• Lightning Bolt - 8/31/09

    Set 3 2009, 4:39

    Mon 31 Aug – Lightning Bolt, Bobo, Drums Like Machine Guns, Andrew Jeffrey Wright

    ok, so fuck ya... drums like machine guns, awesome fun. made my eyeballz shake o.o .. bobo.. you could say they sucked i guess, but it was at least pretty funny, especially the guy who jumped on the stage with them and went ballistic.. although i though it kind of got annoying after a little bit. Andrew Jeffrey Wright, hilarious! especially the USA chant and the funny posters while LB was setting up.. when they started playing everyone just went nuts. as the show went on it got progressively hotter and hotter. im pretty sure people would have passed out if it wasn't for all of the water they were throwing out to people. the only thing that sucked was how brian's wall of amps stopped working a bunch of times 'cause it was required sooo much power. so then they dimmed the lights which was pretty cool. near the end of the show more and more people were piling on the stage just going insane and having an awesome time. everything was so energetic and chaotic. this was my first lightning bolt show, and i couldn't have asked for much more! i really hope they come around to philly again soon.