Brave Exhibition How Cold (R U ) Really? - Setlists -


Dic 3 2009, 16:06

DJ SpeakMarauder

- “Oublier” Trop Tard

- “My Own Way” Bunker Strasse

- “Film Noir” Theatre

- “Des Poils Sur Moi” Masoch

- “Radio War” Die Unbekannten

- “Today” Baroque Bordello

- “Wanda’s Loving Boy” Marquis De Sade

- “Nightfall” Mary Goes Round

DJ Poison Creeper

- “Business Business / Fragile Object” Cultural Decay

- “Don’t Eat Sweets” Mekano Set

- “What Are You Looking At?” R Stevie Moore

- “A Heart That Breaks” SPK

- “Flesh” A Split Second

- “Lesbische Voodoo Teenagers” Norma Loy

- “Cites Perdues” Neva

- “Unit” Logic System

- “If I’m Not A Killer” End of Data

- “No Escape” Cabaret Voltaire

- “Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal” Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft

- “Pleurs Final” Bossa Luce

DJ Sass

- “Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal” Conrad Schnitzler

- “A City” Love Motel

- “The Pimp” Syntax Erik

- “All Out Of Order” Nite Jewel

- “Under Your Spell” Desire

- “Echoes Fade” Poeme Electronique

- “Erde 80” Christof Glowalla

- “I See You” Craig Sibly

- “?” ABC

- “Love Caboose” Geneva Jacuzzi

- “Garlands” Cocteau Twins

DJ Pony Girl

- “Drache Und Baum” Neue Weltumfassende Resistance

- “No, Nothing, Never” Dark Day

- “Stranger” Clan of Xymox

- “Faceless” Frozen Autumn

- “Foregone” Sleep Museum

- “The Game” Linear Movement

- “The Seasons Are Sitting On Chairs” Arvid Tuba

- “Metal Field” S.P.K.

- “Helden Sterben Nie Allein” Tommi Stumpff

- “Je Suis Passee” Hard Corps

- “Ascent” Martial Canterel

- “Ersatz” Guerre Froide


- “Eyes of Glass” East Wall

- “Waiting for Reaction” Silent Signals

- “Come Back to Sahrah” End of Data

- “Electricity” Gertrud Stein

- “Never Seen” Absolute Body Control

- “Glowing in the Dark” Experimental Products

- “Hot Shot” Vive La Fete

- “Corre Corre” Medio Mutante

- “Miss Love” Nine Circles

- “Automatic 1” Absolute Body Control

- “In Times of Persistence, Pain” Sleep Museum

- “Non-senti” Xeno & Oaklander

- “Mercenaire Solitaire” Moderne

- “Five Faces” Linear Movement

- “Crash” Kas Product

- “Flesh Golem” The Golem

- “How Cold (R U)?” No Kisses

- “We Know How to Have Fun” ADULT


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