Too much of something


Nov 10 2010, 23:14

Another pointless shuffle meme to keep me entertained.


What is my next dream going to be about?
March of the Meanies
Not nice.

What kind of a person does my family see me as?
Foxy Lady
HA! Sweet little heartbreaker.

What will cause the next conflic between me and the authorities?
I Want It More
Too much of something.

What is my truthful opinion about the Bible and God?
Aitoo Asiaa
Hmm...that means "the real thing".

What is my dream profession?
It's Not For Me To Know
HA! That's so true.

What is bypasser's first impression about me?
At this dark time of year, yes, I'm very, but not that, drowsy.

What will the next night be like?
Rock Show
Unfortunately not.

What kind of friend am I?
Leave Me Alone
Aww yes I tend to be that kind of a friend.

What do people think of me?
Fancy that.

Will I get kids someday?
You Will Never Know

What do I think of Dr. Phil?
Can't Change Me
He can't!

What is My future profession?
Rebel on the Run
Go figure. Do they pay for that?

Who I really am?
Yes, to myself, to the people around me, boo hoo.

What does my mother think of me?
Cowgirl in the Sand

Is my life going to the right way?
En osaa
"I can't". I guess that's a no.

Why would people be jealous to me?
Real Wild Child
'Cause I'm a real wild one wild one wild one.

Which personal trait I've not figured out yet about myself?
Metal Thrashing Mad
I had figured that out.

How will I change when I grow older?
New Kind Of Kick
I'm gonna look for something I ain't had before.

How is my studies (or work) going?
Forever Changing

What do my friends think of me?
Haha, sweet.

Will I have more social life than usually soon?
Good Times
I'm gonna have goooood times so probably yes.

Will I make new friends anytime soon?
I Don't Care
I'm such a loner that I just don't care.

Do I have habits that my close ones don't know about?
Violently Happy
Jumping off roof tops and such.

What kind of person will I be few years from now?
Allergic (To Thoughts of Mother Earth)
Quite possible.


What kind of personality my coming husband/wife will have like?
Rhythm Of Cruelty
I don't like the sound of that.

What kind of date am I?
Face Down In The Dirt
The dream date obviously.

When will I receive next hug?
Dead Winter Days
Pretty soon.

What will my lovelife be like five years from now?
Free Ride
Sounds promising.

Does someone love me?
This Maniac's in Love With You
Aww I luv you too maniac.

Am I good in bed?
Hell On High Heels
Haha. Beware.

What is my dream husband/wife like?
You're an emo fag
Hahaha I have such a good taste.

What does my boy/girlfriend /the one I have crush with think of me?
Feels something (for me).

How desirable am I?
Beautiful pain

What will crush me next?
Ei enkeleitä
That there are "no angels".

Who will I have a crush on next?
Rebel Rebel
That sounds about right. Hot tramp, I love you so.


What is most likely reason for my death?
It can't be helped.

My husbands/wife's likely reason of death?
Born to Be Wild
What a way to go.

How do I get to Heavenly Paradise?
Dancing Thru the Stars

What is the meaning of my life?
On the Road Again
Damn right it is!

What is the meaning of life in general?
She Likes Surprises never know what you get.

What will the next summer be like?

What will happen after this?
Opps, I Did It Again
I'll notice that I posted yet another pointless shuffle meme and stayed awake too late in the process.

What would help to moneyproblems?
Saviour Machine
A money making machine?

What helps to boredom?
7 day weekend
Sure does!

What should I do after this "test"?
Dangerous but Worth the Risk

What helps to disappointments?
Battle Metal
I does too!

What will tomorrow be like?

I'm gonna be "smart and mature"...I dare doubt that.

What should I do during the next weekend?
The L Word Theme
Watch The L Word.


Two Worlds Collide
Indeed. Beautiful chaos.


So Now Goodbye
Sounds a lot like goodbyes.

We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.


That good?

End of the World
DYNAMITE! World is going out with a BANG.

Beginning of something new

Your homecity
Holiday in Cambodia
Ha, yes.

Hot n Cold


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