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TychoDictaphone’s Lament 2 ore fa
TychoSunrise Projector 2 ore fa
TychoFrom Home Brano preferito 2 ore fa
TychoAdrift 2 ore fa
TychoMelanine Brano preferito 2 ore fa
TychoAscension 2 ore fa
TychoCoastal Brake 2 ore fa
TychoDive Brano preferito 3 ore fa
TychoDaydream 3 ore fa
TychoHours 3 ore fa
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  • DanceMasonDance

    You left a comment on my page an age ago...Over a year. Just checking in with you! YES, I actually am familiar with all those bands you'd listed, big fan. Suppose your inquiry about Lemongrass is out of date. Oh well, get back at me some time and we can swap some new tunes. Take care, pal.

    2 Giu 2:21 Rispondi
  • CornVideos

    Louie sailboat: Still scroblin'

    30 Gen 18:47 Rispondi
  • Shming

    I see you are listening to DP right now. Yes.

    20 Set 2013 Rispondi
  • ali_hunter

    thats ok! glad you're enjoying it! have you heard his new album the north borders?? it took me a while to get into but i love it now :) also worth listening to black sands remixed!

    2 Giu 2013 Rispondi
  • CornVideos

    holy fuck, did i actually forget to list CC+FL@ATP?!?!?!? not really sure where that would even rank,,,

    22 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • CornVideos

    gotta say we should prolly try to see cake again at a show where most of the people paid to get in

    22 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • CornVideos

    o did i mention? 1: lcd msg

    22 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • CornVideos

    dfa at redbull music academy?@? i'm so down looks good and i can keep the date open. ok top 3 shows (lt me just interrupt ur wall here innapropriately): 1: lcd msg 2: radiohead nyc apw 3: shpongle nye nyc lol thanks for tagging along, can't believe u were at all 3! OK I CAN'T STOP AT 3: 4: battles mgmt vampire weekend 2008bonnapoop 5: mstrkrft 2008 bonnapoop 6: gorillies ft. bobby womack + lil' dragon montreal ok ill list one u weren't at just so i don't sound like a homosexual: cky in clifton park when i was like 15 or some shit haha ok later ill call u tomorrow or somthing/ maybe u can convince me to leave FB

    22 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • kissmenumb

    Top three live shows 1, Kula Shaker @KOKO Camden. Mind blowing. Most ecstatic atmosphere I've ever experienced at a gig: clouds of nag champa billowed from giant incense holders all around and Crispin Mills jumped around singing about love in his little penguin suit. Brilliant. 2, Sigur Ros @ colchester arts centre before they got really big. Everyone sat around on the floor of a church while he played his guitar with a violin string and sang with such a voice it brought tears to my eyes. 3, A place to bury strangers, last year, drunk, ecstatic, crazy strip-light flashing, mind and ear-blowing guitars! Was deaf for like two days after.haha. Brilliant. And yours? :)

    15 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • kissmenumb

    :) No worries, Greetings and salutations from England! Thank you for the lovely long message .... it is cool being near to London for music, also for art and theatre e.t.c :) but you must get a lot of cool bands too! Ah, yeah the my mix feature is cool, I think I discovered Trust on youtube, God knows how, haha, but they blew me away, Just my sort of thing :D "I'm dressed for space now, can i go?" can't beat lyrics like that! and the dark, sexy beats. Ah! they are so good. Gutted I missed them in London as I had no one to go with (sadface) haha. Right, my favourite Santigold tracks, I absolutely LOVE 'Starstruck'. Probably one of my all-time favourite, minxy tracks and i like the 'fuck it' attitude too. 'L.E.S Artistes' is great too (she takes a pop at the pretentious musicians coming out of the lower east side of NY) ... 'superman' 'disparate youth' and 'lights out' are really good too. x

    15 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • CornVideos

    jus gonna leave dis here: http://www.broadway.com/buzz/168024/flaming-lips-musical-yoshimi-battles-the-pink-robots-eyes-broadway-run-in-2014/

    15 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • CornVideos

    like wheneverz homie ur the famous radio dj

    13 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • CornVideos


    4 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • kissmenumb

    Hey, thanks for the add...things that I love that you love = your username, Kavinsky Nightcall, Alice Practice, Trust, Matthew Dear... I'm sure there's more but you get the idea, haha. Hello super! x

    28 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • ali_hunter

    Hey, thankyou! from bonobo i'd suggest kiara, ketto, stay the same, the keeper, and eyesdown. Black Sands is such a good album!! <3

    16 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • polisherci

    hey there! from grimes, my favourites are: Be a body, oblivion, skin (and many others actually, but these 3 are top) from poliça: lay your cards out jack beats: epidemic hope u like em

    10 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • bleachgeek4973

    Why thank you. I must say I'm probably even more evil then when I last took that test, it just continues to fester and grow. I'd be happy to recommend you some Kate Bush. I suggest you try The Kick Inside, Never For Ever, and The Dreaming first. All very good albums that have a tad different aspect of her sound. I hope you enjoy her music.

    7 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • katy-kovaleva

    thanks) no, i have not seen them. i like the new album, but i prefer their old songs

    5 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • bleachgeek4973

    Hello thanks for the friend request, nice library. How are you?

    1 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • panuki

    Don't worry, I will attend one soon ;) and thanks for sharing Kontravoid, he was cool! I'm sure he was a great opener for Crystal Castles, they both have similar sounds.. different but similar if you can make sense of it. It reminds me of Kraftwerk anyway. Have you heard Danger? There have been some unreleased demos from 2005-2007 that have just leaked which you can listen to here: http://vk.com/fanpagedanger. Just scroll down to find the tracks. You might like 13h36, 22h11, 4h13. Check em out ~

    24 Gen 2013 Rispondi
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