• Favorite Artists (And Why I Love Them) Part III

    Apr 15 2010, 18:37

    In no particular order...

    1. Ayumi Hamasaki

    2. Pink Floyd

    3. Bob Marley (and the Wailers)

    4. (Hikaru) Utada

    5. Mika Nakashima

    6. MGMT

    7. Led Zeppelin

    8. Shakira

    9. Green Day


    11. Amy Winehouse

    12. The Doors

    13. The Clash

    14. My Chemical Romance

    15. Garbage

    16. OLIVIA (inspi' REIRA [TRAPNEST])

    17. Anna Tsuchiya (inspi' NANA [BLACK STONES])

    18. Julieta Venegas

    Honorable Mentions:

    1. Arashi

    2. The Dresden Dolls

    3. HYDE

    4. L'Arc~en~Ciel .

    5. Guns N' Roses

    6. Juanes

    7. La Oreja de Van Gogh

    8. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Musical


    More on these soonish later...? :)
  • Favorite Artists And Why I Love Them Part II

    Ott 8 2008, 4:03

    1. ayumi hamasaki - It's surprising to me that she's #1 this year, because I always used to hate her music. I guess the problem was that I never gave her a chance. Her music is wonderful. She blends all types of music in perfectly amazing ways. Her voice is something to hear, but it's undoubtedly very powerful and full of spirit. Her lyrics and the honesty she puts forth really connect with me and a lot of people, so that's why she's been my favorite this year.

    First Song I Heard: Endless Sorrow
    Favorite Song(s) So Far: A Song For XX (030213 Session #2), YOU "northern breeze", Depend on you (10th Anniversary version), Trust (new vocal and mix), POWDER SNOW (Acoustic Orchestra Ver.), FRIEND II (MAKE MY MAD MIX), A Song for xx (Dub's loverdub mix), TO BE "2003 ReBirth Mix", monochrome, End roll, LOVE ~refrain~, Who..., kanariya, appears (Acoustic Orchestra Ver.), vogue, Far away, SEASONS "2003 ReBirth Mix", SURREAL, Duty (Acoustic Orchestra Ver.), Key ~eternal tie ver.~, M (Acoustic Orchestra Ver.), M (SMOKERS MIX), evolution, NEVER EVER (Laugh & Peace Mix), Endless sorrow, Dearest (Acoustic Orchestra Ver.), I am..., Endless sorrow ~gone with the wind ver.~, HANABI, Voyage, RAINBOW, HANABI ~Episode II~, No way to say, Memorial Address, Moments, GAME, CAROLS, About You, Humming 7/4, STEP you, HEAVEN (Piano Version), alterna, Pride, (miss)understood, Startin', Ladies Night ~another night~, BLUE BIRD, 1 LOVE, until that Day..., JEWEL, kiss o' kill, Secret, fated (Orchestra Ver.), talkin' 2 myself, decision, (don't) leave me alone, GUILTY, Together When..., Marionette, Mirrorcle World (basically, a whole lot of her shit)
    Favorite Album(s): LOVEppears, Duty, A BEST, I am..., A BALLADS, Memorial address, (miss)understood, GUILTY

    2. Pink Floyd - I started listening to their music over the summer and I found that they were constantly playing everywhere I went. I like how a lot of their albums really succeed in conveying whatever feeling they wish to convey utilizing the instruments and the lyrics of each song. The best example of this is Animals, in my opinion. There's not much more I can say about this band that hasn't already been said! :)

    First Song I Heard: Another Brick In The Wall
    Favorite Song(s) So Far: Comfortably Numb
    Favorite Album(s): Animals, The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Obscured By Clouds

    3. Utada Hikaru - She's still one of my favorite artists even after all this time! I've found that I often shuffle through my music very quickly, but Utada is among the few I listen to on a pretty regular basis. Now that she's been a top artist on my iPod + iTunes for a while, I realize that I love Utada so much because of the way she so beautifully harmonizes R&B with Rock, Pop and even experimental instruments. Her latest efforts have always been full of intriguing music.

    First Song I Heard: First Love
    Favorite Song(s) So Far: Another Chance, Automatic, B&C, Can You Keep A Secret?, Distance, ドラマ, 蹴っ飛ばせ!, HAYATOCHI-REMIX, SAKURA ドロップス, traveling, Deep River, プレイ・ボール, 東京NIGHTS, FINAL DISTANCE, , Keep Tryin', Makin' Love, 日曜の朝, WINGS, BLUE, 誰かの願いが叶うころ, COLORS, Be My Last, Passion, HEART STATION, Kiss & Cry, Beautiful World, Stay Gold, テイク5, Flavor Of Life (i.e. a hell of a lot)
    Favorite Album(s): First Love, Distance, Deep River, Ultra Blue, Heart Station

    4. Amy Winehouse - Although her life has made it a little hard to listen to her music without it becoming too real, I enjoy Amy Winehouse very much. I fell into a slump last winter and Amy was there going through it with me, so her music is meaningful. Her lyrics and her unique vocals and compositions are just sublime.

    First Song I Heard: Rehab
    Favorite Song(s) So Far: Stronger Than Me, You Sent Me Flying, I Heard Love Is Blind, Moody's Mood For Love, (There Is) No Greater Love, Take the Box, Help Yourself, Amy, Amy, Amy, You Know I'm No Good, Me & Mr. Jones, Just Friends, Back To Black, Love Is a Losing Game, Wake Up Alone, Some Unholy War, Addicted
    Favorite Album(s): Frank, Back To Black

    5. Guns N' Roses - I've recently begun to love their music a lot! I just like their fast and harsh sound and the roughness in Axl's voice. Basically, this band is fucking amazing. The lyrics are awesome and blunt and the songs never fail to wow me.

    First Song I Heard: Welcome To The Jungle
    Favorite Song(s) So Far: Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City, You're Crazy, Used To Love Her, Live And Let Die, Sympathy For The Devil, Shackler's Revenge
    Favorite Album(s): Apetite for destruction, Use Your Illusion I, Use Your Illusion II

    6. L'Arc~en~Ciel - This band is amazing. Every single member of the band contributes significantly to the band and you can hear everyone's different styles in every song and album. Ken's bass playing is the most notable, as well as Tetsu's guitar playing. Yukihiro's drums are always wonderfully crazy and unstoppable and, of course, Hyde's voice is still just as enchanting and heart melting as it's always been.

    First Song I Heard: READY STEADY GO
    Favorite Song(s) So Far: Shutting from the Sky, Dune, 失われた眺め, In the Air, All Dead, Wind of Gold, Blurry Eyes, 夏の憂鬱, 静かの海で, Fare Well, Caress of Venus, Lies & Truth, I Wish, 虹, HEAVEN'S DRIVE, 真実と幻想と, HONEY, 花葬, 浸食 -lose control-, LOVE FLIES, finale, STAY AWAY, TIME SLIP, 接吻, READY STEAY GO, Feeling Fine, Coming Closer, 永遠, 瞳の住人, 叙情詩, As One, twinkle, twinkle, Seventh Heaven, MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM, Daybreak's Bell, 海辺, Link, 雪の足跡, DRINK IT DOWN, Dune 2008
    Favorite Album(s): Dune, Tierra, heavenly, True, HEART, ark, ray, REAL, SMILE, AWAKE, KISS

    7. Mika Nakashima - This girl is like the perfect blend of Amy Winehouse, Led Zeppelin and L'Arc~en~Ciel, yet she still has her own unique style that is just really magnificent. Her voice has that smoky, dark and gloomy feature that always draws me to her songs.

    First Song I Heard: GLAMOROUS SKY
    Favorite Song(s) So Far: TEARS, Helpless Rain, WILL, 愛してる (Album Version), Love Addict, 接吻, FIND THE WAY, 雪の華 (Silent Version), 火の鳥, 桜色舞うころ (Acoustic), 蜘蛛の糸,Fake, Fed up, EYES FOR THE MOON, MY MEDICINE, ISOLATION, BLOOD, 一色 (ALTanative), BLACK & BLUE, ALL HANDS TOGETHER, MY SUGAR CAT, 見えない星, DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, LIFE, 永遠の詩
    Favorite Album(s): LØVE, 朧月夜 - 祈り, MUSIC, THE END, YES

    8. Led Zeppelin - How could I not include them? They're the most recent band I've started to love, but their one of the most amazing artists I've ever had the pleasure to hear. They're special, because I usually love their albums in their entirety, although there are definitely songs that stand out a lot.

    First Song Heard: Stairway To Heaven
    Favorite Song(s): Good Times Bad Times, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, You Shook Me, Dazed and Confused, Your Time Is Gonna Come, I Can't Quit You Baby, Whole Lotta Love, The Lemon Song, Thank You, Stairway To Heaven
    Favorite Album(s): Led Zeppelin I, II, III, IV
  • Favorite Artists And Why I Love Them

    Ago 14 2007, 5:16

    1. 宇多田ヒカル
    She's an amazing singer and songwriter, who has produced some of the most infectious beats and melodies I've ever heard. Ever since I first heard her songs, I've been hooked on this Japanese singer.
    First Song I Heard: First Love
    Favorite Song So Far: 誰かの願いが叶うころ
    Favorite Album: DEEP RIVER

    2. Shakira
    She earned the love of millions of fans around the world with her masterful writing and her unique voice. Many of Shakira's songs are my favorite, because of how well they're written and how wonderful their music is composed.
    First Song I Heard: Estoy Aquí
    Favorite Song So Far: Que me quedes tú
      Favorite Album: Dónde Están los Ladrones?

    3. La Ley
    La Ley was a Chilean rock band that recently disbanded. They wrote songs that became instant classics among the Spanish-speakers of the world and had a vocalist who has one of the most amazing voices ever.
    First Song Heard: Aquí
    Favorite Song So Far: Dia Cero
    Favorite Album: MTV Unplugged

    4. Maná
    Anyone who loves rock music (or even listens to music, for that matter) in Latin America can tell you that this is one of the greatest bands today. I didn't start listening to them heavily until recently, but I've found that all the praise they've gotten is very well-earned.
    First Song Heard: Oye mi amor
    Favorite Song So Far: Vivir sin aire
    Favorite Album: Amar es Combatir

    5. L'Arc-en-Ciel
    This band is amazing. Considering that I can only understand about 50% of what they're saying...but anyway. They're amazing. They've released many, many albums and singles and the great majority are just great. Hyde's voice is like no other, and the band isn't like any other band that sounds the same -- this band definitely has a distinct sound.
    First Song Heard: LOVE FLIES
    Favorite Song So Far: TIME SLIP
    Favorite Album: Real