Lug 13 2007, 19:30

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Cold Blooded

As placed on the main page of C-B -->Cold Blooded

You can vote for DIR EN GREY in the kerrang! awards 2007!!

DO IT!! O:

Here is what you do! Got to this page and fill in your details on the right then click 'start voting' button > from here you will be taken to a page with categories - CHOOSE THE Best "International BAND" CATEGORY!! (on the right) or the new comer OR ALL!! haha im going nuts on the newcomer section, album section and international band section xD

Then you can type in DIR EN GREY and hit the vote button --- YOU CAN DO THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN LETS GET THEM IN!

Also if you buy next weeks issue of Kerrang there is a vote slip in it, fill it in with Dir en grey as your vote and all the other stiuff required and send it off. Next weeks issue also has an A3 poster of Dir en grey in it!!!! :laughing: :laughing:

get to work!! :D vote em over and over because it lets you vote again as many times as you like after!!!


  • Kyzumi

    I'm voting!

    Lug 14 2007, 0:42
  • Rexy666

    gudgud i found a fast way to do this to: 'you can do what i've been doing its much faster works in Fire fox dunno about IE - hit backspace when it says thanks for voting DIR EN GREY and then return and it votes again then back space again then back and return xD ive been doing it for hours.' just posted that to a friend on myspace xD cant be bothered to re-write XD

    Lug 14 2007, 2:29
  • Nyiagiro

    Muah, i vote in last month ^^ I have hope they win ^^

    Mag 23 2008, 8:49
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