qualified, on account of the fact I listen to it quite frequently anyway, but since I have a new computer, everything is set back to no plays, so everything is available now! yay!


  • beaubier

    Yeah yeah okay, Muse could be me. Or Liam and Gianni. Did I tell you I did the Liam and Gianni List? I think I did... yeah, loads of Muse... But that's why we love them. Sorta. And I say that with a great sense of irony, I assure you.

    Ott 2 2006, 2:44
  • Risty

    You sent me that one too, actually. One of the few Muse songs I have left since losing all my downloaded stuff. I probably need to give up the pretence of not-emo and just buy the album.

    Ott 2 2006, 2:56
  • Vegeduck

    Made of Stone is THE greatest song of all time, in my book. Kudos to you. A Certain Romance is also one of my favorites as well. More kudos! Take all you need. Sadly, I have not heard any of the other eight songs up there. It's devestating, I know.

    Ott 3 2006, 2:23
  • beaubier

    Yeah you know you want to buy it! And hey, you listen to Radiohead. Muse can hardly hurt you now. ... sort of. Well, that's my excuse anyhow.

    Ott 3 2006, 2:30
  • Risty

    Man! You should definitely check them out, Vegeduck - especially Pavement. Pavement are pretty much the nearest you can get to an American version of the Arctic Monkeys. Only with extra added weird. Yeah, Radiohead and the Manics between them have immunised me against any further angst intrusions. Or so I hope!

    Ott 3 2006, 2:33
  • Cad27

    Please woman, the first thing you ask for after you lose your music is The Shins and you claim un-emo-ness? I call denial! Denial I say! Besides, if you're going to listen to Muse, Hysteria's a good place to start.

    Ott 8 2006, 12:01
  • Risty

    See, I don't take the Shins seriously, so I never think of them as emo! I blame the introduction from Turn A Square, rather than the Garden State ones.

    Ott 8 2006, 18:26
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