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Gen 7 2008, 8:56

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Live Forever


  • Garcian

    Well, it's a nice list and it'd be hard to make a list of Oasis songs I didn't like. But I never really got into She's Electric. The only thing I'd change would be taking that out and putting in Stand By Me or The Girl in the Dirty Shirt. Or maybe Whatever. Kickass though.

    Gen 7 2008, 9:18
  • FJRabon

    is it just me or was Don't Look Back In Anger not on your list?

    Gen 14 2008, 23:34
  • Revlin

    Heh, nope it wasn't up there. I gave a few of Noel's other songs some love.

    Gen 16 2008, 3:25
  • IanZG

    Hmmmmm... No Wonderwalll and no Don't Look Back In Anger... Might aswell make a list of Blur songs and not include Song 2 and Parklife... Or a Verve list without any song from Urban Hymns:) But I'll listen to this list. Cheers and sorry for complaining:)

    Mar 24 2008, 16:00
  • morganator77

    wonderwall, dont look back in anger yeye so everyones heard em, theyre good. erm D'you know what i mean and roll with it. Roll with it was missed off of stop the clocks:/ and so was Little By Little.

    Apr 11 2008, 23:19
  • Addy_

    hmm..what about Whatever and Importance of Being Idle :D

    Lug 20 2008, 18:39
  • TheRoadToGlory

    Well, I don't agree with She Is Love, Half The World Away, Let There Be Love and The Masterplan. Why not Whatever, Don't Look Back In Anger, D'you Know What I Mean and Cigarettes & Alcohol? And Roll It Over - Fade Away?

    Set 7 2008, 16:30
  • Roll_it_Over

    I like some of your picks (Gas Panic, Half the World Away, Cast No Shadow, Roll it Over, GGTIA) but others are poor (Force of Nature)

    Set 12 2008, 19:23
  • Revlin

    In retrospect, yes, DLBIA should have been on here...

    Set 5 2009, 5:56
  • Revlin

    Right on! Force of Nature is still one of my favorite Oasis deep cuts. I was going for quite a few songs off the beaten path.

    Dic 10 2009, 4:33
  • Poleythylene

    You missed Stay Young i think.

    Nov 27 2010, 14:29
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