• Psytrance 2010, #3

    Mar 13 2010, 8:01

    Not so long ago, I stated, that the Russians just do it best at the moment. While that was not exactly true, as Alienapia are Ukrainians to be precise, I'll extend that statement to Eastern Europe :)

    Artists like Manifold, Sulima, Alienapia, Samadhi, Luminexia, Psykovsky, Furious - to only name a few, have been responsible for some very high quality releases in recent times. Russian project Dissociactive is no exception and it's 2010 album, called Total Transformation is an awesome piece of psytrance music.

    Label info text:

    Sun Station Total Transformation
    (Digipack CD)

    Straight after “Underwater Lab EP” Sun Station brings you “Total Transformation” – a new full length work by famous russian psychedelic master Dissociactive. After successful debut album “Block Out”, released on Acidance Records in 2005, it took several years to bring next psychedelic masterpiece to worldwide audience. New album is specifically created for total transformation of your consciousness by means of full power psychedelic music. Drop away all your fears and doubts and let the sound flow through your body. All tracks on the album are charged with intense grooves, enveloped with catchy melodies on different layers and spiced by infectious psychedelic sounds. No doubt that such ingredients will make people blasting on the dance floors from midnight till early morning. Slava Iskanyan, for now the only member of the project, putted lots of effort in his work on synthesis and effects to improve the original Dissociactive sound. As a result, he made it even more clear and diverse, thereby brought it to the level, which not every artist on the scene has. Music is deeply filled with “old school” psytrance roots and mounted with fresh high-tech sound design. So, psychedelic heads of all generations will find something interesting for their ears, legs and wondering souls. Just keep your mind opened and you will see how the world around will transform whether you are on freak floor or at home.

    That pretty much sums it up. While the album feels deeply psychedelic, the "high-tech sound design" results in a cold, techy, moody, somewhat darker and twisted atmosphere, something one would love to hear at nighttimes. This is no uplifting release like so many others, but a very powerful, proper stomping one that's guaranteed to own dancefloors around the world - and your cerebral cortex. The totally crisp and crystal clear sounds creep into every neuron and seem to cause an electric storm there...they force you to either dance or trip!

    Tracks like Time Sphere or Stalker rank among the best I've heard in a while, hell, the whole album is one of the best psytrance releases in a long time! Be sure to check out samples at Sun Station's website.

    artist: Dissociactive
    title: Total Transformation
    cat.number: SSTAR08
    type: Album (CD and Digital)
    genre: Psytrance
    tracks: 09
    length: 72:46
    release date: 2010
    mastering: Manifold Studio
    cover design: Pasha Lab – 40


    1. 3000 Modulations
    2. Bioreaction
    3. The Bog
    4. Time Sphere
    5. Stalker
    6. Cinder
    7. Unga Bakatunga
    8. Lissa in Wonderland
    9. 25th Frame effect

    Dissociactive's - Total Transformation - label website

    Buy at beatspace

    Artist and CD information are cited from Sun Station's label website.
  • Psytrance 2010, #2

    Feb 11 2010, 21:24

    I posted this elsewhere, too, so I'll just c+p here.

    Alienapia - Goapocalipsis

    Release date: 2010.02.12
    Label: Space Baby Records
    id#: SBCD 005
    Tracks: 10
    All tracks composed & produced by: Dmitry Likhachev & Grigory Sobinov
    Artwork: Pollen
    Mastering: Kodzu


    01. Alienapia - Distinctive Perception (1:23)
    02. Alienapia - Dharmakaya (7:31)
    03. Alienapia - Estimate Of Standing Crop (7:42)
    04. Alienapia - High Visual Philosophy (7:20)
    05. Alienapia - Inner Poison (8:06)
    06. Alienapia - Magic Magnification (7:17)
    07. Alienapia vs. Psy-H - Fear And Anger (8:17)
    08. RA - Reign Of Madness (Alienapia rmx)(7:42)
    09. Alienapia vs. Agneton - Misterika Island (8:31)
    10. Alienapia - Remnant (1:04)


    I knew it. I knew it would be good. When I first listened to "Inner Poison", I thought to myself "damn that's good". Though I have to admit, that I never heard of Alienapia before, right after googling them up and after listening to the samples of their debut album, "Goapocalipsis", it was a sure buy for me. Alienapia is the project of Ukrainians Dmitry Likhachev and Grigory Sobinov, whose main project is Zymosis...I've heard that before. But other than their usual psy-chill/downtempo stuff, this is their goatrance project, and that's basically what you get here!

    So I got the CD today, nice Digipack and I like the artwork. Inside there's the tracklist and a short text:

    "We are living on the "Earth" where the universe shows us its full and diverse variety. Every man's sight and breath of eternal space let's us feel the global harmony and flow of timeless consciousness. The vibration of universal unity and beauty originated from this unlimited space - The Sound was born. Everyone entered the whole ensemble, transformed themselves and united into the one living thing. Goa trance is a life philosophy which brings a state to the soul that gives f-r-e-e-d-o-m. There are sounds that dive through the universe making its every atom vibrate. It's like a mountain river - dangerous with its cold streaming flow and waterfalls but at the same time saving a traveller dying of thirst with its vital nutrients. This is the light, nobody and nothing can hide from. This is the darkness which can save the important presence of someone. The endless carousel ride. This is the world, where everything is possible!"

    But let's go on with the review:

    1. Distinctive Perception (1:23)

    First seconds, first sounds, an oriental sounding flute playing a nice melody, tension builds up and I immediately knew, that this album would be something special. As an intro, it creates the right mood for the following voyage.

    Rating: B+

    2. Dharmakaya (7:31)

    Proper stomping track with a rather "dark" touch to it in the beginning, after that it's as psychedelic as it can get, imho. Like the text in the inlay said, there are sounds which dive through the universe making it's every atom vibrate, and basically that's what this track is about. The slower part at the middle of the track transports the feeling of zero gravity perfectly well, and afterwards the journey continues again.

    Rating: A

    3. Estimate of Standing Crop (7:42)

    The track starts with some tribal chanting, already mesmerizing. While the chants fade away, melodies slowly build up, beat kicks in and there you have it again: psychedelic bliss. At around 3 minutes into the track, there's just a melody playing with some effects - zero gravity again. I'll be attending an oldschool party next week near my hometown, and this is exactly the kind of music/spirit I want to hear at that party and that is not too common anymore.

    Rating: A-

    4. High Visual Philosophy (7:20)

    It has a rather unusual beginning with some more twisted sounds, starts off proper stomping, then has an unexpected break, that somehow didn't feel harmonic to me and continues with a more twisted melody and stranger sounds, slows down, but the last two minutes are sure to make you dance, while keeping the twisted character. I think this may be the only track, which has kind of different feeling than the other tracks.

    Rating: B

    5. Inner Poison (7:20)

    I heard this one already on the "Goatronika" compilation and it's an instant favorite. Basically, it's the track that got me interested in Alienapia in the first place. I can almost see the people go crazy on the dancefloor after the beat kicks in. Again, this one has a darker, harder touch to it in the beginning, but the latter half is pure space travel. Space, baby!

    Rating: A

    6. Magic Magnification (7:17)

    Woohoo! I immediately thought of Filteria's "Eyeless Observatory", because it triggered the same synapses with its acid thunderstorm. A perfectly placed, perfect melody only part with a heavy sci-fi feel to it, adds to the fantastic feeling of this track.

    Rating: A

    7. Fear And Anger (vs. Psy-H) (8:17)

    When I thought that there would be no more goodness like the previous two tracks on this album, I was wrong. I just loved the melodies in this one, and parts like that from 3:45 on just remind me, why I love this music so much. When everything falls in place, and every added or different layer of effects just enhances the listening experience like that. The voice at the end tops it off and makes it a masterpiece imo. Best track so far, therefore it has to be

    Rating: A+

    8. Reign of Madness (Alienapia RMX) (7:49)

    What can I say...the original is already like a solid block of awesomeness, especially the intro and outro send chills down my spine, and this remix falls nothing short of the original in terms of quality. Great, just great.

    Rating: A

    9. Misterika Island (vs. Agneton) (8:31)

    Accelerated tempo and the first half of the track is clearly Agneton's style dominating. Having said that, you know what to expect ;)

    Rating: B+

    10. Remnant (1:04)

    The journey ends with this outro, sounding much more spheric than the intro and, unlike the intro, which gave the impression of a stream of energy/light arriving, the outro does the opposite. The flute fades away, with it the light it brought, and the last seconds are unexpectedly dark. I'd love to know what the dark voice says at the end, so if somebody knows, post it here.

    Rating: B+ (could be longer, but loved the end)

    Final verdict:

    Like I said, I knew it would be good, but I didn't guess it'd be THAT good. I don't know how you'll feel about it, maybe I'm exaggerating, because I still feel the euphoria of the music in me, but imho Alienapia's debut is on par with "Born Underwater" or "Daze Of Our Lives".

    Overall rating: A-

    Favorite: Track 7.


  • Psy-D'n'B?

    Feb 7 2010, 20:29

    So I was browsing Ektoplazm the other day, and by accident I discovered a project called "Cybernetika", based in Cologne, Germany. Cybernetika is Lars, a (still?) 20-year-old music producer, whose release list already features 5 albums, none of which I heard of - until that day. While that doesn't have to mean anything (I don't hear of a lot of things :)), in this case, however, it would have been a shame to miss out on the works of this obviously hugely talented guy.

    So far I've listened to 3 albums, the 2006 promo, the 2008 album called
    Nanospheric, and the 2009 release Atropos. The 2007 album Neural Network Expansion is downloading while I am writing this, and I am eager to listen to it. Over the three releases I heard so far, one can hear quite a bit of change or progression in the musical styles he is producing. While the 2006 promo is a album, it never drifts into being something like horrorpsy with bpm overkill, it's just powerful, dark, and let's - or makes - you dance, while still being psychedelic. That in itself is an achievement.

    The 2008 album, Nanospheric, is different. It's Psytrance with a dark, atmospheric touch, sometimes even with a Goatrance feeling to it, but no matter in which genre you want to put it (it crosses of defies typical genre borders), it's just excellent.

    “Both universe and infinitesimal particle, the Nanospheric is an abstract construct beyond our imagination and comprehension. It is a machine deity that forms matter in its own will.”

    Basically, it's a concept album, telling a story through music, heavily influenced by Science Fiction elements. Most of the tracks are pretty long with durations between 10 and 15 minutes, and I liked every second of it. Honestly, I can't believe the quality of this release...it's safe to say that it is one of the best to have come out in 2008. On top of that, it's completely free, available as mp3 or even lossless formats! Check it out at Ektoplazm or Cybernetika.


    01 :: Plasmoid (14:47)
    02 :: The Outer Reach (10:44)
    03 :: Earthshock (12:44)
    04 :: Nanospheric (15:01)
    05 :: Praeforma (8:27)
    06 :: Finale (8:23)

    Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Hell, even the cover art is awesome.

    So, that brings me to the 2009 release and back to the title of this journal entry, "Psy-DnB?". Atropos, the 2009 album by Cybernetika, is a completely different piece of music, yet nonetheless, imo, a masterpiece. It's one of the few really fresh breaths of air to emerge in electronic music in the past years. I am not a big fan of genre definitions, but probably lots of people would describe it as Neurofunk, while to me, it is DnB with lots of Psytrance elements, influences and sounds. Does that make it Psy-DnB? I don't know, and frankly, I don't care, as long as it is good. And this is REALLY good.

    "Atropos is one of the three Moirae, the Fates, the female deities who supervised fate rather than determine it. Atropos was the fate who cut the thread or web of life."

    So, another concept album? Yes, as "Atropos is the story of Hayashi, a lone interstellar traveller who discovers the legendary Atropos, one of the three Moirae". That's one wild ride, I'd say. Atropos kicks so much ass, that there is probably not enough of it on this world to kick. Judging from my (very) limited experience with DnB, I'd say that I can hear some influences by Black Sun Empire, but that's mainly related to the distinct Sci-Fi touch of the music. The Psytrance elements mix so well with the DnB to create something very unique. Due to the nature of the DnB bassline, it makes you wanna dance, of course, but at the same time, the Psy elements make it so mesmerizing, that you either have to hear it very loudly and dance until your feet burn, or go on a voyage by listening through earphones. It's hard to pick favorites, but especially Towards the End of Time and Atropos are killers! Guess what? They're free. The whole album. I can't believe it, too, but head over to Ektoplazm and check it out, here.

    In my opinion, the young German is an upcoming "star", at least he should be. The quality of his songwriting, variety, sound quality and storytelling is outstanding. I just hope I'll be able to see him performing live, maybe at a Psytrance / DnB crossover event...boy, it would be nice to see such a crossover event!


    01 :: Antares (Original Mix) (176 BPM)
    02 :: Hydroponics (175 BPM)
    03 :: Starchild (180 BPM)
    04 :: Towards The End Of Time (179 BPM)
    05 :: Vaporized (175 BPM)
    06 :: Atropos (178 BPM)
    07 :: Unleash (175 BPM)
    08 :: Conquest (178 BPM)
    09 :: Hayashi's Journey (178 BPM)

    Credit, where credit is due: the information above is taken from ektoplazm.com
  • Psytrance 2010, #1

    Feb 7 2010, 19:14

    New year, new recommendations.

    Over the liquid waves of space, floating towards some distant constellation, we have discovered a tale of ancient sounds, secret to mankind so far. Two space travellers will meet you with a magic story of time and space, and take you on a journey through the higher states of Goa trance.

    That's what the label has to say about the new VA, which basically tells you, what to expect: 10 tracks, clocking in at about 78 minutes, packed with Goatrance goodness.

    One of the first compilations of the year 2010 is Goatronika, compiled by Imba, mastered by Digitoxin and released on Phototropic Records. The cover art has been done by Imba and John Spanos from Radical Distortion. Radical Distortion, whose 2009 album Psychedelic Dreams has been a massive hit, kicks off this VA of Goatrance goodness with Analogue. The first half of the compilation features well known artists, being Space Elves (remixed by equally well known Jikooha), Alienapia, Sky Technology and Amithaba Buddha.

    Basically there's nothing much to say about those already well known artists, as they've got a reputation for quality releases, but I have to emphasize, that Inner Poison by Ukrainian duo Alienapia is my favorite track on this compilation. Compared to the other tracks, it has a rather dark touch to it, but it's just sooo psychedelic and full of energy. Alienapia will release their debut album, called Goapocalipsis on February 12th, and judging from what I've heard so far, this will be one of the best releases in years. Be sure to check out the samples at Beatspace.

    The latter half of the VA consits of another five tracks, this time by lesser known artists, yet by no means of lesser quality...some nice Nitzhonot elements here. My favorites are the tracks by NK-47, whose EP can be downloaded for free at Ektoplazm, and Cassiopeia. Check out samples of Goatronika at http://www.imbagoa.co.nr/

    01 - Radical Distortion – Analogue
    02 - Space Elves - Goa Trance Mission (Jikooha remix)
    03 - Alienapia - Inner Poison
    04 - Sky Technology - Next Steps to the Stars
    05 - Amithaba Buddha - Uncharted Planet
    06 - Hypnotic Signal - Cosmic Sphere
    07 - BlackStarrFinale – Cassiopeia
    08 - Vox - Four Points
    09 - NK47 - Synesthesia
    10 - Arronax - The Journey Continues

  • Recommended Psytrance #3

    Dic 31 2009, 12:14

    2009 has already been a good year for some newschool psytrance/goatrance sounds, one of the protagonists being Filteria, whose album Daze Of Our Lives has already been a massive hit with the "scene". Now, as the year nears its end, Jannis decided to grace us with another output called Remixes & Unreleaseds.

    Most of the tracks on this album date back to 2006 and one can hear that, but, nevertheless we've got some killer tunes here, again. Some of them unheard, others remixed, and finally some tracks by Filteria's side project, K.O.B. (Kind Of Behavior).

    1. Operation Mind Expansion
    2. Latch
    3. Poem
    4. Speech Module (Filteria Remix)
    5. Rotate To Vibrate (Ze Remix)
    6. Unfiltered (Sun Remix)
    7. Reflected (Blinded Remix)
    8. Total Planetary Being (Filteria Remix)
    9. K.O.B. – Multiple Disorder (Filteria Remix)
    10. K.O.B. – Weight Of Oblivion (Filteria Ambient Remix)

    At a pricing of 6€ in FLAC format, it's a kind of christmas gift, no?

    Be sure to check it out at

  • Recommended Psytrance #2

    Dic 24 2009, 0:06

    Wow! Just recently I discovered an awesome artist by accident. I was listening to a radio stream on the web the other day, and there was such an unbelievable track playing at one moment, that completely blew me away. It was the mix "Oneness" by the PsyborX DJ Team, but I couldn't get hold of the tracklist, so I posted on several psytrance forums on the net, in order to find out the producer name/track name. Eventually I succeeded! The track was called Tinnitus by the South African producer called Tickets.

    I've been into SA Psytrance for quite some time, the likes of Shift, Phyx, Artifakt really impressed me, but somehow I managed to miss out on Tickets, who is the real-life brother of Phyx. Both of them form Brethren as their psytrance project.

    So, what is so special about Tickets? Well, he is the only producer I know of, who uses melodies, which sound like old C64 SID music, or chiptune music. He has an excellent sense for beautiful melodies, which never sound cheesy. Together with the proper stomping bassline, this is far away from the generic full-on sound; in my humble opinion this is as good as it gets, as far as powerful night/morning dawn psytrance is concerned. Be sure to check out both his albums, Timelapse and Dreaming of Places, both of them are highly recommended! I could listen to tracks like Tinnitus, Power Of Fear or Battery all day long.

  • Recommended Psytrance #1

    Dic 10 2009, 23:15

    Woah! What a great day. Today I received the new Wildthings Records release, the album called Another Reality by one of my favorite acts, RealityGrid (or Reality Grid, based in the UK. RealityGrid used to be the project of both Alex Diplock and Leon Kane, also known as Avalon. After Avalon left for Nano Records, Diplock continued the project on his own, besides his other project, E.V.P.

    The label homepage states the following:

    Alex has completed the next chapter of the RealityGrid project, his 4th album release and this now his solo project presents the 2nd album - Another Reality (WildCD011). This highly anticipated release is now in stores and webshops across the globe, 9 tracks ranging the full tempo range from 138-148 bpm, there is something for any point in the party, we think this great sound quality fused with original storytelling should bring this project great success around the global scene.. Another corker for you dj bags!!

    Highly anticipated it truly is! So, what do we have here? Basically, it's more of the same, which - in this case - is by no means negative. If you're familiar with the "typical" Wildthings sound, you will be very pleased with the new RealityGrid output. Whether it is E.V.P or RealityGrid, Diplock always succeeds in combining pounding bass, intelligent layering and twisted sounds, all of them at a very high production level with crystal clear and crisp sound quality. On top of that, most of his tracks succeed in building up tension and indeed have a nice storytelling feeling to them.
    Diplock's music always manages to build up a direct connection to my synapses and tracks like Percievable Distortion or Holopod really make it hard to NOT dance like crazy. Awesome stuff! Apart from that, I also like the artwork a lot!

    Whether it is E.V.P or RealityGrid, I cannot think of anything better I would like to listen and dance to at night. This is as deep, psychedelic, crystal clear, sharp, thriving, pounding and awesome as it gets! Highly recommended. Be sure to check it out.

    1. Testing
    2. Dirty Keyboard
    3. Mekanikal Experiments
    4. Natural Web
    5. Ancient Tech
    6. Perceivable Distortion
    7. Abstract Sculptures
    8. Holopod
    9. Another Reality

    The forest dances!
  • Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! #5

    Nov 10 2009, 11:04

    Random musings on music I just listened to.

    Ah...2009 has been a good year for / and lovers, at least imho. While many people in the corresponding forums on the net certainly would not agree, I couldn't care less. There will always be people complaining that "back then" everything was better than it is nowadays. Even if that would be true, it is of no use to live in the past like that, because there is the possibility of missing out on nowadays awesome tracks / albums.

    Synsun has released a new album, called The Full Power of Goa. Well, actually it is not _that_ new. Truth is, the tracks have already been around for almost a decade, but they were never been officially released. So, according to a kind of flamewar on a forum, the freshly released album, (re-)mastered by Digitoxin, has been partially remastered from "bad quality" mp3s, not the original wavs, as they might have been lost. Honestly, again, I could not care less, as I am utterly grateful that nine gems of goatrance have found their way onto a CD-R, released by Phototropic.

    While all tracks are really good, I especially like Deep, which certainly lives up to its title. All in all, this is one of the best releases of 2009. Does that say anything about "the scene" nowadays, as the tracks are already 10 years old? No, because "The Full Power Of Goa" is _among_ the best releases, with Filteria's Daze Of Our Lives, Merr0w's Born Underwater, Radical Distortion's Psychedelic Dreams, the compilation Nitz-ho-Goa!, as well as the new albums by ATMA and Bitkit, just to name a few.

    You see, not all is lost :)
  • Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! #4

    Nov 9 2009, 10:46

    It's been quite a while since I listened to Black Metal, but after reading some rave reviews about White Tomb by Altar of Plagues, I was curious if the music could live up to the reviews. To shorten things, it definetely could.

    "White Tomb" is the fourth release of the Irish trio, "First Plague" and "Through The Cracks Of The Earth" being their demos and Sol their already much respected EP. So what does "White Tomb" sound like?

    The label homepage says:

    If bands like WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM conjure scenes of epic nature, massive cascading waterfalls and engulfing forests, Altar Of Plagues create stark images of crumbling skyscrapers, dying and rotten urban structures, empty cracked worn down highways and desolate vast oceans.

    True. Altar Of Plagues play a mixture of Black Metal, Post Rock, Post Metal, which blends in perfect harmony. It's Black Metal meeting Isis, Mogwai, Red Sparrows, or something like that. Especially the first track, the 12 minute lasting, epic opener Earth: As a Womb, totally blew me away.

    Another good thing about the album: it reminded me of old greats like Vinterland and Dissection, especially The Somberlain. Not that they are really comparable, but anyways...
  • Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! #3

    Nov 8 2009, 23:48

    Eyeless Observatory

    Filteria is easily one of the best new-school producers!
    Probably the most intense two and a half minutes in Psytrance music, imho. 4:33 - end is an acid thunderstorm, which resonates as pure bliss in my ears. Somebody please buy me an audiostrobe, so that I can thoroughly acidize my synapses.