Waiting impatiently for the new Duran Duran album...


Ago 16 2007, 13:44

These last weeks I couldn't listen to anything that wasn't Kate Bush. I've just discovered her music and it just blows my mind away...Amazing. Nevertheless, I don't want to take an overdose of her music, and have decided to take my time to listen to all her albums patiently, so I will be able to get really deep into them and understand them and love them even more :)

And you will be wondering what this has to be with Duran Duran??
Well, I already had the chance to hear some of the new tracks that will be on the new Duran Duran album , Red Carpet Massacre.
I listened to Nite Runner a few days ago and didn't like it very much, which it wasn't really a surprise since I dissaprove theJustin Timberlake collaboration from the beginning... But, I listened yesterday to the track is going to be the single ,Falling Down, which is produced by Timberlake too, but fortunately it's a lot closer to a real Duran tune and it's growing on me with each listening and I'm getting very excited about the new album and, above all, the new tour!! XD

Soo... this post is to celebrate the entire discography of one of my favourite bands. For this reason I'm going to revise all their discography from Duran Duran to Astronaut during these next days - starting today, Thursday August 16th to Tuesday, August 28th.

Duran Duran is a band I play very often at any time, but honestly it's been a while since I played their entire albums. I use to play any kind of compilations I made, and that's the reason I want to take a listen again to all those great albums.

People use to know them as a fancy New Romantic band for teenagers of the early 80's, but they are much more than that. Apart from all the catchy pop tunes and the colorful videos, they have a great sense of how should be a great pop song - good melodies and sophisticated arrangements. And they have such great and deep ballads.
Darkness, melancholy and nostalgia are feelings you can find too in their songs and that's why I love them so much.

I love almost all their albums - except for Liberty, although it really has some good tracks on it.(Don't know why, but it just doesn't work for me). If I have to pick my favourites I think they would be these ones:

Duran Duran

It's a true masterpiece of the early 80's and it deserves to be considered at the same level of Vienna or Gentlemen Take Polaroids. It was a little bit difficult for me to get into it at the beginning, but now it just amazes me.

Fav tracks : Tel Aviv or Friends of Mine.

Seven And The Ragged Tiger
People don't consider this one as much as Rio but it was my first Duran favourite album and the one that introduced me into their music, and I still love it.

Fav tracks = Shadows On Your Side, The Seventh Stranger or I Take The Dice.

Big Thing
I love this one. It has some of the most beautiful songs by Duran Duran like Too Late Marlene, Land, Do You Believe In Shame?, The Edge Of America.

Pop Trash
This album is incredible. A true concept album (though nobody has noticed it...someday I'll write a blog about my theory on Pop Trash). It seemed that Duran Duran was just finishing...like if it was their swan song...but it's very far from that. It's a compact and sophisticated pop album. One their finest works, without a doubt.

Fav tracks = Pop Trash Movie, Playing With Uranium, Someone Else not Me.

Well, I invite everybody to do the same with me and share your feelings about any album or song or lyrics.
Hope you enjoy it, I'm already enjoying it.


  • MacTonight

    I'd really like to hear your theory about Pop Trash...I've been making my own theory about Seven and the Ragged Tiger too...there's got to be a story around it.

    Ago 19 2007, 17:29
  • lastgoldstar

    I haven't played a DD album cover-to-cover in awhile, either. I've always figured that if I really concentrated on Liberty, maybe I'd get to like it more. But I agree with you, I don't love it, either. Thank You is one I'm not crazy about, but I think it's a bit more consistent than Liberty. But I'm glad I'm not the only one who absolutely loves Pop Trash! I loved it from the very first listen (I feel the same about Medazzaland). I think maybe why some fans don't like it as much (or just plain don't like it, unfortunately) is that it has a much heavier sound than the band usually has. A lot of people seem to expect them to pull off another Rio.

    Ago 22 2007, 6:40
  • U2inUtah

    I also am a huge Medazzaland and Pop Trash fan, but Rio is still my all time favorite. With Red Carpet Massacre coming out, the DD discography is getting huuuge, rivaling REM, U2 and the Beatles. Here's to more great DD in the future!

    Ago 28 2007, 9:08
  • mangoluvs

    I actually really like Liberty, but Seven always wins out for my favorite Duran Duran album. The Seventh Stranger is so spectacular. The one thing I've always admired about Duran Duran is the way they are not afraid to re-invite themselves. Their sound has revolved throughout the years. With that said, they are also consistent with adding the Duran Duran touch to their songs. I can't put my finger on what it is, but they certainly have something distinctive. I look forward to the Red Carpet Massacre.

    Set 3 2007, 0:42
  • summerofmadness

    Duran Duran is a really fantastic band and it's irritating that so many people just write them off as an eighties boy band ]: although really, all the bad press and reviews they've gotten over the years just makes it all the more impressive that they've kept at it for so damn long. The fact that they've had the guts to reinvent themselves to the extent that every album has had a different style is also really impressive, so many bands fall prey to the temptation of keeping with a sound that sells and end up becoming really boring in their old age :> can't say I could really pick a favourite - only that I love every album up until and including Notorious (oh hell I'm including Arcadia's So Red The Rose in there), hated both Big Thing and Liberty at first and now a couple songs off of both are growing on me - and that I really liked Astronaut at first and now whenever one of the songs from that album starts playing I generally make a face and skip to the next song. haha. not too impressed with what I've heard from Red Carpet Massacre but I get the feeling that it'll grow on me :3

    Ott 19 2007, 6:21
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