My 10K Track!!


Giu 7 2011, 13:59

I am sure my 10,000th track was some song from DJ Tiesto Album - Revolution Mix. I dont know if it was disk 1 or 2, but most probably it was disk two, I love that album, initially when I first heard it I dismissed it thinking all the tracks sounds too familiar .. but after a while it grew on me and now it shares a Most Played badge on my recently new Zune Player Profile.. I listen to this album a lot while commuting..

Anyhow, I am not the one who just scrobbles for the sake of play count, every track scrobbeled is what I have heard, so 10,000 tracks means a lot to me.. I think its like 15 tracks a day on average since 2007!! My love for music is lifelong and it will remain so.

Edit: Oh Yeah, and it was played on Memorial Day Holiday of 2011. HAHA!! I know exactly where I played it.


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