• Moving

    Ott 10 2008, 20:46

    Thu 9 Oct – Woven Hand, interstates

    From start to finish, Woven Hand pounded out the majority of tracks from their latest release, Ten Stones, with David Eugene Edwards expressing the raw emotion that it takes to pen such lyrics.

    While it didn't measure up to the multiple 16 Horsepower shows that I attended in years past, Woven Hand's performance, like the 16hp shows, is easily the best I've experienced this year.

    I always feel a bit 'saved' after each David Eugene Edwards (16hp, WH) concert.

    In short, you have to experience to believe it.
  • Velvet Saints @ Phoenix Hill (get yourself on the guest list)

    Apr 22 2008, 20:20

    Electronic rock based act Velvet Saints will perform Wednesday, April 23 at Phoenix Hill Tavern in Louisville.

    I have unlimited space on the guest list if you'd like to check out one of the area's hottest new bands.

    The music starts @ 10:00 p.m. and the band will perform every track from their debut album 'My Addiction'.

    To get your spot on the guest list, which means a great free rock show for you, shoot me an email at michael@velvetsaints.com.

    Recommended listening: On And On, Devil, Watching, Save Me
  • I've been waiting 20 years for this

    Mar 10 2008, 2:58

    The location was Melbourne, Australia. More specifically, the University of Melbourne sports fields. The date was April, 1988, meaning it was autumn and the leaves were changing colors. I was 19 years old.

    I was on campus with a buddy of mine that played professional rugby in New Zealand and was meeting a few other like-minded, hard-hitting, friends for a quick game. Seeing how this was just my second attempt in playing rugby, and some of the guys had actually earned money playing the sport, I lasted five minutes, max.

    Instead of risking life, I chose to sit in the car and a write a few letters to family and friends back home in the States. I scanned the radio for something decent and came across a program on Triple J featuring new Australian acts. Perfect. I began my writing, which started with the usual...send more money. I occasionally took note of an artist being played, but nothing was jumping out at me.

    An hour or so later, the rugby comes to an end and just as I begin getting out of the car, a song comes on that keeps me in my seat. The song was "At First Sight" by The Stems, a 60's influenced garage rock band out of Perth, the largest city on the country's west coast.

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  • Velvet Saints set to make debut

    Feb 29 2008, 3:55

    I have a feeling that this will be one of those concerts that people will talk about for awhile, and for good reason.

    Velvet Saints, a Louisville based band, will make it's live performance debut Saturday, March 1 at the Louisville Gardens. Velvets Saints is one of five on the Beechwood Festival lineup. Code Red, The Villebillies, The Ugly and Zillion will also help guarantee a diverse and quality night of music.

    The show starts at 6:00 p.m. and tickets are available via Ticketmaster or at the door.