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Ott 17 2006, 0:08

Do I need to mention how much I love Key Sounds Label?
The eponymous group has been formed quite recently, but I managed to dig it up.

People frequently cite 鳥の詩 as their favorite KSLA song / BGM. How about you?

Led by yoship222.

*added to sidebar and joined*

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Key Sounds Label
Key (麻枝准)
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  • Valdra

    Only 5 members? Shameful. Key needs more love on here :P Tori no Uta was the first I heard, but I like pretty much everything Key does. Just to be different I'm gonna go with chiisana te no hira though. Loved that track from the first time I heard it. Most of Clannad's OST is fantastic but that one has a special place for me, mainly because of how good the vocals are. So relaxing.

    Ott 19 2006, 1:41
  • bluepenguin

    鳥の詩 is okay, but the one that really got me into their music is 青空. I'm also fond of 夏影 and 回想録. (AIR is the only soundtrack of theirs I have- I've never seen or played Kanon and have had no luck in finding anything from Clannad.)

    Ott 20 2006, 5:44
  • RasqualTwilight

    Indeed, CLANNAD has a nice and easy, soothing soundtrack with possibly (I do not really agree) less attractive vocals. On a poll I suggested at Haeleth' forum (Hæleþes gemot) limited to songs, people voted mainly for 鳥の詩 and Last regrets. It's not that CLANNAD's music can be labelled as inferior, but Kanon, AIR, and CLANNAD have their own game atmosphere whose music suits better or worse. There are no statistics for this, but I'd bet the most arranged BGMs would be AIR's, hands down.

    Ott 20 2006, 13:19
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