Best of 09


Gen 3 2010, 3:05

Top 10 Albums of the Year:

1) Screaming FemalesPower Move
2) So Many DynamosThe Loud Wars
3) The BestiesHome Free
4) Kissy KamikazeKnock Knock
5) Wisdom In ChainsEverything You Know
6) Trapped Under IceSecrets Of The World
7) Bernays PropagandaHappiness Machines
8) Touché Amoré... To The Beat of a Dead Horse
9) MeinhofUnder The Burning Sky Of Future Events
10) Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraPARADISE BLUE

Top 2 EPs of the Year Except They Were Stretched to LPs:

1)Bomb the Music Industry!Scrambles
2)BlacklistedNo One Deserves to Be Here More Than Me (sic)

Top 5 Actual EPs of the Year:

1) Paint It BlackAmnesia
2) Death FirstDemo
3) Bad Credit No CreditHey, Rube!
4) A Wilhelm ScreamA Wilhelm Scream
5) Casting CursesHeartificial

Top 20 Songs of the Year:

1) The Besties79 lorimer
2) P.O.S.Terrorish (featuring Jason Shevchuck)
3) BlacklistedI Am Extraordinary
4) Bad Credit No CreditLove Is Blonde
5) Pansy DivisionThat's So Gay
6) Paint It BlackSalem
7) Bomb the Music Industry!(Shut) Up the Punx!!!
8) Bomb the Music Industry!25!
9) So Many DynamosThe Novelty of Haunting
10) FlipperBe Good, Child!
11) Reflections of Internal RainROIR Barmy Army
12) Hub City StompersSka Train to Dorkville
13) Death First - Tested
14) Yoni GordonFairytale Of New York (Pogues cover, featuring Franz Nicolay and Emilyn Brodsky)
15) Dear LandlordI Live in Hell
16) Raised FistFriends And Traitors
17) So Many DynamosNew Bones
18) Matt & KimGood Ol' Fashion Nightmare
19) PartylineBad For The Baby
20) Living With LionsShe's A Hack

Top 5 Albums of the Decade:

1) Sleater KinneyOne Beat (2002)
2) DiscountSingles 2 (2002)
3) Bomb the Music Industry! - Album Minus Band (2005)
4) None More BlackFile Under Black (2003)
5) The World/Inferno Friendship SocietyRed-Eyed Soul (2006)
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