Album of the week 2009 v. 26 - So Long Suckers


Set 21 2009, 14:00

Reverend Bizarre is one of my all time favorite doom metal bands. Whether it is their shorter songs like Doom Over the World or Cromwell or the immense power of their epic tracks: Slave of Satan, The Goddess of Doom, or By This Axe I Rule! this Finnish trio knew how to kick ass while still being able to laugh at themselves. Their unfortunate breakup led to the massive third LP was a double shot of straight up doom which pushed the envelope in regards to time (their 2 EP's were massive in length as well each clocking in over 70 minutes). I could write a ton on these guys but I would rather let their music do the talking... DOOM ON!

track listing:
[disc 1]
01. They Used Dark Forces/Teutonic Witch 29:05
02. Sorrow 25:20
03. Funeral Summer 11:41
[disc 2]
01. One Last Time 15:39
02. Kundalini Arisen 04:25
03. Caesar Forever 15:43
04. Anywhere Out Of This World 25:32
05. Mallorca 02:35


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