• Reaching for divine eternity

    Ago 22 2008, 0:40

    To all of you very special poet-readers out there, here is my latest poem/tale. The poem is easy to understand and speeks for itself. - As always, it's endearing.
    Like a bird you know She will fly!!

    I'm noticing a recurring theme that appear in most of my poems; fantasy, love, novelty, self-love, hybris, and child association. My desire for perfection of the fields I hold dearly come forward in every single tale of Michelle.

    As Buck Dharma of Blue Öyster Cult said;
    - "Romeo and Juliet are together in eternity".
    They were not specifically an inspiration relating to this poem, perhaps unconsciously, but I couldn't help noticing the parable.

  • A Rock 'N' Roll entity

    Lug 14 2008, 8:03

    Okaay so me and MetallicaACDC, Brad decided we would make a poem about each other, in that persons way.
    So I wrote a poem he would have written in a way he would have and he the same.

    A sob story, resolution, hopeful. The poem is what it is call it whatever you wish :)
    Inspired by Angel & Amazing by Aerosmith

  • The lost world

    Lug 14 2008, 4:42

    Rest in peace everyone who did not make it out of a most likely hazzardess journey with Thunder. If you are'nt happy without it, taking it will not make things better seeing as the relieving euphoric sensation that is experienced is FAKE. You can reach the Kingdom without a substance.

    So how does this one apply to me? - It does'nt :)
    What is thunder? What substance? - Heroin

    The one and only inspiration for this poem wasHeroin by The Velvet Underground on their first albumThe Velvet Underground & Nico which has deep and honest meanings being forwarded and felt through the psychedelic sounds that set and express different moods as well as tones.

    Don't let the snap-dragon win
  • 365 days left

    Lug 10 2008, 14:27

    Only one year left in Sweden untill my beloved California <3

    Welcome To My Nightmare by Alice Cooper serves as one part of getting the feeling I will have for another year as Catcher in the Rye by Guns N' Roses seem to work like a light in the dark for me. When looking ahead I see that everything will work out for me. It serves as an inspiration for every thought I think these days.

    OH %¤/!´$, and yes I am aware of the mistake I made.
  • I have lost, shall I find ?

    Giu 29 2008, 19:03

    Well fear of rejection and abandonment is never fun and everyone has that fear one time or another. Ever since I saw the movie Pink Floyd The Wall, I have hmm can't describe really.. but I sure have had an epiphany!
    The Wall is an amazing album which consistently inspires and surprises me! Don't Leave Me Now by Pink Floyd really is the perfect song for this poem and the melody is a clear symbol for the despiration and melancholy that can hit hard!
    This first poem, one of my closest friends who has been in my class since 7th grade promised he would shape up so that he wouldn't have to redo a year, but it didn't work that way ... (he broke his promise)

    As I have high hopes on love it often, correction always results in dissapointment. Led Zeppelin - Hey Hey What Can I Do
    always cheers me up, well zeppelin which is my love always does but specifically this one at this point of my life. There is nothing I can do about my situation of love but wait or go out and look for my lovebird, which would be unessesary as my love is somewhere in America ^^

    "Angels, pixies, fairy dust. Treading love and living lust"
  • A star

    Giu 25 2008, 12:42

    Well I, Michelle blossom have not had the time to put up any poems for a while nor done one in a while but I hope I have not lost the spark.

    First and foremost the picture below is my perception of my life when it is a hazard.
    I don't stand a chance against that

    Now that there has been a symbolic insight to my perception of rough times in life, I noticed that I have not made a poem that expresses the possitive and bright side of me and my to be life which deprives people from knowing "the adorable cute little girly pristine girl", that I think I am. (lol) ^^

    As Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd was floating in the air, it reached my ears and raised impossible endless questions; who I am, what do I mean and why? etc... These questions cannot be answered and if they can please let me know!! Another song that has come to inspire me alot as I have really become fond of Blue Oyster Cult is Astronomy which is originally made by Blue Oyster Cult that Metallica made a cover of. I love them both though they differentiate alot and give of different energies so I shall not compare them! :)

    My internal emotions and self actualization is all I have to identify me.
    The poem below is a short piece about 'me' at my best.

    Love to shine

    This picture is not of me, though it just screams SHINE BABY with bright colours, charisma and potential, which is why I find it perfect!
    The rosette should tell the reader that I like cute child like knick knacks as I also want to be treated like one in the sence of for instance kindness, care, sympathy and empathy as well as affirmation. The corvette symbolises me, the dreamer, who longs for the wind to blow through my hair with nice sunglasses as I have a gorgeous car (Attention seeking? - don't know actually but I cannot help it).


    Giu 1 2008, 17:27

    KISS ALIVE 35 STOCKHOLM STADION on the 30th of May, was one of the best days of my life.
    I took the subway to, Stockholm Stadion (Stadium), which was crowded and packed with Kiss people. As I arrived, I passed Woodstock resembling camps of people everywhere as well as people with the beloved Starchild makeup which set the mood!!!
    I decided to speed up my tempo in an attempt to find the line which was a few kilometers long (for real). As I found the end of the line at like 5.10 pm, I got in at 5.25 pm - CREDS to the staff for working efficiently!
    The weather was perfect, sunny with a slight breeze and I bought a KISS ALIVE 35 T-SHIRT <3 along with a Fanta though wasn't aloud to keep the cap (LOL?).

    At around 7 the first preband performed whome
    I still feel sorry for; HappyPill who gave their best but didn't get any response from a very picky and tough crowd.

    The second preband; Crooked X really blew me away. For some weird reason they reminded me of Metallica's early days and these guys are 14. They woke people up with their thrash/heavy metal sound and gained me as a fan :)

    I have come to realise that some bands are just much better live than stuck on records, and seeing that Kiss are outstanding on record makes their appearance super EPIC and prominent since they were boundless!

    I stood in the front of the second fence with some Canadian exchange students in which I fell inlove with their accent. When Kiss came out at last, people started pushing each other and going crazy as Kiss started of with Deuce followed by Strutter.
    It was an incendiary show that can not be described in words.
    Highlights of the night: Black Diamond, Parasite, Hotter Than Hell,
    I Love It Loud,Love Gun.

    They ended with Rock And Roll All Nite which made people go WILD, rocking, screaming along, tounge-wagging, jumping and raising the devil-horn in the air!
    When Kiss took a bow, raised their hands and went of the stage as all of us started screaming 'we want Kiss, we want Kiss' and I was thinking they can not leave without having played Shout It Out Loud and Detroit Rock City among other favourites of mine.
    A minute later the Starchild, Catman, Demon and Spaceman comes walking out.
    You want more, dont you?"
    Oh I see, It's not loud enough is it?
    TURN IT UP!!! ....

    Eric starts rocking a drumsolo as Paul recieves his guitar and they starts rocking Shout It Out Loud and believe me everybody did shout it out loud.
    When moving towards the end playing I Love It Loud, Gene screds a kickass solo as Paul flies over us, to this tower controlling the lights behind us causing mania all over, and eventually flies back, as blood pours out of Gene's mouth. This causes a wave of like evil satisfaction xD

    "Love gun.. Love gun... Love gun" <3

    At the final end of Detroit Rock City, Paul makes a gesture that raises the question if 'we' thought he should smash his guitar. - LOUD NOISE that all of Stockholm must have heard indicated a yes!
    HE SMASHES his guitar into a million pieces!!

    No critics from our bullshit propaganda newspapers in Sweden are ever going to take us down! They said Kiss were off track who made a halfcrappy performance (when they themselves were flying around in an AIRBALLOON above us xS).

    HAHAHA Off topic but, I'm still stoked over the fact that Kiss and the kiss army blocked and ruined the traffic lol, pissed half of the subdued inhabitants of stockholms off!!! ;)

    United, we stand as one! ^^
  • Fascist torture

    Mag 30 2008, 13:22

    Hmm it is weird putting up a poem expressing feelings that are not present anymore.

    Anyway this poem was written on Sunday the 25th of May, the day before a week full of mock exams that will determine whether I have to redo a year, and as weird as it may sound, this time I was not inspired by a specific song or artist. (although Led Zeppelin is always an inspiration to me, all music was pain in my ears due to the pressure I felt)

    This poem resembles how I felt at the time

    In carrying my emotional burden and stressing on meeting the school's criterias, almost made me break. I was the total opposite of euphoric and a hundred times worse than that!!
    I devoted all my time to studying in fear of redoing a year, staying here in sweden an extra year - not going to the US. I do not know what gave me the power to hang on, as I was unmotivated all the time.

    I BEAT the fascist torture chamber

    The week of exams has passed and here I am.
    Although when looking back, I realise I was the cause for my emotional distress regarding school due to internal pessimism towards everything and everyone. The school were not gonna get me without a fight which is what kept me going.
    This poem was written; 30th of may (THE DAY OF KISSOLOGY) and is pretty straight forward. It shows how I am in balance now, shining with charisma and potential so bright, as I pulled through, even though I denied adhd medecin ^^
  • I can't wait, I want to create

    Mag 13 2008, 22:18

    Sometimes I cheat on my true love, Rock N' Roll with for example.
    Love Is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar

    'We are strong, no one can tell us were wrong'

    I will not include this one in my poem book, I just felt like I needed to do something fun as well as express myself and I do feel like I resemble a charismatic 80's girl on this picture ;D
  • I want to call this poem 'She's a Rainbow'

    Mag 12 2008, 23:30

    She's A Rainbow on the album Their Satanic Majesties Request by
    The Rolling Stones really inspires and makes me feel like I am the center of the world. Like I make the world more colourful and a happier place, because I am empatic and sincerely care about everything and everyone, which is probably why I am more sensetive and vulnerble than others.

    A poignant cry out for help I guess as well as waking up from the dream, feelings of emptyness has struck, and wanting to be saved. You just don't kick on someone, physically nor psychologically, who is allready lying on the ground. Some things you just don't say to Ms. Pristine girl even though she might be completely irrational, because it ends up hurting more than helping.