• the top 25 albums of 2010

    Lug 20 2011, 14:10

    As you know I like to hold off a while before posting the top albums in order to account for the late releases. The list comes from our radio station data weighted evenly between the number of listener song requests and the album rating based on song votes.

    This year I did the calculation slightly different. For the song vote portion I used Bayesian Averaging which makes it more difficult for albums with fewer votes to come out at the top.

    Formula used: (Bayesian Rating/5) * (# Plays/312) * 100, where 312 is the highest # of plays.
    The best possible score would be 100.

    1.) Myrath-Desert Call, 88.37
    2.) Echoes-Nature | Existence, 85.90
    3.) Haken-Aquarius, 64.77
    4.) Darkwater-Where Stories End, 46.02
    5.) Vanden Plas-The Seraphic Clockwork, 44.21

    6.) PBII-Plastic Soup, 42.83
    7.) Orphaned Land-The Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR, 40.30
    8.) Dreyelands-Rooms of Revelation, 34.09
    9.) Day Six-The Grand Design, 33.84
    10.) Theatre Of Tragedy-Forever Is The World, 27.68

    11.) Star One-Victims of the Modern Age (Disc 1) 25.55
    12.) Kingcrow-Phlegethon, 24.87
    13.) Seventh Wonder-The Great Escape, 24.68
    14.) Glass Hammer-If, 24.52
    15.) Framepictures-Remember It, 24.40

    16.) Unitopia-Artificial, 22.84
    17.) Pain Of Salvation-Road Salt One (Limited Edition), 22.70
    18.) Melodramus-Two: Glass Apple, 22.29
    19.) Dec Burke-Destroy All Monsters, 22.03
    20.) Spock's Beard-X, 21.15

    21.) Sky Architect-Excavations Of The Mind, 21.13
    22.) The Shadow Theory-Behind The Black Veil, 21.01
    23.) Lebowski-Cinematic, 20.05
    24.) Kaipa-In the Wake of Evolution, 19.58
    25.) IZZ-The Darkened Room, 19.43
  • top 100 prog

    Dic 19 2010, 17:24

    All time best prog rock and metal albums based on our listener requests and ratings:

    The data after each entry is the # spins followed by the average rating (out of 5)
    (#1 on top)

    Circus MaximusThe 1st Chapter10484.72
    OpethGhost Reveries10354.54
    Porcupine TreeIn Absentia9294.66
    KoyaanisqatsyFrom The Yearning To Burst - The Perpetual Circle9174.68
    Vanden PlasChrist.08974.69
    RedemptionThe Fullness Of Time8474.78
    Porcupine TreeDeadwing8804.55
    DarkwaterCalling The Earth To Witness8204.47
    Symphony XThe Odyssey7374.8
    Pain Of SalvationRemedy Lane7574.63
    Sieges EvenThe Art Of Navigating By The Stars6964.63
    A.C.TLast Epic7194.46
    Symphony XParadise Lost6564.73
    AmbeonFate Of A Dreamer6894.48
    Pain Of SalvationThe Perfect Element I6584.65
    PyramazeMelancholy Beast6684.49
    RiversideSecond Life Syndrome6364.68
    NightwishOnce (Bonus Edition)6484.54
    Beyond TwilightSection X6374.55
    OpethBlackwater Park6344.45
    Pagan's MindCelestial Entrance6104.62
    AbydosAbydos (Andy Kuntz)6394.39
    AtmosfearInside The Atmosphere5964.55
    Stream Of PassionEmbrace The Storm6084.45
    DreamscapeEnd Of Silence5614.76
    OSIOffice of Strategic Influence5914.51
    ThesseraFooled Eyes5934.43
    RedemptionThe Origins Of Ruin5554.63
    LaluOniric Metal5574.61
    Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension Experiment 25324.79
    Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension Experiment 15444.67
    Cea Serin...Where Memories Combine...5664.47
    Symphony XThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy5264.79
    RiversideOut Of Myself5294.76
    Thought ChamberAngular Perceptions5564.51
    After ForeverRemagine6054.14
    Maximum IndifferenceThe Transmutations of Supposed Angels or Beings that were once Girls5544.47
    Dream TheaterOctavarium5424.55
    Shadow GalleryRoom V5334.57
    GalahadEmpires Never Last5534.4
    Vanden PlasBeyond Daylight5324.54
    VenturiaThe New Kingdom5284.57
    Circus MaximusIsolate5134.67
    Spheric Universe ExperienceMental Torments5284.45
    KamelotThe Black Halo5154.55
    ArkBurn The Sun5144.49
    Dream TheaterScenes From a Memory4664.85
    7DaysThe Weight Of The World5044.42
    Spiral ArchitectA Sceptic's Universe5184.3
    Star OneSpace Metal (Disc1)4734.61
    John PetrucciSuspended Animation4684.58
    IQDark Matter4724.49
    Dream TheaterImages And Words4354.87
    Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner Turbulence4494.71
    Pain Of SalvationBE4514.62
    AyreonUniversal Migrator (Disc 1)- The Dream Sequencer4524.57
    Seventh WonderMercy Falls4544.54
    Porcupine TreeFear Of A Blank Planet4354.72
    KarmakanicWheel Of Life4504.52
    SylvanArtificial Paradise4584.44
    Dream TheaterTrain of Thought4324.7
    AdagioSanctus Ignis4444.57
    Seventh WonderWaiting In The Wings4484.51
    Sieges EvenParamount4364.55
    Beyond TwilightFor The Love Of Art And The Making4324.57
    DominiciO3 A Trilogy - Part 24334.53
    Magic PieMotions Of Desire4264.57
    Tomorrow's EveMirror of Creation II - Genesis II4244.57
    Spheric Universe ExperienceAnima4154.62
    AyreonInto The Electric Castle (1)4104.65
    Dali's DilemmaManifesto For Futurism4284.45
    RushMoving Pictures3974.79
    VotumTime Must Have A Stop4284.44
    AyreonUniversal Migrator Part II: Flight Of The Migrator3964.77
    Animals As LeadersAnimals As Leaders4224.46
    Dream TheaterFalling Into Infinity3984.59
    Dead Soul TribeA Lullaby For The Devil3974.58
    Devin TownsendSynchestra4264.26
    Symphony XTwilight In Olympus3844.69
    ThresholdDead Reckoning3994.51
    Allen/LandeThe Battle4134.34
  • Top Rated albums released in 2009

    Dic 2 2009, 16:37

    1.) Animals As Leaders-Animals As Leaders
    2.) Leprous-Tall Poppy Syndrome
    3.) Redemption-Snowfall On Judgment Day
    4.) OSI-Blood,
    5.) Riverside-Anno Domini High Definition
    6.) IQ-Frequency
    7.) Abigail's Ghost-D_letion
    8.) Saga-The Human Condition
    9.) Anubis Gate-The Detached
    10.) Metamorphosis-Dark
    11.) Silent Memorial-Retrospective
    12.) Devin Townsend-Project Ki
  • Top Rated albums released in 2008

    Dic 2 2009, 15:38

    Albums rated 4.5 - 5 out of 5 by our listeners:

    Amaseffer-Exodus: Slaves for Life
    Circle II Circle-Delusions of Grandeur
    Karmakanic-Who's The Boss In The Factory
    Riverside-Reality Dream
    Seventh Wonder-Mercy Falls
  • Top Rated albums released in 2007

    Ott 22 2008, 13:27

    Albums rated 4.5 - 5 out of 5 by our listeners:

    Age of Nemesis-Terra Incognita
    Allen/Lande-The Revenge
    Anubis Gate-Andromeda Unchained
    Circus Maximus-Isolate
    Cosmosquad-Acid Test
    Dead Soul Tribe-A Lullaby For The Devil
    Dominici-O3 A Trilogy - Part 2
    Dream Theater-Systematic Chaos
    Kamelot-Ghost Opera
    Nightingale-White Darkness
    Phideaux-Doomsday Afternoon
    Porcupine Tree-Fear Of A Blank Planet
    Poverty's No Crime-Save My Soul
    Pure Reason Revolution-Live At Nearfest 2007
    Redemption-The Origins Of Ruin
    Riverside-Rapid Eye Movement
    Rush-Snakes & Arrows
    Sieges Even-Paramount
    Spheric Universe Experience-Anima
    Symphony X-Paradise Lost
    Thought Chamber-Angular Perceptions
    Threshold-Dead Reckoning
  • Top Rated albums released in 2006

    Ott 22 2008, 13:24

    Albums rated 4.5 - 5 out of 5 by our listeners:

    Beyond Twilight-For The Love Of Art And The Making
    Dream Theater-Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour
    Odd Logic-Legends Of Monta Part 1
    Pyramaze-Legend Of The Bone Carver
    Seventh Wonder-Waiting In The Wings
    Silent Voices-Building Up The Apathy
    Tomorrow's Eve-Mirror of Creation II - Genesis II
    Tool-10,000 Days
    Vanden Plas-Christ.0
    Venturia-The New Kingdom
  • Top Rated albums released in 2005

    Mag 10 2007, 18:42

    Albums rated 4.5 - 5 out of 5 by our listeners:

    Beyond Twilight-Section X
    Circus Maximus-The 1st Chapter
    Ghiribizzi-Pan'ta Rhei
    John Petrucci-Suspended Animation
    Kamelot-The Black Halo
    Lalu-Oniric Metal
    Magic Pie-Motions Of Desire
    novAct-Tales From The Soul
    Opeth-Ghost Reveries
    Pagan's Mind-enigmatic : calling
    Pallas-The Dreams of Men
    Porcupine Tree-Deadwing
    Presto Ballet-Peace Among The Ruins
    Redemption-The Fullness Of Time
    Riverside-Second Life Syndrome
    Shadow Gallery-Room V
    Sieges Even-The Art Of Navigating By The Stars
  • Top Rated albums released in 1999 - 2004

    Mag 10 2007, 15:28

    Albums rated 4.5 - 5 out of 5 by our listeners:

    Best albums released in 2004:

    Ayreon-Actual Fantasy Revisited
    Ayreon-The Human Equation
    Dead Soul Tribe-The January Tree
    Dream Theater-Live At Budokan
    Dreamscape-End Of Silence
    Evergrey-The Inner Circle
    John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess-An Evening with...
    Jordan Rudess-Rhythm of Time
    Karmakanic-Wheel Of Life
    Pain Of Salvation-BE
    Pain Of Salvation-12:5
    Pyramaze-Melancholy Beast
    Riverside-Out Of Myself
    Threshold-Critical Energy
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra-The Lost Christmas Eve

    Best albums released in 2003:

    Andromeda-II = I
    Atmosfear-Inside The Atmosphere
    Dead Soul Tribe-A Murder Of Crows
    Derek Sherinian-Black Utopia
    Dream Theater-Train of Thought
    Evergrey-Recreation Day
    John Arch-A Twist of Fate
    OSI-Office of Strategic Influence
    Poverty's No Crime-The Chemical Chaos
    Star One-Live On Earth
    Sun Caged-Sun Caged
    Tomorrow's Eve-Mirror Of Creation

    Best albums released in 2002:

    Dream Theater-Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
    Lacuna Coil-Comalies
    Nightwish-Century Child
    Pagan's Mind-Celestial Entrance
    Pain of Salvation-Remedy Lane
    Porcupine Tree-In Absentia
    Spock's Beard-Snow
    Star One-Space Metal
    Superior-Ultima Ratio
    Symphony X-The Odyssey
    Threshold-Critical Mass
    Vanden Plas-Beyond Daylight

    Best albums released in 2001:

    Adagio-Sanctus Ignis
    Ambeon-Fate Of A Dreamer
    Beyond Twilight-The Devil's Hall of Fame
    Dream Theater-Live Scenes From New York
    Jordan Rudess-Feeding The Wheel
    Savatage-Poets And Madmen
    Stride-Music Machine
    Symphony X-Live On The Edge Of Forever

    Best albums released in 2000:

    Ayreon-Universal Migrator - The Dream Sequencer
    Ayreon-Universal Migrator Part II: Flight Of The Migrator
    Fates Warning-Disconnected
    Koyaanisqatsy-From The Yearning To Burst - The Perpetual Circle
    Maximum Indifference-The Transmutations of Supposed Angels or Beings that were once Girls
    Pain Of Salvation-The Perfect Element I
    Planet X-Universe
    Porcupine Tree-Lightbulb Sun
    Spock's Beard-V
    Symphony X-V: The New Mythology Suite 2000

    Best albums released in 1999:

    A.C.T-Today's Report
    Balance Of Power-Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion
    Dali's Dilemma-Manifesto For Futurism
    Dream Theater-Scenes From a Memory
    Liquid Tension Experiment-Liquid Tension Experiment 2
    Opeth-Still Life
    Porcupine Tree-Stupid Dream
  • Top Rated albums released 1991 - 1998

    Mag 10 2007, 14:12

    Albums rated 4.5 - 5 out of 5 by our listeners:


    Ayreon-Into The Electric Castle
    Liquid Tension Experiment-Liquid Tension Experiment 1
    Pain Of Salvation-One Hour By The Concrete Lake
    Symphony X-Twilight In Olympus


    Dream Theater-Falling Into Infinity
    Fates Warning-A Pleasant Shade Of Gray
    Pain Of Salvation-Entropia
    Spock's Beard-Beware Of Darkness
    Spock's Beard-The Kindness Of Strangers
    Symphony X-The Divine Wings Of Tragedy


    Lemur Voice-Insights


    Ayreon-The Final Experiment
    Dream Theater-A Change of Seasons
    Savatage-Dead Winter Dead
    Symphony X-The Damnation Game


    Dream Theater-Awake




    Dream Theater-Images And Words