Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! #1


Ott 28 2009, 22:01

Random musings about music I just listened to.

9 Crimes

I love this song. Intense emotion and the lyrics leave room for interpretation. Excellent video, too. It lost a bit of it's magic after I read that Mr. Rice and the female singer, whose name I forgot, didn't get along too well in the end. Whatever, awesome enough to make it into the list of my favourite songs.

Everything I Cannot See

My favourite track on the album. Listening to her music I imagined her to be very beautiful, so I was rather disappointed after I saw some pictures of her. Not that it would - or should (even could?) - spoil the music for me, after seeing her in "Antichrist" with that old madface Willem Dafoe, she lost the last bit of cuteness :)


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