Natalie 'Moosh' Coleman, 24, Femmina, Regno Unito
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HIMGone With The Sin Brano preferito ieri sera
The Sisters of MercyThis Corrosion Brano preferito Ieri 21:20
Nine Inch NailsThe Hand That Feeds Brano preferito Ieri 21:17
VNV NationSpace & Time Brano preferito Ieri 21:12
RammsteinSehnsucht Brano preferito Ieri 21:08
Ministrylies, lies, lies Ieri 21:03
Skinny PuppyDig It Brano preferito Ieri 20:55
Nine Inch NailsMarch of the Pigs Brano preferito Ieri 20:51
DjervHeadstone Brano preferito Ieri 20:47
Diablo Swing OrchestraBalrog Boogie Brano preferito Ieri 20:43
The 69 EyesFramed in Blood Brano preferito Ieri 20:39
The CureWhy Can't I Be You Ieri 20:36
Emilie AutumnMisery Loves Company Brano preferito Ieri 20:31
HIMAll Lips Go Blue Brano preferito Ieri 20:28
Motionless in WhiteAmerica Brano preferito Ieri 20:24
LindemannPraise Abort Ieri 20:19
SabatonUprising 28 Mag 21:30
SabatonUprising 28 Mag 21:30
Iron MaidenRun to the Hills Brano preferito 28 Mag 21:28
Wednesday 13God Is A Lie Brano preferito 28 Mag 21:25
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  • adamchabbi6

    Hey. Going to Slipknot/Korn? I said to myself that I would not bother with either, as I have seen both live before. Although, this is very tempting.

    14 Ott 2014 Rispondi
  • Cimersies

    That profile :D !

    28 Set 2014 Rispondi
  • jackhammer_go

    Love your mix of old school tunes and then you listen to Anaal Nakrath :)

    30 Lug 2014 Rispondi
  • paynexkiller

    You make Glasses look good, haha.

    30 Lug 2014 Rispondi
  • paynexkiller

    We're 23? Booo. So old.

    27 Lug 2014 Rispondi
  • Meat_Wolf

    Orphaned Land put up a suddenly simplified version of their former selves, and while some songs on that album are nice the problem is, same thing was done much better by Myrath a year prior to that, on their Tales of the Sands effort. Check it out if you haven't!

    16 Gen 2014 Rispondi
  • Meat_Wolf

    Is, I was quite surprised with the fact they had composed 14 flawless tracks. Some are even more than that, e.g. Nightbird's Song, Into the Abyss or My Future, been spinning those on repeat a lot when it came out. At first the production change seemed a bad move but I got used to the new sound pretty fast. So congrats to the band for this masterpiece. What would your choice be?

    8 Gen 2014 Rispondi
  • Steely_Rain

    Now that's what I call an awesome library ;)

    14 Dic 2013 Rispondi
  • Metal_fruitloop

    Great Charts! :)

    29 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • ThisDominon

    I do like gig, you seee

    26 Giu 2013 Rispondi
  • ThisDominon

    Brilliant live band!

    16 Giu 2013 Rispondi
  • ThisDominon

    Aesthetic Perfection!!

    11 Giu 2013 Rispondi
  • RagePSV

    Thanks for the info. I guess its time to start digging through my history :)

    2 Giu 2013 Rispondi
  • RagePSV

    Gotta ask because I like it. Did you do your milestones manually or did you find a site that pulled the info and coded it? Thanks.

    19 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • phantom_lord200

    :D u do remember well gr8 :D ok, so i'm making this documentary about black sabbath (in arabic), and i wanted to increase the quality of my audio, so how to record good quality sounds home?? what softwares should i use, mics n stuff, and thanx :)

    27 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • phantom_lord200

    well haven't talked 2 u for a long time, dunno if u actually remember me or not, but we talked b4 but i was busy well i need your advice in something if u dont mind :)

    27 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • Metal_head85

    Awwww, that's indeed a shame. :( Well, unless you're a fan of Ghost, you didn't miss much. I personally wasn't bothered about seeing them and I didn't think much of them. That's cool, yeah. :) My Hypocrisy ticket arrived yesterday. I may see you there! :)

    29 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • Metal_head85

    Hey, couldn't help but notice you've got the Jager tour coming up tomorrow. I went to the Bristol one on the 20th and had a blast. I'm sure you'll have a great time too. Feel free to leave me a shout of your views of the gig once you've recovered. :P Hope you are well. :)

    23 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • RagePSV

    Love the variety! Stay metal :)

    12 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • Only_fortheweak

    Damn I wouldn't pay that for a double xD. I guess you live in/close to london then, gives you a great chance to see so many bands! How come you missed Bloodstock?

    12 Feb 2013 Rispondi
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<3 Folk Metal, Industrial, Electronic, Finnish Rock & Metal, Alternative, 80's Goth & Iron Maiden. <3

<3 Traditional Art, Animals, Nature, Mythology, Ancient History, Horror Films, Horror Literature & Winter. <3

I've pretty much reached a point in my life where I like what I like and if you don't like that, well, good for you I guess :)
I don't look down on others for liking something I dislike, just seems counter-productive to me :|
I like to listen to most genres, but I don't listen to "everything" as some folks proudly state. You'll find rock, metal, blues, country, jazz, pop, electronic, hip hop, classical and much more in my library but not everything, like elevator music for instance :P

If you leave a shout I will reply, eventually, I mainly use this site as a diary for gigs I'm going to/considering going to. Also if you send me a friend request without leaving a shout or two first, it will get ignored and that's not me being stuck up or anything, I just don't get people who add loads of randomers and don't talk to any of them :S

As of 26th March 2015


100th Track: 'Temple Of Love' by The Sisters Of Mercy.

666th Track: 'Raped & Freezin' by Alice Cooper.

1000th Track: 'Detox' by Strapping Young Lad.

1349th Track: 'No Saint' by Charon.

2000th Track: 'Painkiller' by Judas Priest.
3000th Track: 'Screaming Of The Unborn' by Anaal Nathrakh.
4000th Track: 'Nailed To The Cross' by Destruction.
5000th Track: 'Scream Bloody Gore' by Death.
6000th Track: 'Christ-Raping Black Metal' by Marduk.

6666th Track: 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner' by Iron Maiden.

7000th Track: 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' by Queen.
8000th Track: 'Suffocation' by Morbid Angel.
9000th Track: 'Destroyer Of Worlds' by Onslaught.
10000th Track: 'Here In The Throat' by My Dying Bride.

15000th Track: 'Carnival Bizarre' by Cathedral.
20000th Track: 'The Serpent' by Akercocke.
25000th Track: 'Zombie Slam by Pain.
30000th Track: 'The Ghostly Hand Of Spital House' by Vincent Price.
35000th Track: 'Wolf & Raven' by Sonata Arctica.
40000th Track: 'Hang Him High' by Hypocrisy.
45000th Track: 'Fire Woman' by The Cult.
50000th Track: 'The Smoke' by Amorphis.

60000th Track: 'Reich mir die Hand' by Blutengel.

66666th Track: 'Mask' by Bauhaus.

70000th Track 'Control' by VNV Nation.
80000th Track 'Ocean Land (The Revelation)' by Orphaned Land.
90000th Track 'Every You Every Me' by Placebo.
100000th Track 'Limbs' by Agalloch.


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