Dic 16 2010, 18:40

First show of the tour? Manchester Academy 16/10/10

Last show of the tour? T IN THE PARRRK '11.

Best show of the tour? T IN THE PARK.

Furthest distance traveled for a show?

5 hours to Scotland. Well worth it.

Best song performance?

Manchester: Bette Davis Eyes, Jilted Lovers, Crossfire, Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, THE CLOCK WAS TICKIN'!!

and at T: Read My Mind, Swallow It, Mr Brightside <3

Total number of shows seen on the tour? 2

Did you meet new friends at any of the shows? Loads.

Did you meet any of the band members at a show?

No. But I saw Brandon Flowers' wee. I also was with some people who met him when they went round the back when I was in the queue!

Did you buy merch at a show? Nope, the queue was HUUUUGE.

Did you 'breakaway, breakaway' during OTY?

Can you do anything else?

Were you lucky enough to hear all the Flamingo songs performed live?

Not Right Behind You... but I don't care because we got Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas AND The Clock Was Tickin' for the first time together I think.

Best opening band? Transfer. Who just tweeted, one sec I have to read it...

And at T: The Vaccines were nearly as good as Brandon. Nearly.

Did you use more than one mode of transport to get to a show? Bus. Train. Foot. Car.

Best set surprises? Getting both TCWT and WTFLV! <3 then Read my Mind and Mr Brightside at T!

What was the longest time you queued for to get to the front?

T: from 11:30 until 8. hardcore shit.

Favourite Flamingo song to hear live?

There wasn't a single bad song live. He was a bit pissed because of sound errors during Jilted but it was still incredible.

Did you hear the Magdalena speech? Nope, we got a brand new WTFLV speech instead. *proud*

BUT AT T WE GOT THE SPEECH. "if you're fucked you go to Magdalena!"

How much did you spend on the Flamingo tour? Not too much actually, £30 tickets then £5 on train tickets. £10 on food and stuff and that was it :)

lol T was about £300 altogether. It was all for Brandon.

Which show on the tour would you like to have attended but didn't?

The one in Utah where Ronnie sang AND he did "The Promised Land" :')

What one word describes the Flamingo tour experience for you? Reminder... of how effing incredible that man is, even on his own. Let alone when the Killers are back.

Brandon Flowers


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